[HCDX]: TFW 46 2/4
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[HCDX]: TFW 46 2/4

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1997  Part  2
Year  2   Number 46  - Rome, 16 December  1997 

0700- 21715- TURKEY- TRT Opens In Turkish, 454 Signal into Auckland. A
"Feast" of Turkish Music. Modulation Over The Past 3 Weeks Has Been
Good-To-Useless. ---DIXON Auckland, New Zealand Dec.7

0745- 4885- BRAZIL- Radio Clube do Para 0745, LA music with OM fooling
around. ID. 35333. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn,  The Netherlands Dec 12)

0819- 9675- PAPUA NEW GUINEA- National Broadcast. Commission, Port
Moresby, 10/12, 08:19 pop songs from Gordon Lightfoot, Whitney Houston,
Madonna and others, male and female presenters, still here at 08.50 UTC.
SINPO 33443 at best. Blocked by digital signal at 08.54 UTC.---SCHAAY, 
Doorn, The Netherlands

0955- 4571.4- PERU-  RADIO UNO  // 4573v  Nov.29 0955 - 1100, This
frequency regularly listen Radio Gotas de Oro, but weekend past I was
listen a station called RADIO UNO, maybe relay from Radio Gotas de Oro
transmitter's. Not mentions QTH, not TC, not announcers only repeat
pretaped in various moments followed by tropical music: " Oye amiguito
como te llamas? Miguel. Que te parece la programaciòn de Radio Uno?
chevere, cierto bonita, bonita es la programaciòn de Radio Uno la
diferente, Radio Uno les va a presentar un temita que yo se les va
encantar, aqui esta Radio Uno la diferente..."  or " No nos confundas
con las demas somos Radio Uno La diferente..." every hour ID " Radio Uno
la diferente se identifica con la musica andina, exitos criollos,
cumbias, sanjuaneros, cumbias actuales, del recuerdo y los mejores
trios. Y por si fuera poco las pastillas del buen humor...Radio Uno la
Diferente...". ---RODRIGUEZ, Fomeque city, Colombia

1010- 4775- PERU-  RADIO TARMA Nov.30 1010 - 1030, Tropical format " A
esta hora de la madrugada en Radio Tarma AM  y FM presentamos Alegre
Amanecer con lo mejor de la musica tropical andina y sus fantasticos
interpretes Alegre Amanecer hasta las 6 de la mañana..." Sl:" Radio
Tarma primerisima, insuperable...". ---RODRIGUEZ, Fomeque city, Colombia

1018- 17387- INDIA- AIR Delhi   // 15050 and 13700, 1018-1024, lcl chant
with instl mx, M ID and ancmt in English at 1023, lcl chant ( QRM
mmmmmmmm.....) Fair ---SERRA, Italy December 14

1035- 4826.2- PERU-  RADIO SICUANI Nov.30 1035 - 1040, local program in
Quechua TC: " Cinco de la mañana con 38 minutos en Radio Sicuani..."
Strong QRM by Radio Tachira. ---RODRIGUEZ, Fomeque city, Colombia

1050- 7107.58- UNID- Unid R., 1050-1103, Tlk by M and W in lang. w/occas
MoR type mx. IS played sev. times at ToH. This IS sounded slightly
familiar, but not sure. Weak to moderate strength at best. Definitely
sounded Asian. Not noted till after 1100 next day, and not at all the
day after that. China maybe?? ---VALKO, USA 4 Dec.

1114- 7746.05- PERU- R. Cristal, 1114, OA campo mx, M anncr briefly w/at
least 2 IDs and back to mx. Fair. 6675.58 OA also on but QRMed.
---VALKO, USA 12 Dec.) 

1158- 4970- CUBA- R. Rebelde, 1158, Spur of 5025, and // of course. Also
hrd w/exc. lvl on 5680 earlier. ---VALKO, USA13 Dec.) 

1159- 6980- COSTA RICA- R. for Peace Int., in USB 1159, ID by W.
Pounding S-9 signal!! Found while looking for Laos. (Valko 14 Dec.)

