[HCDX]: On a humid foggy week-end
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[HCDX]: On a humid foggy week-end

Dear radio-friends,

here you find the result of a foggy week-end. 

4904.5; RNT N'Djamena; 22 Nov.; 1643 African music and songs;
SINPO 43443; (Elsebusch)

4500; Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi; 23 Nov.; 1420 CH music modern type
(not trad.) with female announcements; SINPO24432; not // 4735;

4735; Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi; 22 Nov.; 1629 local music and female
announcement in Uighur, f/by wort-px (seemed to be news or cmtry);
SINPO 23332; not // 4500; at 1700 both freq. empty; (Elsebusch)

4865; Gansu PBS, Lanzhou; 23 Nov.; 1428 male speaker (acc. to the
sound of this voice he tells fairy-tales; in the background traditional
CH music); SINPO 24332; (Elsebusch)

4900; Haixa PBS, Fozhou; 23. Nov.; 1435 trad. CH music with female
spoken anns (maybe introducing words to the music); SINPO 33422;

4950; Radio Kashmir, Srinagar; 22 Nov.; male sung songs accompanied
by Indian tabla-drum; SINPO 33433; (Elsebusch)

4975; Yangi-Yul-Relais; 22 Nov.; 1652 piano mx in Can-Can-Style
(and tremendous het-whistle)// 4940 (without het); SINPO32332,
on 4940 SINPO 45444; (Elsebusch)

Contributor: Klaus Elsebusch, DL 3 EAY,			DSWCI-No. 3385
                      eMail: dl3eay@xxxxxxx   
Equipement: ICOM IC 751 A, 20 m LW indoor
 Ant.: AMA 11 and AMA 3D, outdoor
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