[HCDX]: AM DX NewsFlash 11-20-97
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[HCDX]: AM DX NewsFlash 11-20-97

            WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH   -  November 20 1997
                                 Vol 3  No 34


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 CPC DX tests summary


Lynn Hollerman - gmholler@xxxxxxxxxx

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card,
or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to the
to run a test!

Monday, December 1, 1997 - KGEZ-600, Kalispell, MT 2:00-3:00 am EST.
E-Mail: mulligan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
WWW: http://www.cyberport.net/kgez/

Saturday, December 13, 1997  -  KTFI-1270, Twin Falls, ID will conduct a
test at 5,000 watts nondirectional between 2:00 & 3:00 AM EST.  The test
will include light rock/MOR music, voice announcements, test tones, and
morse code IDs. Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Bob Jackson
606 Blue Lakes Road North
Twin Falls, ID 83301
WWW: http://www.impactradio.com/am1270/

(Note: KTFI requests an SASE be included with QSL requests. Add 2 IRCs
overseas DXers)
(Arranged by J.D. Stephens.)

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via e-mail or the
newsgroup! And, if you send a reception report to a station, please
to include return postage with your report...

One final note...both IRCA and NRC are without CPC chairmen...without
someone to arrange the DX tests, there won't be many tests, only the few
that some members have been able to arrange! CPC chairman isn't a
difficult or time consuming position; if you can volunteer, please,
PLEASE do!! (you can e-mail me for more info!)





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listed by location (complete info), frequency (frequency, call,
power and pattern) and call (call, frequency, location) and market
(frequency, call, location, rating, format).  It also includes a former
reference (old call, location and current call).  Major network
(addresses/phone numbers/etc) and several interesting radio articles are
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The price to US and Canadian NewsFlash members ordering through the IRCA
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IRCA Bookstore, 9705 Mary NW, Seattle WA  98117-2334
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Mark Durenberger - mrkdrnbrgr@xxxxxxxxx

RE: the mysterious 1020 popping up with 1 on 1 Sports, there's a fairly
1020 on the air in Fergus Falls Minnesota (SE of Fargo).  Don't know if
that's what you're looking for....


Wayne Heinen - Nrclog@xxxxxxx

In a message dated 97-11-14 14:00:26 EST, you write:

<< Relistening to tape of mystery 1020; I have partial ID as "sports?
 10-20" at 18 minutes past the hour as 1on1 breaks for adverts. The
 is clear but the "sports radio" is tentative. >>

I've tried again to get meaniful ownership about KAXX from Fcc at
BUT the service still appears to be fouled up. I got an e-mail from fcc
saying they were having trouble with the site. If I can find the new
licensee I could probably firure something out!

It looks like your best tentative is still KAXX


Steve Whitt - steve.whitt@xxxxxxxxxxxx

On my tape recording I have a partial slogan as "sports radio 10-20" at
start of an advert break from the 1on1 network.


Stefan Wikander -

I have checked with my DX-companion from the DX-exp. and he heard KAXX
1on1 sports, "All sports 1020". So it must have been that station you
congratulation, must be a very good QTH. Close to the sea is of course
of the reasons.


Lee Parshook - Charleston, South Carolina - taz.chs@xxxxxxxx

RX:  Radio Shack DX440
Ant:  Attached whip  (would appreciate input on an external antenna
that I could hide in my attic. Subdivision rules don't permit external

16 NOV 97  2050 UTC

1500  WTOP  Washington DC  All News Format
             Heard station ID/time (3:51 pm). Late-breaking bulletin
             Saddam Hussein not wanting a confrontation w/USA (kinda'
             for that, eh?), assorted news, etc. & a commercial for
             Signal faded at 2057.  SINPO 32222  Remarks:  Surprising
             for time of day (3:50 pm) w/only the attached antenna in

16 NOV 97   2058 UTC

1410  KQV  Pittsburgh, PA  All News Format
            Heard female announcer asking daily poll question and giving
            phone numbers for response. Signal faded rapidly
            from another station (possibly in Lexington, Kentucky- can
            anybody confirm this?). Signal faded back in for a brief
            before being overwhelmed by the other station.  SINPO
            Remarks:  After hearing WTOP in Washington, I figured I'd
            for my old hometown. It worked.

16 NOV 97  2108 UTC

1020  KDKA  Pittsburgh, PA
            Heard end of news and weather (29 degres at 4 pm- no thanks!
            That's why I moved to SC). An after Steelers call in program
            started. Heavy interference from a religious station in the
            Caribbean (I believe) faded in.  SINPO  32333  Remarks:
Again, I
            was surprised at being able to DX in the daytime. To the
            experienced and knowledgable: is this common, or was
            uncharacteristically good on this day?


