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Hi Willi,

The feature for RAM about TBL is ready and I will submit it to RAM tomorrow. I
expect it to be published in the January issue (out by the end of December). 

>I am looking for WRTH 1973 and earlier.
>I have one 1993 edition to offer.

I started collecting WRTH's right when I started DX-ing in 1976 and of course I
didn't miss a single copy since then. Also, I was fortunate enough to get my
hands on the editions of 1967 and 1949 (!). I came across the 1949 WRH (no TV
then, hi) on the quarterly flee-market of the Dutch club for historical radio's.
It cost me the enormous amount of HFl 6,-. The owner had no idea I would have
payed tenfold, hi. Of course I'll continue looking out for other missing


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