1200- 6329.1- PERU- ESTACION C Nov.29 1200 - 1245 vernacular mx.
Esoteric program with Ramiro Florez Elada maestro curandero. ID at the
1230: " Transmite Radio Estacion C desde Moyobamba, para todo el Perù,
Estacion C la radio que apunta al futuro..." After pgm "Aires de mi
Tierra" " A nivel nacional e internacional presentamos Aires de mi
tierra, producciones musicales que integran mas y mejor a los pueblos
del Perù..." ---RODRIGUEZ, Fomeque city, Colombia

1246- 9595- JAPAN- Nihon Shortwave Broadc. Co., Nagara,  13-12, 12:46
male Japanese speaker, SINPO 25333 ---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands

1258- 7130- TAIWAN- Voice of Free China, Taipei, 13/12, 12:58, Chinese
language lesson, female English ID. English to Asia, followed by
Japanese. SINPO 34232. ---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands

1307- 7165.24- ETHIOPIA- Radio Ethiopia, Gedja 13/12, 13:07 male speaker
in presumed Afar, Ethiopian music. SINPO 23332. ---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The

 1312- 11800.03- SRI LANKA- Sri Lanka Broadc. Corporation, Ekala, 
13/12, 13:12 South Asian folk music, male speaker in Tamil. SINPO 23333.
---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands

1418- 7165.2- NEPAL- Radio Nepal, Khumaltar   1418-1426   Male speaker
with news and sports in English, followed by female speaker in Nepali
with ID and talk. 32432  ---VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands DEC 2)

 1533- 9755- IRAQ- Republic of Iraq Radio, 13/12, 15:33 Arabic music, ID
by male speaker, vernacular singing, SINPO 54444 ---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The

1533- 4950- INDIA- Radio Kashmir, Srinagar, (presumed) 4950.00, 30/11 
15:33, male speaker, sounds like English, 16.00 presumed ID, Indian
flute, male speaker, Kashmiri folk songs, SINPO 25242  ---SCHAAY, The

1608- 4090.09- CLANDESTINE MIDEAST- V o People of Kurdistan in Ar and
Kurdish, 1608-1730, M tlk in Arabic for poss nx (ment Kurdistan, Arafat,
Iraqi, Turkiyah, Turkmen, Arabiyah, Syria, Lebanon, Tel Aviv etc., till
1616), mx pause, M ID: Huna (kurdi ???) shab Kurdistan.....(etc.etc.),
Ar song, ancmt, mx break into M politic tlk (ID at end of each tlk, ment
Turkey, European Parliament, Tony Blair, Kohl etc), alt with Arabic
songs, at 1710 W tlk with mx breaks, Ar song, M tlk (mix with QRM splat
M voice in usb), ID, mx pause into Kurdish pgm at 1720, with M ID: Aira
dangi gelli Kurdistana, Kurdish song, M tlk. (QRN statics, QRM
occasional M voice) Fair ( Noted on Dec 09 from 1740 till 1750 in
Kurdish on 4112.9, with M tlk, ID s, lcl song, patriotic hymn) ---SERRA,

1655- 4820- BOTSWANA- Botswana B.C, December 5, 1655-1710, ''First
Lady'' welcomes guests at official luncheon, giving speech about youth
enterprises with mention of the ''Boy's League''. The theme: Youth
Development in Botswana. 45433 ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn The

1700- 4935- KENYA- Voice Of Kenya, Nairobi In Local Venaculars. Good
signal. 1730 In English, With Religious Programming. ---DIXON Auckland,
New Zealand Dec.11

1702- 7095- CLANDESTINE - V. of Southern Azerbaijan  (Iran) 1702  Once
again mostly woman in Azeri rhetoric, with man briefly joining in at
times; bland but slightly Middle East-flavored guitar/strings
instrumental around 1718. Naturally, strong ham data transmission came
on promptly at 1730 and obscured closing ID, but announcement included
address or sked or both. Weak and fady; best at tune in. ---HILL, MA USA
, Dec. 13)

1720- 5009.4- CAMEROON- RTV  (Presumed) In French.1735 African Drum
Beats, Followed By Tribal Music. Morning Re-Checks Here, Will Post When
Positively I'd. Readable Signal. ---DIXON Auckland, New Zealand Dec.11

1728- 7345- SLOVAKIA- Radio Slovakia, Int sig, Then Into English At
1730. Note: CRI Beijing Vacates Thsi Channel At 1730, After The Chinese
National Anthem. ---DIXON Auckland, New Zealand Dec.8

1730- 6005- IRAN- VOIRI Interval Signal, Then Presumed Arabic. Co
channels With BBCWS In English. ---DIXON Auckland, New Zealand Dec.4

1730- 11845- UNID- Unidentified, Presumed Russian. Eastern European
Music. 1745 Language Programme, "English Anyway" Any Help On This One
Would Be Appreciated. ---DIXON Auckland, New Zealand

