[HCDX]: QSL: R.San Marino Int
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[HCDX]: QSL: R.San Marino Int

Today I got a Folder QSL from Radio San Marino International confirming the
reception report sent for their first test on October 19 on 11410 USB. The
QSL was marked with number 000001. The first one. They say they were
broadcasting from the territory of San Marino with 0,3 kw and inverted V
antenna. I sent two IRCs. V/S S.Gasperoni. The address is: c/o Play DX, via
Davanzati 8, 20158 Milano, Italy

:-)    Giampiero Bernardini
P.O.Box 92
I-66100 Chieti Centro - Italia
email gbern@xxxxxxxxxxx
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AIR Radiorama - AER-Virtual I-5013V
Rx: AOR AR 7030 -Kenwood R5000 - Lowe HF150
Ant: DX One Pro & DX10 RF Systems
Dsp: Jps NIR12
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