[HCDX]: TFW 46 4/4
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[HCDX]: TFW 46 4/4

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1997  Part  4
Year  2   Number 46  - Rome, 16 December  1997 


ALGERIA - R. Algeria International English now at 1200-1300, ex
1600-1700, on 11715 and 15160. Poor on 15160 with severe ACI from 15165
(Patrick Travers via Edwin Southwell, England, Dec 8, WORLD OF RADIO
921) Checked Dec 10 and VOA Philippines was on 11715 (Hauser, OK /
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 97-25, Dec 11, 1997)

ARGENTINA - (Follow-up) 13363.5 usb, Re. the "Aire 12-70"
("Doce-Setenta") hrd by TIN on this feeder: The official name of R.
Provincia de Buenos Aires is  LS11 Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires, but
it usually identifies itself with the slogan "Baires 12-70". This per
Argentinian DXer Marcelo Cornachioni via GIB, Buenos Aires (Nigro,
Uruguay Dec. 11)

ARMENIA - Don't you believe the VOA sked Guido Schotmans forwarded to
Cumbre DX and BC-DX--at least, not yet. I noticed that the English
broadcast on 9965 is given as 2145-2215, following a half-hour gap after
German until 2115, instead of English at 2115-2145. But when I checked
Dec 9 and 10, English was in fact still at 2115-2145*, rather poor and
fluttery, but no signal after 2145. Dec 10 at 2116 the English opening
also claimed it was at 2145-2215, so perhaps this is an upcoming change
which has not yet reached the people actually responsible for putting it
on the air (Glenn Hauser, OK / SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 97-25, Dec 11, 1997)

AUSTRALIA - What's going on with RA's frequencies? A revised sked as of
Dec 1 is on their website, but doesn't match what I am actually hearing.
Best morning frequency, 9415 altho on the sked at 1200-2130 has been
miissing; instead I heard RA on 9590 Dec 2 at 1245 as well as 9580, and
still going under BBC/WYFR after 1250 carrier and 1300 programming. Hope
this is not a permanent change from loud and clear 9415. The 49mb
frequency 6020 has Bonaire clash at 1200, and at 1300 something in
Chinese, much worse than the abandoned 5870 and 5890. Same situation on
Dec 3 (Glenn Hauser, OK, and WORLD OF RADIO 920 / SW/DX Report 97-24,
Dec 4, 1997)

CHINA/CUBA - One can be somewhat amused by commies jamming commies:
Cuban bubble jammer against R. Marti 7405 stays on after 1400 marring
CRI in English to North America, Dec 1; jamming still audible at 1445
Nov 30 tho CRI on top (Glenn Hauser, OK / SW/DX Report 97-24, Dec 4,

CLANDESTINE - Voice of Free Nigeria (VoFN) - plans freq change on 20/12
from 11715 to 11645, 1900-2000 Sats, due to QRM from Iranian
broadcasters. (Nasiru Ikharo, National Information Secretary, FNM, 13/12
/ EDXP # 70).

COLOMBIA - 4974.9 Emisoras Ondas del Orteguaza, Florencia; has
celebrated its 30th anniversary. The station was founded by Dr. Jorge
Daniel Santos, on December 1, 1967, as the second oldest station in the
Department of Caqueta. (TIN / Relampago Dx # 07/DEC/1997)

FRANCE - R. Neige, the low-power NBFM transmitters at ski resorts are
again being heard on 11m; the second time this season was Dec 10 until
fade around 1600 in parallel on 25710, 25900 and 26070 (Alan Roberts,
Quebec, WORLD OF RADIO 921 / SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 97-25, Dec 11, 1997)

GREECE - V. of Greece with nice winter propagation on 7450 as early as
1829 ending Spanish news, announced to start at 1815. This is a new
block following English at 1800 to take advantage of the USA relays on
//15485, 17705, Dec 7 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 97-25, Dec
11, 1997)

GUATEMALA - La Voz de Atitlan, 2390, now has a window clear of both WWCR
and XEJN [see MEXICO], between 1200 and 1300 for those of us with a
darkness path. Dec 11 at 1203 found weak signal vs the high noise level
here, talking in non-Spanish mentioning the word "canton" several times
and various localities, including at 1213 and 1214 "Santiago Atitlan".
Intermittent RTTY on low side eliminated by listening on USB. Fq seemed
to be a tad on the high side of 2390 (Glenn Hauser, OK / SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 97-25, Dec 11, 1997)

