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On Sat, 22 Nov 1997 11:00:47 -0500 (EST) JIMRENFREW@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
>1090 kHz        NOV 21 2229 UTC - Station ID's as "Oldies 103".  
>Seemed like the power was cut or pattern changed, but the next 
>item may be the same station.
>1090 kHz        NOV 21 2242-2244 UTC - Wisconsin news in progress, 
>mentions a man from Lakeport arrested, Gov. Thmpson, Wisconsin 
>Lottery. Signal lost in mid-sentence, either they dropped power, changed

> Sunrise/Sunset map suggests this one is WAQE Rice Lake.  I can
> not find Lakeport in any map of Wisconsin.

WAQE's FM station is on 97.7, so the above 2 look like they're different
>1090 kHz        NOV 21 2256-2259 UTC - Consumer Alert given by 
>Attorney General Winston (did not hear last name), for more info call 
>800-482-8982.  I tied this number but it is always busy, so out of
> state calls may be blocked.  Station may have identified itself as
"Your Days > Radio Network" and "This is the Northwest Light".  Does
anyone know of a > way to identify sources of 800 numbers?  Oh yes, the
station disappeared at >2259, leaving WBAL all alone.

Have tried 1090 for the above stations and cannot hear them.  Here are
some tips:

Jim, there are 1-800 directories on the Internet.  I don't have a URL
handy, but go to Yahoo and do a search on "1-800 Directory" or variations
on the phrase.  Same thing with your 3rd UNID above (do a search on
"Attorney General Winston").  Also, go to to
find where Lakeport, Wisconsin is located on the map.  Hope this all

>One other item:  PCH 1620 R. Scheveningen (Netherlands) is reported to 
>be leaving the air sometime soon.  I heard their code IDs quite clearly 
>on the car radio the other night (NOV 20) at 8:26 PM EST.  Get them
while >you can.
>My QSL requests have gone unanswered, however.

This is indeed strange - they have long been an outstanding QSLer.


J.D. Stephens
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