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Better Times for Reports to Dutchies on MW now :

Two forwarding services are aviable now -
DMWPS by Patrick Willför and DPRS by Derek Taylor

Dutch Mediumwave Pirate Service by Patrik Willfor, Langviks-
gatan 24 B13, FI-65100 Vasa, Finland - awillfor@xxxxxxxxxxxx

MWnews is a copyright publication of the Dutch Mediumwave
Pirate Service, sent free under 1997 to whoever does want it.
If you want to publicate some information from this magazine,
please write and tell me first.
MWnews is a e-mail only magazine, and the stopdate before each
issue is Sunday evening at 24.00 UTC (this is because e-mails
are sometimes delayed somewhere). This magazine is sent out on
Mondays at about 17.00 UTC.

The Dutch Mediumwave Pirate Service also produces an active
stations list once each month, and it's always ready under the
first week in a month. The price for this list is 2 IRC's, $2
or 3DM.

Dutch Pirate Radio Service by Derek Taylor, 12 Dorman Road,
PR2 6AS Preston, England

Some more information received here from Derek Taylor after
last weeks short message about DPRS coming back (Message was:
D.P.R.S is fully operationable again ! Reports, veries, mem-
bership and lists !):

"Yes, everything is back to normal with DPRS." Derek tells
us this week. We all hope so, I think !

The DPRS membership offer !
The Dutch Pirate Radio Service is expanding and you now have
the chance to join Europe's most efficient reception report
forwarding service. After paying just 15 British Pounds your
letters and reports will be sent directly to Dutch MW Free
Radio stations for no charge and if you are unable to write
in the Dutch language, a covering letter will also be inclu-
ded. Why not take advantage of this superb offer? To receive
your Membership number, send today to
DPRS, 12 Dorman Road, Preston, England, PR2 6AS.

Derek also advices us to the following MW-frequencies :
Listen : friday afternoon around 1470 kHz - lots of Dutchies !
        (also around 1470 all day !)
   saturday and sunday  : around 1470-1570-1580-1590
So there is still something aside from the old 186 and the
nowadays usual 183 m band, even if we most times don't hear it!

Martin Schoech                schoech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Post-Box 1136                 www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/2594/
06201 Merseburg
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