Re: [HCDX]: Argentina - 1620 kHz
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Re: [HCDX]: Argentina - 1620 kHz

W.A. Merriman wrote:

> DEC 15 0450Z - they're back!  Mixing with and at times topping the
> TIS's.  Mix of music,  about 4 minutes of what sounded like teletalk
> and now what sounds like a preacher.  All Spanish.  0501z now
> completely on top and 100% copy, 0502 into the mess and now back on
> top at 0503 with teletalk, man/woman, 0505 modern religious rock,
> English lyrics.  Go get'em!
> 73/DX
> Al
> Chincoteague Island, VA

Got 'em Al!

I listened on-and-off amid the TIS talkathon clutter from 0405 to around
0605 and heard similar programming, the SS tele-talk, SS preacher and what
sounded like gospel music bridges. Totally atop the others only a few times
here with the ever present TIS.

The 1025 and 2 50 footers helped pull this out of the mess. Thanks for the

Werner Funkenhauser

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