GUATEMALA - Mauno Ritola in Finland notes that AWR's worldwide sked no
longer lists their station here; is it still on the air? I checked Dec
1, and yes, it is, but should not be--distorted and off frequency. At
1218 found distorted Spanish preaching on 5980.84, in Voz de la
Esperanza program, also mentioned La Biblia Hoy. 1232 full ID "Desde
Guatemala en Centroamerica transmite Union Radio, 1330 AM, --- FM, 5980,
banda internacional de 49 metros onda corta, Radio Mundial Adventista,
La Voz de la Esperanza, Union Radio...". Also Dec 2 at 0054 check could
detect het and carrier on exact same frequency, trace of Spanish; Dec 2
at 1211 on exact same frequency again but even more distorted and
unintelligible (Glenn Hauser, OK, and WORLD OF RADIO 920 / SW/DX Report
97-24, Dec 4, 1997)

INDONESIA - RRI Jambi has used on 4925kHz at 1300-1700(ex 4927kHz) since
the beginning of December. (Juichi Yamada, JAPAN / Jembatan DX # 37)

INDONESIA - Next "Ramadan" in Indonesia will start on December 31, 1997
and end on  January 29, 1998. Many Indonesian stations will broadcast
the special program in the local early morning in this season. And on
December 31,  many stations usually delay sign off time due to the
special program of New Year's Eve. We should be looking forward to
occurring something on this day. (Juichi Yamada, JAPAN / Jembatan DX #

IRELAND - WCRI bcasts twice a week, one hour each program. Presently the
transmissions to NA (Thurs 0100) and to EU(Sat 1500) vary somewhat in
format as the NA program is a live simulcast on SW and FM (in North West
Ireland). Listeners to the NA bcast can phone the station during the
hour (perhaps the first 40 minutes is best) and hopefully hear an
acknowledgement / greeting during "Letterbox" in the last quarter. Hosts
are Michael Commins and Gerard Delaney. Frequencies: NA 5905 EU 6175.
(Finbarr Driscoll, Ireland, in rec.radio.sw via Mick Ogrizek, 6/12 /
EDXP # 69). (Ed: The above suggests that the service to Australia and
Africa 1900-2000 appears to have been cancelled - this was via 11665
Julich. However, listed on 11665 in DW Julich operational schedule for
W97!. BP / EDXP # 69).

KOREA NORTH - KCBS, Pyongyang, 2850, with a very nice signal Dec 9 at
1254 revolutionary music, SIO peak 454; 1257 female soloist with chorus,
1258 accordion music, 1259 anmt, 1300 3 + 1 timesig, news. Much weaker
next morning with disturbance (Glenn Hauser, OK / SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
97-25, Dec 11, 1997)

LITHUANIA - [non]. R. Vilnius finally got word that there's heavy ute
QRM to 5905 for their 0030 English to NAm via Germany: Mailbag UT Sun
Nov 30 0047 had some letters about this, and the Germans were blamed for
the frequency choice; no mention of additional //5880 where I was
surprised to find them, with no ute QRM. This continued following
nights, sometimes with adjacent broadcaster splash from 5875 but usually
better than 5905. At last UT Dec 3 at 0058 closing, RV said they had "an
extra frequency this week to North America, 5880". So like happened on
31m this summer, they're duplicating for a while and may move to the new
one (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 920 / SW/DX Report 97-24, Dec 4,

MOLDOVA -Huge buzz on 7125 at least from 2300 past 0200 is V. of
Russia's reactivated relay via Grigoriopol'. It seems that they are
putting video instead of audio from the satellite downlink on the SW
frequency (Kai Ludwig, Germany, WORLD OF RADIO 920) This has been going
night after night; doesn't anybody at the station or in Moscow notice?!
Tape sample on W.O.R. 920 (Hauser, Dec 3 / SW/DX Report 97-24, Dec 4,

NORWAY - Revised Dec sked shows NRK and Denmark using new 18950 for SAm
at 1000-1055 only (gh) Already audible here by 1045 (Joe Hanlon, PA,
WORLD OF RADIO 920 / SW/DX Report 97-24, Dec 4, 1997)

