[HCDX]: PiPa #206
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[HCDX]: PiPa #206

Howdy all & welcome to PiPa#206! (This is just the cover sheet, PiPa #206
should either be an attached file to this or should follow right after my
own greetings & name). If you only get the cover letter & not PiPa#206, drop
me a line...it?s happened a few X....

Save a Buck?
If you have a hankerin? for radio books or magazines & still need a few
things for your Christmas list, try this. We?re having a little Christmas
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Hobby Broadcasting
For everyone interested in hobby-type broadcasting, whether micro radio,
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magazine ?Hobby Broadcasting? should be out sometime around February. It
should be about 32 to 48 pages in an 8.5" x 11" format?featuring lots of
how-to articles about personal broadcasting. Right now, we?re finally up to
requesting articles & classified ads, selling advertising, and processing
subscriptions, etc. Subscriptions in the US cost $12 per year. I haven?t
checked the postage rates at the USPS yet, but I should have the
international mailing costs posted on the RFI Webpage soon. For questions,
etc., write me at: ayoder@xxxxxxxx To subscribe, submit ads/articles/etc.,
send it to:
        Cabinet Communications
        PO Box 642
        Mont Alto, PA 17237 

PiPa #206   POB 840             12/15/97
      Mont Alto, PA 17237

Dline for #207: Send logs out no later than 12/22

PiPa #206 contains logs from FRW #99/100 + some more

FRW hits issue number 100! Chris & Niel say ôMany thanks to those of you
that have sent in your well wishes on our centennial issue. If if wasnÆt for
each and every one of you, there would be no Free Radio Weekly.ö And no
PiPa! Many of the logs in PiPa are compiled from FRW, then other logs are
added, so I have a very special ôthanksö for the FRW guys!

Logs marked ôDÆAngelo,PAö are from are from a DXpedition to Gifford Pinchot
State Park in central Pennsylvania on 4-7 December 1997 with Rich DÆAngelo,
Fred Kohlbrenner, & Bob Montgomery.

Mike Folk says that Glenn Hauser on his on line edition of World Of Radio
is reporting the religious station WGTG has applied for and is prepared to
start testing on 6955 kHz. So, is it time to search for a new frequency?

Radio Free London will be on the air for 9 days, 24 hours-a-day, through the
Christmas week, starting Saturday, December 20 and going through until
Sunday, December 28. RFL will be using 5805 kHz with a power of 80/100
watts, although the engineer is working on getting the power up to 600 watts.

designed more QSLs. (1) _The Radio Azteca Hard-Assed Reception Report Review
Committee; (2) _Do Not Dress This Way For A DXPedition÷; (3) _The Evil
Anti-Stoker÷, and (4) _Emiliano Zamboni Hands Bram Stoker The Envelope With
The Top 10 List÷.

Hot on the heels of last week¦s announcement that Take It To The Limit Radio
would be using Box 28413, Providence, Rhode Island, 02908 comes this week¦s
announcement that another new station, will be using Providence. If you
hear Hotel California Shortwave, reports can be sent to Box 28413. So
what¦s next? Ecos del Tequila Sunrise? Voice of the Runaway Witchy Woman? 

As the holidays approach, be on the lookout for 6YCSS, which will be a joint
effort of Count Whip¦s Caribbean Sound System and Pig Pen Marley¦s 6YVOS.
Sounds interesting!

The Canadian government has legislated the striking Canada Post workers back
to the job as of Friday, December 5. That means you can send reception
reports to the Merlin maildrop and all the American maildropertors (and
stations) can now send QSLs to Canadian listeners. 

6955U 11-27 *1544-1625* Voice Of Smoke tribute/parody of The Voice Of The
Laryngitus w/anncr Ghengis Marley; played Jamiacan Bobsled song. Wellsville
drop anncd; old show? (fair Russell-MI)(353 Silvi-OH)(best parody in years!

6955U 11-30 0550-0557 short late nite mid week prgm followed by and
evenshorter QSO (333 Coatsworth-ON)

CHU no address
6954.9U 11-30 *1608-1613* Mainly rock mx, but a man gave a _CHU÷ ID atclose.
ID not from the CHU time station. (343+ Zeller-OH)

6955U 11-28 2140-2218* Usual celebration; mx by Baracuda, ôI wanna R&R all
night...ö(555 Crawford-KY)(333 Coatsworth On)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)(Tinny
audio 253 Hassig,IL)
6955U 11/28-29 *2344-0030* Rock: Ozzy, AC/DC, Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyrd,
Doors, etc.(Folk-KY)(343 Filipkowski-RI)(fr Wolfish-ON)(Gd to hear again 322
Myers,VA)(fair Demsky,ME)(132 DeSanctis,NC)