Tim Hall - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

(TRH-CA)  Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA  Delco car radio


1610    TIS     UT, Panguitch  11/20 0030-0140  Good at times on car
                with tourist information.  "Welcome to Bryce Canyon
                like no other place on earth... Scenic Byway 12... 120
                mile for mile, one of the most scenic roads...
experience our
                western hospitality..." mentioned the new National
                (Grand Staircase-Escalante).  This is a county tourism
                station, not the station at Bryce Canyon National Park
                has previously been logged here.  The Bryce Canyon
                has more typical National Park info (watch out for
                don't overdo it when hiking, etc.).  New, my 4th Utah

Conditions seem really good this week.  Too bad there are so many NSP
blocking everything out!  Oh well, as long as there are TIS stations and
X-band I guess we still have a hobby.

Ironically, both the Bryce and Panguitch stations have been logged here,
when I was there a few months ago both stations were temporarily out of




The National Radio Club now has the 18th edition of their NRC AM Radio
for the 1997-1998 DX Season edition.

This annual edition contains 310 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" size, 3-hole
loose leaf format with over 5,400 A.M. Radio station listings from the
United States and Canada.  Each station listing consists of its
frequency, call, format, network affiliation, station address, station
slogan, day and night transmitter powers.  There are cross references by
city and by call letter.

The AM Radio Log is available to NRC/IRCA members for $16.95 post paid.
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The Nonmember and Overseas prices of the AM Radio Log are as follows:

U.S. & Canada  US$22.95
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Please mail all orders to:

National Radio Club
Publications Center
P.O. Box 164
Mannsville, NY 13661-0164


Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

Here is the latest NZ MW list, taking in the latest "Southern Star" and
"Sports Roundup" changes. Please advise me of any alterations -
transmitter power for the stations just mentioned.