NORWAY - NRK info from Olav Mo Grimdalen: usage of 18950 at 1000-1055 is
experimental, as 21 MHz was originally planned for this. Move from 13805
to 13790 was due to some listener complaints of splash from NRK's
adjacent transmitter on 13800, at 1300. The antenna bearing 315 degrees
works well for Hawaii, Danish seamen in the area. At 1900 and 2000, 9960
was originally for WNAm, but beam changed to CNAm for better results
(via Joe Hanlon, PA, Dec 7, via Hauser)

PERU - R. Frecuencia San Ignacio heard at 0230-0240 on second harmonic
11354.4 as well as 5677.2 Nov 28, and the next night the same from *0030
(Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia, WORLD OF RADIO 920 / SW/DX Report 97-24,
Dec 4, 1997)

PERU - 6725.5 R Satelite was off the air Nov 14-18 due to pwr outage at
the tx site on Cerro Coturumi. Back on the air Nov 19. Mgr Sabino Llamo
says in a fax that the Comms Ministry wants them to move to 4780, and
that the move is imminent. They are still on the old fq by medio
December. Last year the telephone made its arrival to Santa Cruz, and
the stn now proudly anncs that they have two voice lines, 74 714074 and
714169, the latter also fax. With the advent of the telephone, the stn
now calls upon distant parties to phone in to relatives who will wait
for the call at the stn. (H. KLEMETZ,  Bogota, Colombia / Dateline
Bogota Dec. 14  1997)

PERU - 5305 After a few days of testing as R Frecuencia Nueva, the stn
on this fqy in Santa Cruz, Cajamarca, has now revelead its real
identity: R La Inmaculada. So it's actually a reactivation of the stn
that used to be on 5556.2 a few years ago, although now on a new fqy and
with a stronger tx. Sked per annct: 2000-0230. Prgr consists of "musica
variada" and some commercial messages, one for the Idrovo Electronics
Repair Shop (maybe the provider of the new tx), and for an ice cream
parlour called Anchay (or perhaps Canchay) where you can enjoy D'Onofrio
ice cream in all sorts of flavours and have a look at some of the videos
they stock. Studios of the stn are in the La Inmaculada parrish, speaker
said, so cf. PWBR '97 and Summer edition '97. (H. KLEMETZ,  Bogota,
Colombia / Dateline Bogota Dec. 14  1997)

PERU - 7205.7 New since beginning of Nov is R dif Paratón, Huarmaca,
operating from 1030 to 2330/2400. [On Nov 23 very late s/off, at 0046].
Prgr noted so far: 1030 Amaneciendo con Paraton /music and horoscope/,
1100 Buenos dias, hermano campesino, 1200 Sentimiento andino, 1300 A
todo ritmo, 2200 Sanjuanitos y sanjuaneros. Studio address, per Rafael
Rodríguez, Jiron Alfonso Ugarte 109, esquina del Parque Leoncio Prado
[not Pardo], Huarmaca. - Seems to frown at reception reports [and
diplomas certifying that they make it further afield]. Not even the
professor running the 1100 show seems interested in letters from abroad.
Perhaps they don't even get there? (H. KLEMETZ,  Bogota, Colombia /
Dateline Bogota Dec. 14  1997)

ROMANIA - RRI's new 0600 English to NAm is still on 5965, but under
heavy interference from Norway. The other frequency, 6155, has moved to
6095 (Peter Hallam, Northern Ireland, Dec 2, WORLD OF RADIO 920 / SW/DX
Report 97-24, Dec 4, 1997)

RUSSIA - United Christian Broadcasters (in UK) is relayed via
Kaliningrad MW transmitter from Dec.3, 1997. Schedule is as follows:
daily 1530-0030 UTC  1386 kHz  1200 kW  AZ is 275 degrees. Reception
reports are welcome directly to United Christian Broadcasters. More info
will follow shortly. (Alexey Osipov, Russia  via K.D. Scholz, Germany)

TAHITI - RFO's lingering transmitter must be the carrier at 2351 Dec 2
on 15167.35 approximately, measured as closely as I could by counting
the clicks on the ATS-909, allowing for its offset. This signal is
useful only for the memories it evokes of former exotic and good
reception (Glenn Hauser, OK / SW/DX Report 97-24, Dec 4, 1997)