1734- 6230.7- UNID-  Unid R. 1734  Somebody here with seeming Arabic
talk and Qur'an till 1758*; weak and periodically wiped out by huge,
horrible grinding ute. Egypt is a possibility, but they're scheduled for
Turkish at this time. ---HILL, MA USA , Dec. 13) 

1735- 4160- CLANDESTINE MIDEAST- V o Iraqi Kurdistan in Arabic 15 Dec 
1735-1802, M tlk ment Kurdistan al Iraq, Dimuqrati al kurdistani, full
ID at 1746 during tlk till 1750, feature mx pause, ID at 1750: Huna sawt
Kurdistan al Iraq, Ar song, other M ID: sawt Kurdistan al Iraq, tlk
(ment Talabani,Masud Barzani), ID, Ar song, W tlk mix with Ar mx. (QRN
statics, QRM occasional ute) F    ---SERRA, Italy

1740- 4935- KENYA- KBC; Nairobi, December 5, 1740-1750, ''A little bit
of rap on the radioshow'', fast talk in vernacular, followed by woman
announcer in English with an item about ''The National Social Security
Fund'', explaining the strict rules. 35333 ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn 
The Netherlands

1750- 4130- CLANDESTINE- UNID, December 5, 1750-1805, Transmission in
Arabic till 1800 with ID as ''Sawt l-Kurdistan l-'Arab'', also
mentioning ''Democratic Kurdistan'' in AA. Followed by male in Kurd with
''Dengi Kurdistani Iraqi'' & ''Dengi Parti Democrati Kurdistan(i)''. Is
this the ''Democratic Union of Kurdistan'?'. I almost wish Dave Kenny
was here. 34332 ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn  The Netherlands

1755- 7107- TAIWAN- CBS Taiwan 1755 -1805, dec 3,  marginally under
severe QRM from 7105 and 7110 wuith  western oldies . ID heard clearly
on 1901 as Zhong yang guangbo diantai , 22432 ---LIANGAS, Thessalloniki,

1759- 4915- GHANA- GBC in Vern / English 09/12  1759-1808, Christmas
chorus song, M ancmt in Vern, IS (tam tam), TP, W TC and ID: This is
Radio Ghana, into nx in English (QRM splat and cw, QRN statics, hrd in
LSB) F / P ---SERRA, Italy

1808- 4935- KENYA- KBC in Vern  15 Dec  1808-1817, M tlk for poss nx
(ment Nairobi at end of tlk), anthem at 1809, folk songs and M anmct.
(QRM slight statics, QRM ute) Fair ---SERRA, Italy

1813- 7235- CHINA PR- CRI in hausa , presume news @1813 Dec 3 , 43433
---LIANGAS, Thessalloniki, Greece

1814- 9330- PAKISTAN- R Pakistan  1814, 11 -12,  in hindi ?  songs ,
news in EE , 43444 ---LIANGAS, Litohoron Greece 

1830- 7525- RUSSIA-  R Odin ( 1) , 1830, dec 3 , a theatre program , in
russianAt 1856 female referring to the characters ID at 1900 Seems  for
a new QRG (?) 44444 ---LIANGAS, Thessalloniki, Greece

1835- 5800- TAJIKISTAN- R Tadjikstan 1835, 11 Nov , turkish songs  34443
//5750 at 44444  ---LIANGAS, Litohoron Greece 

1850- 9934- GREECE-  Radio Stathmos Makedonias, 1850, unusually strong
so perhaps their power increase has happened? Spoken program in Greek
with some music bridges. ---ORMANDY, Oamaru, New Zealand  Dec 7

1850- 9605- MADAGASCAR- Radio Nederland relay, 1850, fair signal in
English with European news. ---ORMANDY, Oamaru, New Zealand Dec 6

1855- 4860- INDIA- AIR External Service  1855  Subcontinental vocal,
then man with Urdu announcement at 1859 and right back to vocal past
1900. Weak through zero-beat QRM from one of those warble-jammers that
infest 60M these days in local early afternoons; nice and clear on //
6045 till REE IS came on at 1858.  ---HILL, MA USA , Dec. 12)

1900- 6979.95- PIRATE LA- Radio Cochiguaz, 19.00 - 20.00 Spanish,
musical program (Andina Music) man announcer, ID "Aqui el sentir andino
por Radio Cochiguaz" "Desde algun lugar del Altiplano Radio Cochiguaz"
SINPO 34333 ---ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina , Dec 6) 