6955U 11-29 *1825-1833* J.R. Henley with test of new station with bits ofThe
Eagles¦ _Hotel California÷; repeated several times. (444
Arthur-NY)(frWolfish-ON)(455 Filipkowski-RI)(poor Russell-MI)(333
Coatsworth-ON)(444 Myers,VA)
6955U 11-29 *1919-1925* Replay of test loop. (fr
Wolfish-ON)(455Filipkowski-RI)(fair Greenall-ON)(252+ Frodge-MI)(fair
Alexander-ON)(prRussell-MI)(333 Myers,VA)
6955U 11-30 *0004-0020* Replay of test loop. (Scott-OH)(343 Haston-SC)
6955U 11-30 *0415-0425* Replay of test loop. (pr Alexander-ON)(Russell-MI)
6955U 11-30 *0615-0622* Replay of test loop. (242 Filipkowski-RI)(vprWolfish-ON)
6955U 11-30 *1413-1418* Replay of test loop.
(455Filipkowski-RI)(Russell-MI)(gd Wolfish-ON)

6955U 12-11 0333-0335 Test message. (Scott-MN)

6955.2U 12-07 *1913-1959* Phil Muzik w/program of rock and drug advocacy.
Documentary on pirate radio. (242 Zeller-OH)(344 Filipkowski-RI)(fair
Greenall-ON)(555 AY,PA)

KOLD Stoneham
6955U 12-02 0122-0145 Played swing music (111 Scott-OH)(211Jurrens-TX)(141
6955U 12-07 2319-2357 Big Band Swing mx, s/off w/öGod Bless You Allö (141
Haston-SC)(252 Silvi-OH)(Russell-MI)(121 DeSanctis,NC)

LASER HOT HITS-Merlin (North American Relay)
6955U 12-07 1724-1811* Jewitt Price, rock and pop mx. (433 Majewski-CT) (242
Zeller-OH)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(AY,PA)

6955U 11-30 0523-0543 Repeat of Program #4 from the Hunsicker HideawayLounge
(444 Coatsworth-ON)

6955U, 11/28, 0435-0515+ Electronic versions of ôAfricaö ôLow Riderö
ôRosannaö & ôBlack Magic WOmanö (Poor Demsky,ME)
6955U 12-01 0105-0114* Replay of _Daydreams÷ program w/YL DJ (343-
Filipkowski-RI)(322 Coatsworth-ON)(121 Jurrens-TX)(143 Hassig,IL)(332
6955 12-06 0737-0752 New age instrumental mx, ID by woman w/possible
Stoneham drop. (Costello-NJ) 

6925U 12-08 2136- Christmas special program; asked for reports to the BRS
address. (Brooker-ON)

6955U 12-07 1703-1722* Joe w/health info on lower back pain, obesity,
smoking, gum disease. (444 Filipkowski-RI)(gd Altre-Kerber,NY)

6955U 12-04 0317-0350 hard to copy; listeners letters. (121 Coatsworth-ON)
6955U 12-05 2332-0008* Sanjay Butthead w/much great silliness; OJ
reincarnation contest winners. (253 Frodge-MI) (fair
Russell-MI)(Wolfish,ON)(121 DeSanctis,NC)(fr/gd AY,PA)
6955U 12-07 1430-1513* Parody of ôUnshackledö, ID, mention of The ACE, MT,
FRW. (433 Majewski-CT)(222 Frodge-MI)(252 Zeller-OH)(454 Comeau-MA)(fair
Russell-MI)(Zeller-OH) (Filipkowski-RI)(454 Prindle,NY)

6955U 11-27 2200-2244* S/on w/Marcarena, Appears to be 1996 ôChristmas, New
Years and Holiday Show.ö Slams Vox America for not QSLing, . Mr. Excellence
reads the mail. Reggae by 3rd World, mx: ôI saw Daddy Kissing Santaö &
ôHello Muddah, Hello Faddah,ö letter from Wolfish. (poor under ôTake It To
The Limit Radioö Russell-MI)(312 Keeney-KS)(344 Hunsicker,PA)(323 Coatsworth
On)(Gd Demsky,ME)(poor AY,PA)

6925U 11-27 0050-0112 Program #26 (131 Hunsicker, PA)
6955U 12-11 2349-0018* Came on over R. Nonsense; Program #27. (222
6955U 12-12 2300-2308 Program #27 w/QRM from Radio Eclipse. (331 Crawford)
6955U 12-12 *2350-0018 Program #27 w/Gerbils, Swine Ball, Top 10 Lists.

RADIO CLANDESTINE-No current maildrop
6949.8 12-3 0024-0031 ôWhite Roomö Xmtr off/on, problems? (243-111 DeSanctis,NC)
6950 12-04 *0109-0200 replay of old show. (242 Haston-SC)(Hudgins,VA)
6950 12-06 0218-0253* RF Burns w/mx by Canned Heat, Wonder Bras. (wk
Crawford-KY)(253 Frodge-MI)(fair Russell-MI)

