[HCDX]: Radio China is On-line!
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[HCDX]: Radio China is On-line!


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I am glad to announce the birth of RADIO CHINA, a web site with some real information, full grown when delivered, so no construction signs in sight. And best of all: IT'S FREE!!!!!!

So what do you get?


Want to learn some Chinese? Here is the place to go. An introduction to the language, important phrases, radio Chinese and station IDs in Chinese. 94 WAV-files make it all come to life (ADPCM compressed for faster downloading).


New Star Broadcasting Station, or Xin Xing Guangbo Diantai in Mandarin Chinese, is a number station broadcasting from somewhere in east Asia, probably China or Taiwan. New Star is not your run-of-the-mill number station. It features fancy presenters, hip music, and cool announcements like "We wish you health and happiness," to get you through the day. All this deserves a home-page on the Net, so....here it is.


Frequency schedules of China National Radio 1, 2, Taiwan and Chinese World, plus winter schedules of Chinese programs of major international broadcasters.


Direct access to a unique page: "DXing North Korea: Monitoring the Headless Beast." My good friend Sonny M. Ashimori does great job of keeping track of the radio situation in North Korea. Highly recommended. Plus yearly listings of loggings made by the author - almost 700 - since 1989. Come and reminisce with me.

And where can you all find these free goodies? Give your fingers a warm-up and type the following in your favorite Netscape browser........


Best viewed in 800x600 resolution. Written with Netscape Composer. This is not the most beautiful home page in the world and frankly speaking I don't care. If you like the information, then use it. If you don't, then I don't want to know either :-) I do appreciate if hearing from you if you find any bugs.

Best wishes from....

Hans van den Boogert - DSWCI 3029
Tucheng City, Taiwan
JRC NRD-525, Panasonic RF-B65L, Datong FL-3

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