[HCDX]: SW Loggings from NJ- USA
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[HCDX]: SW Loggings from NJ- USA

Here are a few SW logs from my listening post in NJ, USA
All times in UTC:

6.956 2130 Radio USA         " In USB, with music and a relay from
                               Britains Best music radio." ID many
                               many different american songs. Good

7.255 0500 Voice of Nigeria  " Intro with drums followed with clear 
                               English ID, good signal S9"

7.520 0430 Radio Moldovia    " Garbled audio, but till intelligable
                               ID. Fair to good signal S5-S7"

9.200 0430 Clandestine/Sudan " From PTWBR- clandestine station from
                               Sudan? Somewhat inaudible, lots of
                               talking in unknowm language, poor signal
                               Can anyone else confirm this?

Gary Wilt
Kenwood R5000 with 40' long wire
Lowe HF-150
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