6955U 11-27 *1431-1443* Steve Mann clip about ôRun DMC/Anonymous White Boyö
Making fun of WRYT? (fair Russell-MI)(252 Silvi-OH)(455 Hunsicker,PA)(fair
6955U 12-6 1444-1539* Host Disco Strangler & C-Host Captain No Crunch; Talk
of new job selling ginzo knives. (Crawford-KY) (555 Silvi-OH)(354
Frodge-MI)(242 Zeller-OH) (Costello-NJ) (242 Haston-SC)(454 Comeau-MA)(I
loved this show! Altre-Kerber,NY)(555 AY,PA)
6955U 12-12 2300-2308 Christmas ôHoliday Cheerö program. (432 Crawford-KY)

6955 12-07 2000-2015 Test bcast with ôDJ Highö. (544 Majewski-CT)(353
Silvi-OH)(252 Zeller-OH)(good Wolfish-ON)(555 PSE QSL Filipkowski-RI)(fair

6955 12-10 *2225-2332 Bill O. Rights w/Christmas Show. Parody ADs. (332
Crawford-KY)(344 McClintock-MN)(S7 Keeney-KS) (fair Russell-MI)

6925U 12-08 2142- ID ôstand By for R. Garbanzoö, mentioned Moline, MI
address. (Brooker-ON)

RADIO GOON-PSE QSL alt.radio.pirate newsgroup
6951 12-06 0920-0941 ôThe Deucemanö w/mx by ZZ Top, Billy Squire, Coasters
Said send reports to alt.radio.pirate. (343 Filipkowski-RI)

6958.7v 12/1, 0205-0230 Much weaker than usual, ôMonster Mash,ö comedy bits
(133 Hassig,IL)
6955 12-02 *0020-0048 Rock mx by Smashmouth and parody ads.
(fairNauta-MI)(454 Scott-OH)(444 Haston-SC)(Jurrens,TX)
6955U 12-06 1652- Dr. T testing. (good Frodge-MI)(353 Zeller-OH)
6955 12-09 *2245-2332* Dr. T and Sr. El Nino w/pot and sex mx. (444
Crawford-KY)(445 McClintock-MN)
6955 12-09 *2315-2331 Repeat of the 12-02 show. (555 Haston-SC)

6955U 11-26 0109-0128	Ad: Irving SidneyÆs ôFirst Lady o/t Evening.ö Odd mix
of music: James Bond theme, ôTie a Yellow Ribbon,ö ôJim-Jimenie,ö and
Fleetwood Mac. Joe Also reads numbers in EE and SS; asks for work at a
numbers station (221, Hunsicker, PA)
6955U 11-30 0025-0107* Joe Mama w/rock & various parodies (343-
Zeller-OH)(poor Russell-MI)(444 Coatsworth-ON)(Ruger-CA)(333 Jurrens-TX)
6955U 12/06-7 2339-0022* Beavis & Butthead Xmas Clowning around. (fair
DÆAngelo-PA)(good Axelrod-MB)(353 Frodge-MI)(fair Russell-MI)(poor
Wolfish-ON)(454 Kusalik-AB)(344 DeSanctis,NC)(AY,PA)
6955U 12-10 *2349-0033* B&B Christmas Program. (fair Russell-MI)
6955U 12-11 0000-0030 Bevis & Butthead Christmas. (333 Majewski-CT)(253
6955U 12-11 0104-0112 Cell Phone calls; Joe Momma w/cell phones for
Christmas. (252 Silvi-OH)
6955U 12-11 2327-2357 Christmas Special w/B&Butthead. (343 Haston-SC) (344

6955U 11/27-28 2257-0006 Repeat program w/BBMS relay. (fair-poor Russell-MI)
(252 Silvi-OH)(Folk-KY)(453 Crawford-KY)(Hunsicker,PA)(444/322
Coatsworth,ON)(343- AY,PA)

6955U 11/27 1000-1055 Xmas mx, hi to R.Tellus & Mystery R (154 Hassig,IL)(VG
6955U 11-27 1131-1250 ôIÆm a Manö S2 w/deep fades, but improved with
sunrise. (Folk-KY)(Gd Demsky,ME)
6955 12-06 0754- Classic Christmas Songs. (Costello-NJ)