TAHITI - Doesn't anyone read EDXP??!! (Some do...) In my preliminary
account of my holiday to Tahiti/Moorea during late October, I mentioned
that I could not hear the 15 MHz outlet at all "on location", some 30 km
from Papeete. Very few of the DX bulletins used this information. Some
did, and I speculated that the SW outlet may have closed down. Since
then, the 15167 outlet has reappeared, miniscule strength as heard here
in Melbourne during period 2000-0300. Seems as if the txer WAS
non-operational whilst I was there and has come back on again recently.
They ought to fix the thing, get a new crystal, but some new batteries
in, or tune the thing properly to its nominal 15170 allocation. Also
tweak up the power of the operation!  (Bob Padula, 10/12 / EDXP # 69).

THAILAND - R. Thailand is still working on five new language services,
but austerity is a must and the budget has been cut a few times already.
I don't think we can start Spanish this 1997- 98 budget year. We shall
start Tagalog and Cantonese shortly. Spanish, Russian and Arabic will
have to wait. Too bad! The reorganization here is going on, and we have
been working closely with the VOA people, both in Udon Thani and
Washington. (Amporn Samosorn, R. Thailand, WORLD OF RADIO 921/
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 97-25, Dec 11, 1997)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - I keep seeing schedules for UAE Radio,  Dubai,
evidently originating from the station, which omit English at 1330, and
nobody points this out, even tho I reported in Oct on this English
broadcast, which is by far the best timing for North America, even tho
for "Europe and North Africa". Actual monitoring is always more reliable
than info from stations themselves, and I suggest editors should pay
attention to it. Now I have reconfirmed English starting at 1329, best
here on 13675, poor on //13630, 15395, and seldom propagating lately on
21605; such as Dec 1 with news, 1337 "Sunshine station, UAE Radio in
Dubai", talk on trade routes and commodities in the Middle Ages. 13675
was so strong Nov 30 that it was a problem for Belgium at 1300 on 13680
(Glenn Hauser, OK, and WORLD OF RADIO 920 / SW/DX Report 97-24, Dec 4,

USA - Another BBC relay via VOA fouled up, UT Sun Nov 30 at 0000 when
Sackville changed to Delano, feed switched from BBC to VOA English news,
normally not broadcast from USA on weekends at this time! This lasted
until about 0026 when the BBC feed was suddenly back. I'm baffled why
people working at radio stations can pay so little attention to what is
actually going on the air. VOA owes BBC for 26 minutes of relay time, on
9590 (Glenn Hauser, OK / SW/DX Report 97-24, Dec 4, 1997)

USA - Tnx to tip from Ed Rausch, WGTG heard testing 2nd transmitter, Nov
28 at 2145-2205* with continuous tape loop on 9505 saying this is with
antenna No. 3, rhombic at 340 degrees magnetic. The same thing Nov 29 at
various checks during the day, but not since. Later I heard Dave Frantz
say that #2 was using digital modulation instead of analog, and he has
time for sale. Note that 9505 may not be the ultimate frequency, as
initial test  channels often differ. Hans Johnson, Cumbre DX, found out
that 3200 or 3210 also may have been tested. BTW, W.O.R. 920 aired this
week on 5085-USB at the backup time of UT Wed 0600 (Glenn Hauser, OK,
and WORLD OF RADIO 920, which includes tape of test announcement / SW/DX
Report 97-24, Dec 4, 1997)

U S A - WGTG update, from David Frantz, Dec 10. Tests of second
transmitter on 9505 were on Nov 28-29 only. Now awaiting some parts and
will test next in daytime on some WWCR nighttime frequencies, 2390 and
3210. Hoping to get 3200 and 6955 cleared for eventual use. Will have a
total of five antennas, some yagi, some rhombic, aimed NW, N, NE, SE,
SW. To be finished in about two months is a 6-element wide-spaced yagi
for 9 MHz toward Vancouver. The second homemade transmitter is
designated "DX50C" while the first is "DX50B". The second has digital
modulation, and the first will later be upgraded to this. Would prefer
to operate straight SSB if there were enough receivers for this. Program
test authority has not yet come through for WGTG-2. An antenna coupler
"meltdown" forced WGTG-1 off the air a few minutes before the scheduled
airing of WORLD OF RADIO UT Tue Dec 9 at 0500 on 5085-USB, but it did
air again this week at the backup time of UT Wed 0600. [In last week's
report I should have referred to #919, not 920 at that time] (WORLD OF
RADIO 921 / SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 97-25, Dec 11, 1997)       

UZBEKISTAN - R. Tashkent on NF 5025# // 5035# 5060# Ge 1955, 12/12;
7105# 9540# Uz 2100, En 2130-2200, rarely audible these freqs, 13/12.
(Bob Padula / EDXP # 70).

