[HCDX]: Medium Wave News
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[HCDX]: Medium Wave News

Martin Schoech wrote:

Dutch Mediumwave Pirate Service by Patrik Willfor, Langviks-
gatan 24 B13, FI-65100 Vasa, Finland - awillfor@xxxxxxxxxxxx

MWnews is a copyright publication of the Dutch Mediumwave
Pirate Service, sent free under 1997 to whoever does want it.
If you want to publicate some information from this magazine,
please write and tell me first.
MWnews is a e-mail only magazine, and the stopdate before each
issue is Sunday evening at 24.00 UTC (this is because e-mails
are sometimes delayed somewhere). This magazine is sent out on
Mondays at about 17.00 UTC"

Please let me remind everyone that Medium Wave News (MW News or MWN) is the
name of the regular publication of the Medium Wave Circle.

The Medium Wave Circle has published Medium Wave News for 43 years now and by
historical precedent and copyright has established its rights to the name.

Please do not be confused. There is only one Medium Wave News.

To find out more about Medium Wave News and the Medium Wave Circle there is
only one place to look;


or for further information e-mail


Steve Whitt
General Editor of Medium Wave News
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