6955U 11/27 0300-0345 Same pgm (154 Hassig,IL)
6955U 11-27 1215-1248 Same pgm (455 AY,PA)(Gd Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-27 1315-1347+ Humor Bits; host sounded like Alan Masyga on helium!
Don Pardo w/Eagles mx, ads for Jerry Clower Alarm, John Boy Refrig. Sentry &
Black Flag Yankee Motel. Said bdcstng from a pick-em-up-truck. EaglesÆ
ôVictim of Loveö and sign-off w/ ôAlready Goneö.  Parody mx ôIf Shania Was
Mineö & other ads w/southern hick slant. Blown away by WRYT s/on. (poor
Russell-MI)(353 Prindle,NY)(454 Hunsicker,PA)(strong Altre-Kerber,NY)(gd
6955U 11-27 2200-2235 Repeat; Pirate Radio Boston QRM. (fair Russell-MI)(232
Silvi-OH)(412 Keeney-KS)(353 Hunsicker,PA)(422 AY,PA)
6960 11-27 2222-2256 Adjacent channel time delayed repeat (good-poor
Russell-MI)(454 Keeney-KS)(554 Crawford-KY)(fair Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-28 2256-2325 Led Zeppelin and Eagles music and parody spots.(131
Scott-OH)(fr Wolfish-ON)(454 Crawford-KY)(444 Coatsworth On)(312
Myers,VA)(133 Hassig,IL)(454 DeSanctis,NC)
6960 U 11-28 2321-2344 same program as what was airing on 6955U
6955U 11-29 *1345-1430* Host Don Pardo with Eagles music and parody spotsfor
Yankee Motel and Jerry Clower Car Alarm. (good
Greenall-ON)(frWolfish-ON)(344 Filipkowski-RI) (good Alexander-ON)(good
Russell-MI)(333Haston-SC)(353 Crawford-KY)(322 Myers,VA)(443-554 DeSanctis,NC)
6955U 11-29 *1834-1918* Repeat program. (fair
Greenall-ON)(344Filipkowski-RI)(good Wolfish-ON) (fair Alexander-ON)(poor
Russell-MI)(252+Frodge-MI)(333 Myers,VA)
6951U//6955U 11-30 0535-0615* Repeat program; also on 
6955USB at same time (242 Filipkowski-RI)(vpr Wolfish-ON)
6960 U 11-30 *2005-2030+ Repeat program. (444 Filipkowski-RI)(strongRussell-MI)
6955 12-06 2003-2046* AD for Black Flag Yankee Motel; host Don Pardo playing
songs about women. (v good DÆAngelo-PA) (555 Silvi-OH)(454 Frodge-MI)(fair
Russell-MI) (poor Wolfish-ON)(fair Nauta,MI)

6955U 11-27 *1621-1655* Thanksgiving Day program featuring Arlo GuthrieÆs
classic ôAliceÆs Restaurantö & Adam SandlerÆs Turkey Songö (fair Russell-MI)
(253 Silvi-OH)(Folk-KY)(243 Frodge-MI)
6955U 11-27 1758-1825 Thanksgiving Day repeat. (252 as UNID Silvi-OH) (Folk-KY)
6955L 11-28 0028-0058 Thanksgiving Day repeat (Folk-KY)(Poor AY,PA)
6955U 11-28 2222-2251* Thanksgiving program. (gd
Wolfish-ON)(Folk-KY)(131Scott-OH)(243 Filipkowski-RI)(fr Brooker-ON)(fr-pr
Russell-MI)(254-131 Hassig,IL)(poor/fair Demsky,ME)

6955U 12-07 *2120-2205* S/on w/IS possibly Oh Xmas Tree (instrumental played
rather fast). Mx included Here Comes Santa Claus (Chipmunk style) & Rockin
Around The Xmas Tree (222 Prindle,NY)(242 Haston-SC)(Majewski- CT as
UNID)(354 Silvi-OH)(strong Decker-NY)(343 Zeller-OH)(good Wolfish-ON)(343
Filipkowski-RI) (fair Greenall-ON)(343 Kusalik-AB)(Too annoying to keep on!
Altre-Kerber,NY)(454 DeSanctis,NC)(454 AY,PA)

6955U 11-29 *0030-0101* Program with shortwave listening techniques &tips; &
Elton John song (343 Filipkowski-RI)(gdRussell-MI)(Folk-KY)(343
Haston-SC)(244 Hassig,IL)(254 DeSanctis,NC)
6955U 11-29 1756-1825* Repeat of earlier show. (455
Filipkowski-RI)(gdWolfish-ON)(pr Russell-MI)(333 Coatsworth-ON)(343
Arthur-NY)(333 Myers,VA)

6955 11-27 1510-1537* Camouflage ghost story for veterans plus Soundgarten
song for Filipkowski. (fair Russell-MI) (353 Silvi-OH)(v weak
6955.8 11-30 1858-1929* Big Mike w/öindustrial strengthö rock mx.
ôCamoflageö by Stan Ridgeway, Soundgarden for J.Filipkowski & ôMexican Rö
(good Wolfish-ON)(fr Russell-MI)(in car on DC-777! 343+ Zeller-OH)(555
Arthur-NY)(143 Hassig,IL)

6955 11-27 1831-1845* ôAbraham, Martin and Johnö by Dion, ôSunnyö by Bobby
Hebb, PT109 song. (fair Russell-MI)

6955 12-07 1812-1913* Country/rock mx; BRS drop given. (333 Majewski-CT)
(232 Zeller-OH)(Wolfish-ON)(344 Filipkowski-RI)(555 but too much reverb AY,PA)

6952U 11-27 0028-0046 Ad for McGiverÆs ButcherÆs Wax (?) Long skitabout a
woman in the city. Frequent & multiple IDs by OM (Folk-KY)(252 Hunsicker, PA)
6955U 11-29 2253-2328* Program mainly of drama sketches about DJs
andfictional rock groups; slogan of _All Mom, all the
time÷(444-Zeller-OH)(fair Russell-MI)(fr-gd Axelrod-MB)(353+
Frodge-MI)(131Jurrens-TX)(S6 Folk-KY)(343 Haston-SC)