1913- 9550- BANGLADESH- R Bangladesh ( follwing Clark?s  tip in last DXW
) 1913 , Dec 3 , songs at then ID ( heard only Bangladesh ) by female at
1915 Best listen with parallel reception Prechecked at 1800 and 1900
with empty carier 222319 Also a little low mod ) ---LIANGAS,
Thessalloniki, Greece

1930- 9630- BRAZIL- Radio Aparecida In Portuguese Fair Signal DIXON
Auckland, New Zealand Dec.7

1935- 6900- SOMALIA- R. Mogadishu, V. of the Somali People in USB, 1935 
Typical Horn of Africa vocals and Somali talk, including political
harangue by woman. Six pips at 1958 and into English, at which point the
audio--- which had been fine up till then --- almost disappeared, and
what little remained was distorted. ---HILL, Littleton, MA, USA, Nov.

1937- 3330- ZAMBIA- Christian Voice, Lusaka   1937-1946   Presumably
this station with religious tale in English. 34433  ---VELDHUIS, Borne,
The Netherlands DEC 3)

1950- 9500- AUSTRALIA- R Australia 1950 , 11 Nov , australian , SEA news
and reports 34443  ---LIANGAS, Litohoron Greece 

2000- 17555- HAWAII- KWHR Naalehu, Dx With Cumbre Sundays, Solid Signal
(555) Into Auckland, NZ. DIXON Auckland, New Zealand Dec.7

2003- 4885- BRAZIL- Radio Clube do Para, Belem   2003-2013   Early
reception of this station with male speaker in Portuguese, IDs as "Radio
Clube". 23332 ---VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands DEC 3)

2006- 5025- UZBEKISTAN- R Tashkent   // 5035  // 5060, 2006, 11 Nov in
Geman , references to 'mahala'  signals are good ,fair, good in corresp
. ---LIANGAS, Litohoron Greece 

2030- 6979.95- PIRATE LA-Free Latin American Radio Station, 20.30 -
21.30 Spanish and English ID Musical program from differen countries of
LA  ID by Female and Man "This is Free Latin American Radio
Station........." SINPO 34333 ---ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina,  Dec 6)

2059- 6125- URUGUAY- SODRE, 20.59 -21.03 Spanish, man announcer,
adversitments, ID "transmite CX38 1290 Khz en......banda de 49 metros en
6125 KHz......Montevideo, Uruguay" SINPO 33333 ---ERAMO, Argentina  Nov.

2103- 3909.6- PIRATE-Unid  2103  On Dec. 3, rock songs and talk in what
might have been Dutch, including a couple of echo announcements that
sounded like "Foxtrot Foxtrot Romeo." Went off at 2109 after man
announced over polka music. On Dec. 4, here again from 2042 with CCR's
version of "Jambalaya," a Bobby Caldwell vocal, and bland instrumental
renditions of oldies like "Put Your Head on My Shoulder." One
announcement sounded like "Radio Zeeland," although I don't know whether
it was an ID or just a reference to another station. After 2110, began
to play mostly Euroballads. Unusual to hear a Europirate in the middle
of the week, particularly two afternoons in a row. Last time I heard
this one (Sept. 27) and reported it, John Campbell suggested it might be
a Dutch pirate called R. Nachtegaal. ---HILL, Littleton, MA, USA

2200- 9750- MALAYSIA- V o Malaysia, 2200, 11 Nov , natl anthem , in
indonesian , 2xxxx2 ( due to low batery ) ---LIANGAS, Litohoron Greece 

2200- 9680- INDONESIA-  RRI Jakarta // 9630 heard from 2200 , 9630  at
44444 ---LIANGAS, Litohoron Greece 

2200- 6979.95- PIRATE LA- Jolly Roger Radio International (Via Radio
Cochiguaz) 22.00 - 22.45 English and Spanish ID by man, musical program
adversitments "Conection Free Radio Magazine" "You are tuned....Jolly
Roger..........." "Esta en la sintonia con Jolly Roger...sus controles
de escucha a la siguiente direccion..." SINPO 34333 ---ERAMO, Buenos
Aires, Argentina, Dec 6)

2202- 17815- BRAZIL- Radio Cultura, 22.02 - 23.03 Portuguese, man
announcer, coments, musical program "Special program about brazilian
music composer" ID by female announcer "..ecuta Cultura" SINPO 22222
---ERAMO, Argentina  Nov. 30

2228- 18000- CUBA- R. Habana Cuba (H)  2228  Third harmonic of 6000 with
IS twice, French announcement, English ID; weak/fair on peaks. ---HILL,
Littleton, MA, USA, Nov. 30)

