[HCDX]: MW logs from Spain.
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[HCDX]: MW logs from Spain.

Hi friends,

Very good DX night for me on Dec.-6th UTC with strong signals from Venezuela
and Colombia.


01.09  1590    (t)R. Deporte, Ven, sports live "leones de
01.12  1580    Manzanares 15-80, Lotería del Táchira, local
               adv.,horses racing
01.28  1430    3 stations. R. Satélite with horses, other with
01.30  1400    H.L.W., Carriacou. Rel. program starting.

01.33  1380,00 Ondas del Mar, Ven, more galloping horses!

01.33  1380,03 RCN-Tunja, with news, slightly weaker.

01.41  1240    R.Nacional-Antena Popular, Ven., Baseball.

01.52  1589,94 Unid. with LA music.

02.20  1510    UNid Rel. prog. in spanish, VEN?...

03.04  1510    WNRB, first good NA signal this night!

04.05  1340    2 stations. Heard mentions of "Vallenatos"
               (colombian style of music) on one, and a quick
               and weak ID as "Radio Continental" or Colonial
               or Comunal (in this order of preference) from
               the other.


02.53   980    CBV, got talk in FF with decent level nulling
               EAK1-999 (splattering from 970 to 1050).

and on SW only...


16.59  11734,18 R. Tanzania Zanzibar, strong signal. TS on the
                hour and relay news from Dar es Salam.


Mauricio Molano
Madrid, España-Spain

RX:JRC-NRD 525  ANT: loop 1 m. unamplified
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