WMPR-No Maildrop
6925 11-29 2203-2242 Techno mx and IDs (444
Filipkowski-RI)(frBrooker-ON)(544 Haston-SC)(555 Hunsicker,PA)
6955.2 12-1 *0016-0047+ Dance music by females (343 Filipkowski-RI)(111
6955 12-06 2128-2153 Instrumental Xmas Music; male voice w/IDs and woman
w/frequency. (vg DÆAngelo-PA)(544 Haston-SC)(434 Majewski-CT)(333
Frodge-MI)(454 Zeller-OH)(distorted Russell-MI)(Brooker-ON)(fair
Altre-Kerber,NY)(Who says WMPR never does anything different? Nauta,MI)
6955U 12-07 1519-1547 Techno-Pop Xmas Mx (555 Crawford-KY)(242 Filipkowski- RI)

6955U 11-27 1933-2005 Program about the letter ôMö. (252 Silvi-OH) (dark but
funny Folk-KY)(222 Coatsworth On)

WPRC-Box 27904, San Diego, CA 92108
6955U 11-27 1555-1600 Rock mx from 70Æs, ID and drop given at 1600. AM
carrier past 1615. (555 Owsley-CA)

WQSL Belfast
6955U 11-29 1455-1527* Ken Hill playing Christmas music and referring tohis
station as _The Verification Station÷; also asked for reports tobulletins
and usenet. (242 Zeller-OH)(fair Wolfish-ON)(pr-fr Greenall-ON)(fair
Alexander-ON)(253- Frodge-MI)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(433 Coatsworth-ON)(Gd
Altre-Kerber,NY)(VG Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-29 *2110-2144* Xmas carols: ôWhiteChristmas,ö ôLet It Snow,ö
ôRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,ö ôMerryChristmas to You,ö ôAll I Want for
Christmas is My Two Front Teeth,ööSilent Night,ö ôHere Comes Santa Claus,ö
etc. (454 Hunsicker,PA)(242 Zeller-OH)(233Frodge-MI)(444- Filipkowski-RI)(fr
Brooker-ON)(333 Myers,VA)(353 DeSanctis,NC)
6955U 11-30 1447-1517* Repeat of 11-29 program. (242
Zeller-OH)(455Filipkowski-RI)(fr Wolfish-ON)(poor Russell-MI)(252-Frodge-MI)

6955 11-27 *1347-1431* ôWRYT in the Morning.ö ôAmerican Womanö and
ôFreebird.ö Closes w/mx from Motley Crue (good Russell-MI)(454 Silvi-OH)
(strong Folk-KY)(454 Hunsicker,PA)
6954.6 11-30 *2300-2304* Short program of rock mx. (242+ Zeller-OH)
6955 12-1 1119-1130 Mx by Talking Heads, Lou Reed and Roxy Music; ancrsaid
he was _getting ready to go to work÷. (444 Comeau-MA)
6955 12-07 *1553-1619* Usual all white rock mx, mx by Doors. (454 Crawford)
(454 Zeller-OH)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)

WSSR/Solid Rock R
6955U 11/27 1854-1918 heard listeners letters and a comedy routine with
audience laughter (222 Coatsworth On)

6955U 12-07 0215-0411* Broadcast of the Howard Stern Show. (good DÆAngelo-
PA)(343 Crawford-KY)(252 Silvi-OH)(333 Frodge-MI) (242 Zeller-OH)(fair
Russell-MI(poor Wolfish-ON)(555 AY,PA)
6955U 12-07 *2016-2112* Howard Stern bits w/ID and address in computerized
voice. (242 Haston-SC)(443 Majewski-CT)(243 Silvi-OH) (v strong
Decker-NY)(242 Zeller-OH)(fair Wolfish-ON) (444 Filipkowski-RI)(444
Prindle,NY)(gd Altre-Kerber,NY)(454 DeSanctis,NC)(455 AY,PA)

6955U 12-08 0130-0150 One song, one ID ôWe suck & weÆre proud of itö. (252
Silvi-OH)(Russell as UNID) (242 Filipkowski-RI)(343 Kusalik-AB)(232
6955U 12-12 0020-0035* Song ôLove, Sex &..ö, ôWe suck more than anyone
elseö. (Haston-SC)(Go away McClintock-MN)(332 Majewski-CT)

6980L 12-06 2030-2110 Mx de Uruguay, Argentina, Guatemala, ID in EE by YL
requesting reports. (Barrera-ARG)
6950L 12-07 *0500-0552 Folk mx de Argentina/Uruguay (good Barrera-arg)(141

6980L 12-06 2200-2246 S/on w/Andean folk mx, IDs in EE and SS; nice
selections of Irish pop mx. (Barrera-ARG)
6950L 12-07 0058-0147 Brief snatches of mx, some talk, couldnÆt make out
language. Tentative. (DÆAngelo-PA)(good Barrera-ARG)(v poor Kusalik-AB)

