[HCDX]: QSL: American pirates
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[HCDX]: QSL: American pirates

Hello, I can't resist the temptation to boast about
my first QSL:s from North American pirates:

R Metallica Worldwide 6955.
Blue no-data QSL with tornado figure and note:
"Thank you for your excellent report". v/s Dr. Tornado.
5 months.

R USA 6955.
Blue Metallica-QSL-imitation for my reception of 
R USA's Metallica-parody programme and an interesting
infosheet. QSL number 1246 (!!!). v/s Mr. Blue Sky.
3 months.

Listening to legal NA's failed sadly last weekend
due to enormous magnetic storm. Duh.

73's de Jari Lehtinen

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