2235- 4719.9- BOLIVIA- RADIO ABAROA Nov.29 2235 - 2302 Predications
evangelical for childrens with " La Historia del Padre Bueno ". after "
Radiodifusion Abaroa la primera en sintonia..." mx tropical. " Lo mejor
de la musica a traves de nuestra dos frecuencias Onda corta y Frecuencia
Modulada estero...Radio Abaroa, desde Riberalta, Beni, Bolivia..." Id at
the 2300: " En el aire desde Riberalta... Radio Abaroa, voz y
pensamiento de la provincia?? boliviana...." ---RODRIGUEZ, Fomeque city,

2310- 13363.3- ARGENTINA- RADIO CONTINENTAL in USB Nov.24 2310-0020
Advs. Club San Jorge, Revista EL Grafico, Banco de la Pvcia de Buenos
Aires, Electrotucuman. sports comments. at the 0000 " Desde este momento
Radio Continental presenta Panorama de las 21 preparado por el SIC
Sistema Informativo Continental, informaciòn confiable durante todo el
dìa..." After pgm: La Noche que me quieras.  ---RODRIGUEZ,  ogota,

2330- 6979.95- PIRATE LA- Radio Blandengue, 23.30 - 00.30 ID in
Spanish,English and Italian by male announcer, Musical Program (Latin
American Music) ID "Desde algun lugar de America del Sur esta
transmitiendo Radio Blandengue" This is Radio Blandengue" SINPO 34333
---ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina , Dec 6)

2330- 4682.2- BOLIVIA- RADIODIFUSION PAITITI Nov.28 2330 - 2345 Tropical
mx with Los Embajadores Vallenatos and Tulio Zuluaga, " La mejor musica
en Radiodifusion Paititi.." after 2345 "Comunicados".  ---RODRIGUEZ,
Fomeque city, Colombia

2340- 5270- TAIWAN-  BCC  2340  Woman and several men in Chinese with
lots of morning-type chit-chat; astounding signal // 11725 (very poor)
and 9610 (fair). Very unusual for 15270 to be anything better than lousy
here at this hour. ---HILL, Littleton, MA, USA, Nov. 30)

2345- 6261.1- PERU-   RADIO JVL 30-11  Nov.29 2345 - 0000 Huaylos and
cumbias mx. " Un saludo para todos los amigos del campo que a esta hora
esta pasando un bonito fin de semana en la sintonia de JVL..."
---RODRIGUEZ, Fomeque city, Colombia

2357- 16000- AUSTRALIA- VNG  2357  Time pips till 2359, when unreadable
announcement in Aussie-accented English; long pip at 2400 and continued.
Not a trace of this one any subsequent evenings. ---HILL, Littleton, MA,
USA, Nov. 30)

2357- 4485- RUSSIA- Bashkortostan R.  2357  "USSR" test tones till 2400,
when 6 pips and talk by man in what sounded like Russian, judging by the
cadence,  audio was so faint it was difficult to be sure. From 0010,
orchestral music alternating with brief narrative announcements past
0015. Low modulation was complemented by loud QRN. ---HILL, Littleton,
MA, USA, Dec. 6)      

RADIO DX NET from Italy, RDXN 0497

FC FRANCESCO CLEMENTE, Udine, Italy RX Conditions: City area: FC, from
33100 Udine at 110 mt. a.s.l.  G.C. 46.03N / 13.15E RX Drake R7 ANT LW
20 mt. E-O Rural area: FCc, from 33030 Ceresetto di Martignacco (Udine),
at 150 mt. a.s.l. RX JRC NRD535D full opt.   Collins 390A/URR
ANT Wire 50 mt. E-O
PLC PIERLUIGI CALLIGARO, Udine, Italy  RX Conditions: City area: PLC,
from 33100 Udine at 110 mt. a.s.l.  G.C. 46.03N / 13.15E RX Sony
ICF-SW55  ANT LW 10 mt. N-S  Rural area: PLCb, from 33020 Buia (Udine),
at 200 mt. a.s.l. RX JRC NRD535D full opt. ANT LW 50 mt. N-S

BRAZIL  - 15265  R. Nac. Brazil  1632  portuguese by female  QRK 2 
(PLCb Calligaro, Nov. 29)

BRAZIL  - 11804.7  RTV Globo, Rio 2049  portuguese music  QRK 3  (PLCb
Calligaro, Nov. 29)
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