6989L 12-06 2328-2356 Faintly heard w/bits and pieces of audio;some flute
mx, SS talk. Tentative. (DÆAngelo-PA)(strong Barrera-ARG)
6950L 12-07 0326-0342 Folk mx de Argentina (good Barrera-ARG)(242 AY,PA)

6980L 12-06 1856-1959 Drum ID, ID in SS, Andean Mx. (v strong Barrera-ARG)
6950L 12-07 *0158-0259* Andean folk mx, IDs in SS, EE (Barrera-ARG) 

UNIDENTIFIED LOGGINGS (Please ID and QSL for all of these!)
6950AM 11-26 1911-1912.  OM with thanks for folks at NAB and the lepers (?!)
(132 Hunsicker, PA)
6955AM 11-27 1252-1308*  Dirty camp songs, likely from the 20s & 30s.
Including:  ôOne-Eyed Rileyö (at 1252 & 1300) & ôRing Dang Do.ö Ended in
mid-speech (433 Hunsicker, PA)
3950.1L, 11/29, 0215 ôMairsey Doatsö & Spike Jones mx. QRM de irate hams
(244 Hassig,IL)
6955U 11-29 1949-1952* Sexy-voiced YL with story about meeting an oldfriend
at a bus stop; sudden QRT. (253- Frodge-MI)
6955U 12-1 *0115-0125+ Electronic rock mx; Mystery Radio? (343Filipkowski-RI)
6955U 12/3 2225-2235 Could just make out Paul McCartneyÆs ôComing Upö. No
QSL Heard. Poor sig (Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U 12-7 2207-2217 ôSilver Bellsö ôJoy to the Worldö ôWish you a Merry
Xmasö (DeSanctis,NC)

QSLs RECEIVED:Black Swan Radio, full data red card #4 in almost 2 years.

European Mx Radio, 6275, full data card and info sheet in 50
days.(Filipkowski-RI) Nice catch! AY

He Man Radio, full data ôTalea Jurrens Revealedö sheet in 3 months.(Russell-MI)

Jerry Rigged Radio, unsigned post card #60 with full data (Scott-OH)full
data ôTony Tiger Frosted QSLö (Russell-MI)(card #58 in 36 days.(Filipkowski-RI)

7570, Jolly Roger Radio International, two full data QSL cds confirming
pgms relayed via RC, also included some details of the stn JRRI, rcvd
in 28 days for 2 IRCs.[Gabriel Ivan Barrera, ARG]

KNBS, full data classic green logo card, cartoon sheet. (Russell-MI) f/d pot
leaf card (#279) in about 2 months. (Haston-SC)

NAPRS/North American Pirate Relay Service: f/d reactivation card in 2months
from Dick Pistek for a report to Belfast. (Haston-SC)

Radio Bedroom Intentional: f/d _Samantha Jones getting her X-Rated
presentfrom Captain Ganja÷ card for a report to FRW. (Russell-MI)

7570, R Blandengue, full data QSL cd black and white w/logo antenna, rcvd in
39 days for ms, confirming the relay txn via RC; v/s Raul Gonzalez. [Gabriel
Ivan Barrera, ARG]

Radio Eclipse: f/d Season Finale (#105) in 8 weeks. (Crawford-KY)

RFM: QSL in 21 days for reportto Belfast. (Frodge-MI) red sheet w/yellow
skull (#19) in 4 weeks.(Crawford-KY)

R. Nonsense, full data ôRadio For The Thinking Impairedö full data sheet#28.
(Scott-OH) Full color inkjet print QSL#18 showing old radio equipment in 50
days. Nice design! (Altre-Kerber,NY)

R.USA: Orange 14th Anniv QSL Card #1279 & full info sheet. Great handwritten
note from Mr. Blue Sky in 39 ds (Altre-Kerber,NY)

SOLID ROCK RADIO (WSRR): Standard grey QSL only in 42 days (Altre-Kerber,NY)

Real Alternative Radio, date/frequency sheet in 20 days. (Filipkowski-RI)

Voice Of Shortwave Radio, full data numbers card, new listener
certificate,cartoon, broken pencil. (Russell-MI)

WJFK: p/d usual tombstone card for a posting somewhere in 1 year for
1996broadcast. (Crawford-KY) SAME sheet for FRW/PiPa log of Æ96 broadcast
(Frodge-MI) same in 1 year (Russell-MI)

WREC: Black and White Ren & Stimpy at the radio console on QSL#831 in 49 days.
Signed by PJ Sparx.