73s Paul

 60),4XA, 531,2,P,"Radio Central",Alexandra
166),1XPI, 531,,P,"531 PI",Auckland
 42),1XC, 540,5,G,"Radio Rhema",Tauranga
 42),2XV, 540,2,G,"Radio Rhema",New Plymouth
 42),, 549,,G,"Radio Rhema",Kaitaia (FPl)
  3),4ZG, 558,5,P ,"Classic Hits",Invercargill
  2),2YA, 567,50,N,"National Radio",Wellington
 42),, 576,0.4,F,"Southern Star" ,Hamilton
 46),2XR, 585,2,P,"Radio Ngati Porou",Ruatoria
 42),, 585,,G,"Radio Rhema",Blenheim (FPl)
 42),, 594,,G,"Radio Rhema",Wanganui
 42),3XL, 594,2,G,"Radio Rhema",Timaru
 41),1XO, 603,5,P,"Irirangi Maori Radio",Auckland
 42),3XG, 612,2,G,"Radio Rhema",Christchurch
 42),4XG, 621,2,G,"Radio Rhema",Dunedin
  2),2YZ, 630,20,N,"National Radio",Napier
  5),4YW, 639,2,N,"National Radio",Alexandra
 42),2XC, 648,5,G,"Radio Rhema",Napier
  2),2YC, 657,60,PB,Parliamentary Broadcasts,Wellington
  2),3YA, 675,20,N,"National Radio",Christchurch
  8),, 693, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Dunedin
 56),1XP, 702,5,T,"Radio Pacific",Auckland
 79),2XP, 711,5,T,"Radio Pacific",Wellington
  2),4YZ, 720,20,N,"National Radio",Invercargill
  2),1YP, 729,2,N,"National Radio",Tokoroa
126),4XX, 729,0.9,P,"Ranfurly Radio",Ranfurly
  2),1YA, 756,20,N,"National Radio",Auckland
124),2XT, 765,2.5,P,"Radio Kahungunu",Napier
  8),, 774, ,S,"Sports Roundup",New Plymouth
175),2YB, 783,10,P,"Samoan Capital Radio",Wellington
139),2YB, 783,10,A,"Access Radio",Wellington
  8),, 792, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Hamilton
 42),2XL, 801,1,G,"Radio Rhema",Nelson
  2),4YA, 810,20,N,"National Radio",Dunedin
110),1XU, 810,5,A,"Access Radio",Auckland
  2),1YZ, 819,10,N,"National Radio",Rotorua
 43),2XS, 828,2,P,"Magic 828 AM",Palmerston North
  2),1YX, 837,2,N,"National Radio",Whangarei
  2),1YK, 837,2,N,"National Radio",Kaitaia
 12),2ZD, 846,2,Z,"Radio Wairarapa",Masterton
 42),1XH, 855,2,G,"Radio Rhema",Hamilton
  3),4ZA, 864,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Invercargill
 13),3ZE, 873,1,Z,"Radio Ashburton",Ashburton
  2),1YC, 882,10,PB,Parliamentary Broadcasts,Auckland
 44),2XW, 891,5,P,"The Breeze",Wellington
  2),4YC, 900,10,PB,Parliamentary Broadcasts,Dunedin
 42),, 900,,G,"Radio Rhema",Whangerei (FPl)
  2),3YT, 918,2,N,"National Radio",Timaru
 14),2ZA, 927,2,Z,"Newstalk ZB" ,Palmerston North
143),1XCM, 936,1,Z,"Counties Manukau Radio",Manukau
 15),2ZG, 945,2,Z,"Gisborne's 2ZG",Gisborne
 56),1XW, 954,2,T,"Radio Pacific",Hamilton
  2),3YC, 963,10,PB,Parliamentary Broadcasts,Christchurch
 42),2XG, 972,5,G,"Radio Rhema",Wellington
  2),1YE, 981,2,N,"National Radio",Kaikohe
105),, 990,1,P,"BBC World Service",Auckland
 91),, 990,1,P,"Fifeshire Classic",Nelson
 16),1ZD,1008,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Tauranga
  8),4XSR,1026,1,S,"Sports Roundup",Invercargill
 11),1ZN,1026,2,Z,"Classic Hits Northland",Whangarei
 11),1ZK,1026,2,Z,"Classic Hits Northland",Kaitaia
 27),2ZB,1035,20,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Wellington
  5),4ZB,1044,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Dunedin
 17),2YP,1053,2,Z,"Newstalk ZB",New Plymouth
  2),2YE,1071,2,N,"National Radio",Masterton
