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Jim Renfrew, Rochester NY

Drake R8, Radio West Loop


Help needed with unidentified stations:


1090 kHz        NOV 21 2229 UTC - Station ID's as "Oldies 103".  Seemed like

                the power was cut or pattern changed, but the next item may be

                the same station.


1090 kHz        NOV 21 2242-2244 UTC - Wisconsin news in progress, mentions

                a man from Lakeport arrested, Gov. Thmpson, Wisconsin Lottery.

                Signal lost in mid-sentence, either they dropped power, changed

                antenna pattern, or just moved to FM without any warning.  My

                Sunrise/Sunset map suggests this one is WAQE Rice Lake.  I can

                not find Lakeport in any map of Wisconsin.


1090 kHz        NOV 21 2256-2259 UTC - Consumer Alert given by Attorney General

                Winston (did not hear last name), for more info call 800-482-

                8982.  I tied this number but it is always busy, so out of

                state calls may be blocked.  Station may have identified

                itself as "Your Days Radio Network" and "This is the Northwest

                Light".  Does anyone know of a way to identify sources of 800

                numbers?  Oh yes, the station disappeared at 2259, leaving

                WBAL all alone.


Readers may be interested to know that WCMQ has been reported in Finland,

New Zealand, Germany, Spain, California and Manitoba. (via reports to NRC's

IDXD and Hard-Core-DX.


One other item:  PCH 1620 R. Scheveningen (Netherlands) is reported to be

leaving the air sometime soon.  I heard their code IDs quite clearly on the

car radio the other night (NOV 20) at 8:26 PM EST.  Get them while you can.

My QSL requests have gone unanswered, however.
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