WRYT: Black and White inkjet printed QSL (no number) with a pirate ship and
musical notes received in 32 days. Good note v/s Dirty White Boy. Sed his
chronic signal drift may be caused by his old xmtr (Yaesu FL-101 tube set @
50watts). (Altre-Kerber,NY) n/d pirate ship sheet w/personal note on
reverse. Also two .gif files for email report. (Russell-MI)

WSRR: f/d logo card for FRW report. (Russell-MI)

Friday evening November 28 and 29 UTC
2222-2251 6955U Up Against The Wall Radio
2256-2335 6955U Take It To The Limit Radio
2321-2344 6960U Take It To The Limit Radio
2344-0030 6955U Friday Radio
0030-0101 6955U Voice of Shortwave Radio

Saturday morning November 29
1345-1430 6955U Take It To The Limit Radio
1455-1527 6955U WQSL

Saturday afternoon November 29
1756-1825 6955U Voice of Shortwave Radio
1825-1833 6955U Hotel California Shortwave
1834-1918 6955U Take It To The Limit Radio
1919-1925 6955U Hotel California Shortwave
2110-2144 6955U WQSL
2203-2242 6925 WMPR
2253-2313 6955U WMOM

Saturday evening November 30 UTC
0004-0020 6955U Hotel California Shortwave
0025-0107 6955U Radio Nonsense
0415-0425 6955U Hotel California Shortwave
0523-0543 6955U Lounge Lizard Radio
0535-0615 6951 U Take It To The Limit Radio
0535-0615 6955U Take It To The Limit Radio
0615-0622 6955U Hotel California Shortwave

Sunday morning November 30
1413-1418 6955U Hotel California Shortwave
1447-1517 6955U WQSL
1608-1613 6954.9U CHU

Sunday afternoon November 30
1858-1929 6955.8 WBIG
2005-2030 6960 U Take It To The Limit Radio
2300-2304 6954.6 WRYT

Sunday evening December 1 UTC
0016-0047 6955.2 WMPR
0105-0114 6955U Mystery Radio

Monday morning December 11
119-1130 6955 WRYT

Monday evening December 2 UTC
0020-0048 6955 Radio Metallica Worldwide
0122-0145 6955U KOLD

Wednesday evening December 4 UTC
0109-0200 6950 Radio Clandestine
0317-0350 6955U Partial India Radio
0550-0557 6955U Anteater Radio

Friday late afternoon December 5
2330 6955U Parial India Radio

12-06 Saturday
0218-0253 6950 R. Clandestine
0737- 6955 Mystery Radio
0754- 6955 TIE/Take It Easy Radio
0920-0941 6951 R. Goon
0942-0950 6955U Unidentified, Mystery Radio?
1444-1540 6955 R. Eclipse
1655- 6955U R. Metallica
1856-1959 6980 R. Cochiguaz-S. America
2003-2046* 6955 Take It To The Limit Radio
2030-2110 6980 Free Latin American Radio Station
2126-2153 6955 WMPR
2200-2246 6980 Jolly Roger Radio
2328-2357 6980 R. Blandegue-S. America
2346-2356 6989L R. Blandengue-South America
2339-0022* 6955U R. Nonsense

12-07 Sunday
0058-0147 6950 Jolly Roger Radio-South America
0119-0132 6950L Jolly Roger from South America
0158-0259 6950 R. Cochiguaz-S. America
0215-0411 6955U WTVU/Howard Stern
0326-0342 6950 R. Blandengue-S. America
0500-0552 6950 FLARS-S. America
1430-1513* 6955U Partial India Radio
1519-1547 6955.5U WMPR
1553-1619* 6955 WRYT
1703-1722* 6955U One Voice Radio
1724-1811* 6955U Laser Hot Hits
1812-1913* 6955 WLIQ
1913-1959* 6955U KNBS
1948-1955 6955U Unidentified
2000-2015* 6955 R. Freedom
2016-2112* 6955U WTVU/Howard Stern
2120-2205 6955U Voice Of Christmas
2206-2226* 6955U Unidentified
2319-2357 6955U KOLD

12-08 Monday
0130-0150 6955U WWPS
2136- 6925U Omega Radio
2142- 6925U R. Garbanzo

12-09 Tuesday
0255- 6955 UNID
2245-2332* 6955 R. Metallica WW

12-10 Wednesday
2225-2332 6955 R. Free Speech

12-11 Thursday
0000-0030* 6955U R. Nonsense
0104-0112 6955U R. Nonsense
2327-2357 6955U R. Nonsense
2347-0018 6955U R. Azteca

12-12 Friday
0020-0040* 6955U WWPS
2300-2308 6955U R. Azteca
2300-2308 6955U R.Eclipse

Ross Comeau: _(on hearing WRYT) I know pirates are on all the time
thesedays, but a Monday AM broadcast still seemed surprising÷.

Charlie Crawford (on getting his WJFK QSL): ôthe last one was really
great,as far as IÆm concernedö.

