[HCDX]: CBC changes
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[HCDX]: CBC changes

In a QSL letter from Dimitrious (Jimmy) Siamoutas, Quality Control, Regional
Engineering, CBC Montreal, he says the following stations are going to FM:

CBM 940 Montreal - before Xmas '97, to 88.5mHz

CBF 690 Montreal - before Xmas '97, to 95.1mHz

CBJ 1580 Chicoutimi - during '98

CBV 980 Quebec City - during '98

CBL 740 Toronto - during '98, to 93.5mHz

And Jimmy comments "All these changes take place mainly in the name of better
quality and cost of operation, not to mention the real estate considerations,
since the AM radio requires considerable acreage for ground conductivity."

So it looks like I chose the right time to log CBM!

73s Paul
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