[HCDX]: ADMIN: Stop of bickering and other things
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[HCDX]: ADMIN: Stop of bickering and other things

Okay... enough of bickering about what's Hard-Core-DX and what's not.
I am not letting go any of such emails to the list. Everyone has their own
ways to do DXing. Somebody likes daughters, some mothers. What comes to
Hard-Core-DX email list: everything is welcome - as long as it meets
requirements about being "Hard-Core stuff".

That is:
a) not a daily or even weekly event - some rare stations for example
b) news

To draw a limit what is not daily event is not easy. For me to hear 
100W European is rare event - but not to many Europeans. But it is rare 
event for me, and thus meets requirement. If the European member finds out 
about his/her local 100W station... changing frequency or such: it is not 
"Hard-Core event" to them but it is for me - and I want to know about it - so 
it meets requirements and is very welcome here.

I admit that sometimes level of this list has gone too low and many
emails that doesn't really meet requirements have been sent to the list.
But I am asking this... please think twice before emailing anything. We
want this list to be high quality list with high signal/noise ratio. This
is Hard-Core-DX... and name should tell you what we want here. We want
material that is high quality, rare stations, domestic local AM/tropical
band news and such.

Other things I am not going to go to the list: dedicated Merry Christmas and 
Happy New Year greetings. 

Let's do it here right now: everyone sends happy christmas and happy
new year greetings to all. So, that's it. No further greetings needed. Send
those greetings in private emails, not to the list. Of course if you send
greetings along with contribution that's fine...


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