UZBEKISTAN - TWR-India via Tashkent 7430# *0000-0030 Assamese 11/12.
(Bob Padula / EDXP # 70).

VIETNAM - The new super-power transmitters in the Mekong Delta are not
SW but MW, four of them, not five: one 2000 kW Harris, and three 500 kW
Harris. Also under construction is a new MW facility in the north with
two more MW supplied through Marconi by Nautel. These were put out for
tender a couple of years ago (B. Dawson, P.E., Seattle, WA, WORLD OF
RADIO 920 / SW/DX Report 97-24, Dec 4, 1997) We still wonder what
frequencies these are on!? ( SW/DX Report 97-24, Dec 4, 1997)


Join me for the latest tuning tips for the South Pacific on Radio New
Zealand International during "Mailbox", fortnightly broadcasts, Monday
0430z on
15115kHz and 1130z on 9700kHz, repeated the following Thursday 0830z on
9700kHz and Friday at 1930z on 11735kHz. Broadcasts: Starting Mondays,
December 8th and 22nd, repeated on following days as above.
And I'm hosting "Kiwi DX", on ZLXA, the Radio Reading Service, every
third Tuesday of the month at 0730z, repeated the following Sunday at
0330z, on 1602kHz, 3935kHz and 5960kHz alternate 7290kHz. (P.Ormandy,
New Zealand)

WORLD OF RADIO SCHEDULE, effective December 2: On WWCR Nashville, Thu
2130 9475 [NEW for Dec, Jan, Feb], Sat 0700 5070 AND 3210, Sat 1230
5070, Sun 0730 5070, Mon 0400 3215, Tue 1330 15685. On RFPI Costa Rica:
Fri 2000, Sat 0400, 1100, 1800, Sun 0200, 0900, 2300, Mon 0700, Tue
1900, Wed 0300, 1000--on 15050 AM in 1500-2400 period, 7385 2200-1200,
6980-USB 0000-1200, 21465-USB 1200-2400. On WGTG, Georgia, UT Tue 0500
on 5085-USB. If the tape arrives before Monday additional unscheduled
times may occur, such as UT Mon 0600 on 5085-USB or on 9400 Sat, Sun
daytime. If the tape does not arrive until Tuesday, backup time is UT
Wed at 0600 (Hauser, Dec 2)

Hello, everyone. This schedule includes the transmissions from the new
KWHR Angel 4 transmitter from Hawaii. Thanks--Marie Lamb. DXING WITH
Americas/Caribbean)  0600 - 0630 Saturday  7315 kHz --- 1830 - 1900
Saturday 9495 kHz --- 2330 - 2400 Saturday 9495 kHz --- 1330 - 1400
Sunday 15105 kHz.  WHRI Angel 2 (To: Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia/N
Am) 0600 - 0630 Saturday   5760 kHz --- 1530 - 1600 Saturday  13760 kHz
--- 2300 - 2330 Saturday  5745 kHz --- 0530 - 0600 Sunday  5760 kHz ---
0930 - 1000 Sunday   5760 kHz --- 1830 - 1900 Sunday  13760 kHz  KWHR
Angel 3 (To: Asia/Pacific) 0230 - 0300 Saturday 17510 kHz ---  1630 -
1700 Sunday  7560  kHz --- 1830 - 1900 Sunday   7560  kHz KWHR Angel 4
(To: South Pacific) 0800 - 0830  Saturday 11565 kHz --- 2000 - 2030 
Saturday 17555 kHz --- 0330 - 0400  Sunday 17555 kHz --- 0730 - 0800 
Sunday  11565 kHz --- 1300 - 1330  Sunday    7560  kHz --- 2130 - 2200 
Sunday  17555 kHz    Also, please note that there will be NO tests from
WHRA in Maine during December, according to Joe Brashier of World
Harvest Radio.  Check again for tests in January. Thanks for tuning in
to DXing with Cumbre!  73--Marie Lamb

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