 28),1ZB,1080,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Auckland
  8),,1089, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Palmerston North
  6),3ZB,1098,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Christchurch
  1),,1107,0.1,P,"Waihi Community Radio",Waihi
  2),2YX,1116,2,N,"National Radio",Nelson
  8),,1125, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Napier
  5),,1125,0.2,Z,"Clasic Hits 89 FM",Dunedin
  2),4YQ,1134,2,N,"National Radio",Queenstown
  2),1YW,1143,2,N,"National Radio",Hamilton
 20),3ZC,1152,2,Z,"Radio Caroline",Timaru
 70),2XM,1161,5,P,"Te Upoko o Te Ika",Wellington
120),,1170,,A,"Access Radio",Invercargill (FPl)
 30),1ZW,1170,0.4,Z,"Radio Waitomo",Te Kuiti
 40),4XE,1179,0.1,P,"Resort Radio",Wanaka
137),,1179,1,P,"Ruia Mai",Auckland
  2),1YR,1188,0.4,N,"National Radio",Rotorua
 21),2ZW,1197,2,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Wanganui
130),1XHC,1206,0.5,A,"Access Radio",Hamilton
 40),4XO,1206,2,P,"4XO Gold",Dunedin
 11),1ZE,1215,2,Z,"Classic Hits Northland",Kaikohe
 47),4XF,1224,2,P,"Radio Foveaux",Invercargill
 42),2XWB,1233,0.6,F,"Southern Star",Wellington
 48),1XX/t,1242,0.1,P,"Triple X FM",Galatea
 48),1XX,1242,2,P,"Triple X FM",Whakatane
 29),1XG,1251,5,G,"Radio Rhema",Auckland
 64),3XA,1260,2,P,"C 93 FM",Christchurch
 18),2ZT,1269,0.4,Z,"Radio Nelson",Takaka
  4),2ZC,1278,2,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Napier
  7),3ZW,1287,2,Z,"Radio Scenicland",Westport
 19),1ZH,1296,2.5,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Hamilton
 50),4XD,1305,2,p,"Radio Dunedin",Dunedin
  2),2YW,1314,2,N,"National Radio",Gisborne
  8),,1332,5,S,"Sports Roundup",Auckland
 18),2ZN,1341,2,Z,"Radio Nelson",Nelson
 81),4XC,1359,1,P,"Resort Radio",Queenstown
 52),1XT,1368,1,P,"Village Radio",Tauranga
 53),2XX,1377,2,P,"Radio Horowhenua",Levin
162),,1386,,P,"Radio Tarana",Auckland
 23),4ZW,1395,2,Z,"Radio Waitaki",Oamaru
 42),4XL,1404,2.5,G,"Radio Rhema",Invercargill
 24),1ZO,1413,2,Z,"Radio Forestland",Tokoroa
108),3XP,1413,0.9,P,"Radio Ferrymead",Christchurch
111),4XK,1422,0.1,P,"Voice Of The Mountains",Kingston
115),2XCK,1431,2,A,"Radio Kidnappers",Hastings
112),1XK,1440,0.2,P,"Te Reo O Tauranga Moana",Tauranga
125),,1440,0.1,P,"Goldfields Radio",Lawrence
  2),2YM,1449,2,N,"National Radio",Palmerston North
  2),3YW,1458,2,N,"National Radio",Westport
 88),1XD,1476,5,P,"The Point",Auckland
  2),1YT,1494,2.5,N,"National Radio",Taupo
  8),,1503, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Wellington
  8),,1503, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Christchurch
  9),,1512,0.3,P,"Coast Access Radio",Waikanae
 25),1ZU,1512,1,Z,"King Country Radio",Taumarunui
 87),1XTR,1521,1,P,"Classic Good Time Oldies",Tauranga
  2),2YP,1530,2,N,"National Radio",New Plymouth
153),,1530,1/0.3,P,"The Wireless Station",Hastings
 26),2ZE,1539,1,Z,"Radio Marlborough",Blenheim
 89),1XN,1548,0.99,P,"Classic Gold",Rotorua
 31),2ZH,1557,2,Z,"Radio Taranaki",Hawera
113),4XS,1575,2.5,A,"Hills AM",Dunedin
 26),2ZF,1584,0.4,Z,"Radio Marlborough",Picton
 37),,1593,0.8,P,Chinese Radio,Auckland
 42),1XCB,1593,0.8,F,"Southern Star",Auckland
 57),2XA,1602,1,P,"Radio Reading Service",Levin

  1),C/o 6 Victoria Street,Waihi
  2),Box 123,Wellington
  3),Box 802,Invercargill
  4),Box 241,Napier
  5),Box 888,Dunedin
  6),Box 1484,Christchurch
  7),Box 378,Greymouth
  8),Box 2396,Wellington
  9),Aputa Place,Waikanae
 10),Box 1147,Rotorua
 11),Box 845,Whangarei
 12),Box 220,Masterton
 13),Box 465,Ashburton
 14),Box 1045,Palmerston North
 15),Box 1040,Gisborne
 16),Box 642,Tauranga
 17),Box 141,New Plymouth
 18),Box 43,Nelson
 19),Box 489,Hamilton
 20),Box 275,Timaru
 21),Box 632,Wanganui
 22),Box 740,Taupo
 23),Box 426,Oamaru
 24),Box 272,Tokoroa
 25),Box 383,Taumarunui
 26),Box 225,Blenheim
 27),Box 2396,Wellington
 28),Box 2209,Auckland
 29),Box 33-701,Auckland
 30),Box 276,Te Kuiti
 31),Box 341,Hawera
 32),Box 1991,Wellington
 33),The Mall,Cromwell
 34),"Classic Rock",Mercury Bay
 35),""i 94.3 FM", ",Rotorua
 36),"Jellicoe St.,",Te Puke
 37),"Chinese Radio",Auckland
 40),Private Bag,Dunedin
 41),Box 97-254,Auckland
 42),Private Bag 92636,Auckland
 43),Box 446,Palmerston North
 44),Box 11-441,Wellington
 45),Private Bag 4750,Christchurch
 46),Box 55,Ruatoria
 47),Box 1740,Invercargill
 48),Box 383,Whakatane
 49),Seymour St,Blenheim
 50),Box 404,Dunedin
 51),Private Bag,Auckland
 52),Box 597,Tauranga
 53),Box 603,Levin
 54),Box 1341,Palmerston North
 55),Box 1480,Auckland
 56),Private Bag,Ponsonby
 57),Box 360,Levin
 58),"96 FM",Wellington
 59),Box 100,Whangarei
 60),Box 143,Alexandra
 61),Box 22-297,Christchurch
 62),"Box 33-644, Takapuna",Auckland
 63),Box 193,Hastings
 64),Box 3930,Christchurch
 65),Box 869,New Plymouth
 66),Box 393,Taupo
 67),Box 92,Rotorua
 68),"Private Bag, Albany",Auckland
 69),Private Bag,Auckland
 70) ,182 Wakefield St,Wellington
 71),Box 883,Rotorua
 72),Private Bag,Palmerston North
 73),Box 11-971,Wellington
 74),Box 930,Blenheim
 75),Box 1436,Dunedin
 76),"Cant'y Univ Students Assoc, Ilam Rd",Christchurch
 77),Box 81,Kaitaia
 78),Box 635,Timaru
 79),Box 11-850,Wellington
 80),Box 135,Paeroa
 81),Box 224,Queenstown
 82),Private Bag 3059,Hamilton
 83),Box 230,Gisborne
 84),Box 208,Ngaruawahia
 85),Box 92,Queenstown
 86),Box 8880,Auckland
 87),Box 134,Tauranga
 88),Box 73-020,Auckland
 89),Box 1007,Rotorua
 90),Box 2429,Tauranga
 91),Box 907,Nelson
 92),Box 15-213,Hamilton
 93),"Mangamauku Bridge, RD2",Okaihau
 94),Box 22-173,Christchurch
 95),Box 27-000,Wellington
 96),Box 25-209,Christchurch
 97),Box 842,Tokoroa
 98),Box 209,Turangi
 99),55 Main St,Foxton
100),Box 2123,Wellington
101),Box 881,Masterton
102),Box 928,Wanganui
104),"2nd Floor, 68 Victoria Ave",Wanganui
105),"Box 800, Shortland St.,",Auckland
106),Box 105,Clive
107),Box 19-293,Hamilton
108),269 Bridal Path,Christchurch
109),Box 980,Invercargill
110),Box 5609,Auckland
111),c/o NZ Post,Kingston
112),Box 382,Tauranga
113),"Box 2142, South Dunedin",Dunedin
114),Box 458,Kaitaia
115),Box 680,Hastings
116),Box 2090,Whakatane
117),Box 47-376,Auckland
118),Box 41,Kawhia
119),Box 98,Murupara
120),Box 1,Invercargill
121),Box 1127,Whangarei
122),Box 12,Oamaru
123),Box 430,Wanganui
124),Box 7010,Taradale
125),"C/o Mr Gillions, 24 Ross St.,",Lawrence
126),3 Charlemont St,Ranfurly
127),1 Gordon Rd,Mosgiel
128),Box 427,Wairoa
129),Box 2197,Auckland
130),Box 15-213,Hamilton
131),391 Victoria St,Hamilton
132),Box 19-298,Hamilton
133),Box 230,Gisborne
134),Box 1131,Taupo
135),Old Wharf Rd,Motueka
136),Box 92,Auckland
137),"Box 68-886, Newton",Auckland
138),Box 962,Thames
139),Box 2396,Wellington
140),719 Port Rd,Whangamata
141),Liverpool St,Wanganui
142),Box 10-399,Wellington
143),Box 737,Papakura
144),"Box 92, Waitangi",Chatham Is
145),Box 416,Te Kuiti
146),Box 754,Palmerston North
147),Big River Radio,Balclutha
148),Box 25,Oneroa
149),"Box 4232, Ngamotu",Palmerston North
150),Box 87,Turangi
151),29 Carnarvon St,Gisborne
152),Box 77,Taumarunui
153),Box 1162,Hastings
154),Box 9969,Wellington
155),Box 16,Whitianga
156),"Waiwhetu Marae, Riverside Dr",Lower Hutt
157),Box 292,Gore
158),123 Commerce St,Kaitaia
159),Box 883,Wairau
160),"312 Victoria St.,",Hamilton
161),Box 2139,Rotorua
162),"Box 68-100, Newton",Auckland
163),Private Bag 8739,Christchurch
164),Box 202,New Plymouth
165),Fox FM,Ashburton
166),"Box 11-320, Ellerslie",Auckland
167),"Soul FM",Manukau City
168),Box 8110,Auckland
169),Box 68-393,Auckland
170),"Suite 3, Westpac Plaza, Grey St",Tauranga
171),Box 54-052,Wellington
172),"Taranaki Polytech, Private Bag",New Plymouth
173),"NZ Broadc School, Box 22-095",Christchurch
175),"Bowen House, 32 Bowen St",Wellington
176),Bay Rock,Tauranga
177),"Box 72, Papakura",Auckland
178),407 Hastings St,Napier
179),Northumberland St,Waipukurau
180),Box 1369,Wellington
181),"C/o Mr Gillian, Lawrence Area School",Lawrence
182),Box 362,Dargaville


        phil bytheway - Seattle WA - philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

        Geomagnetic Summary November 14 1997 through November 20 1997

           GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
           maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
           mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
           mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm

        Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                OTHER

        11/14    93     7    3e   low         quiet-unsettled    -
           15    96     6    2    moderate    quite-unsettled    -
           16    96     4    3    low         quite-unsettled    -
           17    94     6    1    low         quite-unsettled    -
           18    92     9    0    very low    quiet-active       -
           19    99     2    1    low         quiet              -
        11/20    89     1    0    very low    quiet              -


If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send them
the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxx


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