Thanks to this weekÆs contributors: Alexander,ON; Altre-Kerber,NY;
Arthur,MY; Axelrod,MB; Barrera,Argentina, Brandt-Germany, Brooker-ON,
Coatsworth,ON; Comeau,MA; Crawford-KY, DÆAngelo-PA, Decker-NY, Deeley,UK;
Demsky,ME; DeSanctis,NC; Filipkowski-RI, Folk-KY, Frodge,MI; Greenall-ON,
Hassig,IL; Haston-SC, Hudgins,VA; Hunsicker,PA; Jurrens,TX; Keeney-KS;
Kusalik-AB, Lobdell,MA; Majewski-CT, McClintock-MN, Myers,VA; Nauta,MI;
Prindle,NY; Ruger,CA; Russell-MI, Scott-OH, Silvi-OH, Walker,UK; Wolfish-ON,
Zeller-OH & AY,PA

PLEASE QSL ADDRESSES. If you want your name removed, let us know.
Ken Alexander: Box 71553, Aurora, ONT L4G 6S9
John T. Arthur: 7994 Rte 19 Belfast, NY 14711
Charles Bernth: P.O. Box 236, Eastport, NY 11941
Joel Altre-Kerber 18 Elmview Place Buffalo NY 14207
Shawn Axelrod: 30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 2X9, Canada
Ian Biggar: 21B Dundonald Road, Troon, Ayrshire KA10 6NP, Scot.
Rainer Brandt: Wiesenweg 6, D-29361, Hoefer, Germany
J. Coatsworth: RR#3, Merlin, Ontario NOP 1WO, Canada
Ross Comeau: 16 Linwood Street, Andover, MA 01810
Chas. Crawford: 1763 Turnagain Drive, Henderson, KY 42420
Fred Danowski: 95 Meadowbrook Road, Startford, CT 06497
Paul Demsky: 883 Broadway #2, South Portland, ME 04106
David Ditlow: 3645 Vinton Avenue #3, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Rick Doehner: 2511 Raspberry Lane, Pasadena, TX 77502
Michael Eilers: P.O. Box 17930, Covington, KY 41017
Joe Filipkowski: 28 Mill Wheel Road, Warwick, RI 02886
Michael Folk: 810 Dalewood Villa Hills, KY 41017-1089
Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland, MI 48642
Dan Greenall: 181 Church Street, Thamesford, ONT N0N 2M0, Canada
Bill Harms, 6009 Bauman Drive, Elkridge, MD 21075
William Hassig: 102 N. Russel St., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Matt Haston: 22 Jamestowne Commons, Taylors, SC 29687
Joerg Hoffmann: Jaegersburger Str. 1, D-64625 Bensheim, Germany
Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing, PA 19610-2102
R & T Jurrens: 19107 Winding Trail Lane, Katy, TX 77449
Rob Keeney: 10315 Antioch, Overland Park, KS 66212-4332
Mike Leclerc: 16 Salem Drive, Somers, CT 06071-1903
Chris Lobdell: Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180
Wm. McClintock: 11481 Blackfoot St NW, Minneapolis, MN 55433
John Mello: 218 Central Avenue, North Scituate, RI 02857
Kevin Nauta: 11252 Ravanna SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508-2504
Nigel Pimblett: 146 Queen Street, Medicine Hat, Al T1A 1B4, Canada
Mike Prindle: P.O. Box 51, New Suffolk, NY 11956-0051
Ed Rausch: 17 Vandeberg Place, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1039
Robert Ross: Box 1003, Station B, London, ON N6A 5K1 Canada
Larry Russell: 420 Warren Avenue, Flushing, MI 48433
Chris Scott: 4051 Clifton Avenue, #3, Cincinnati, OH 45220
Lee Silvi: Box 982, Mentor, OH 44061
Chris Smolinski: 4708 Trail Court, Westminster, MD 21158
Niel Wolfish: 112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5M 4B7, Canada
Andrew Yoder: Box 840, Mont Alto, PA 17237
George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44111

November 30th, 1997 (Sunday) UK updaterùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùù
5805	R.Free London (RFL)	14.08-		E, pops			44444
5830	BritainÆs BMS		14.14-		E, pops			44444
5840.4	R.Free London (RFL)	10.48-10.51*	G, test with Marabu px!	23222
6238.7	Laser Hot Hits		12.24-		E, slow pops		44444
6280	Laser Hot Hits		11.06-		E, pops			44444

December 6th, 1997 (Saturday)ùùùùùùùùùùùùùù
3932.3	R.Vrije Vogel		22.01-		D, rapport to Torenvalk	43433
3932.8	R.Torenvalk		21.40-21.59*	E,G,D, back on the air!	43443
6219	Laser Hot Hits		11.40-		E, pops			22222
6276.3	Subterranean Sounds	11.31-		E, IDs, much talk, mx	33333
6298.5v	unid (please help!)	10.35-11.17	E?, echo IDs, bad audio	22322
7120	R.Waves International	12.04-13.00	E,I, 14th birthday show	44444
7120	R.Stardust Int.		13.01-		G, 4th anniversary	43443

December 7th, 1997 (Sunday)ùùùùùùùùùùùùù
3900	Trans Atlantic R. (TBS)	16.19-		E, pops			44444
3909.1	R.Zwarte Panther	10.37-10.39*	D, rapport 		43433
3909.8	R.Mario			10.34-		D,E,G, pops		44444
3920	R.Spaceman		00.50-		E,G,D, my for R.Korak	55544
3932	R.Vrije Vogel		17.20-		D, IDs, CQ, pops	44444
5805.3	R.Free London (RFL)	08.30-		E, pops			34433
6206.7	R.Born Free		11.07-		E, IDs, R.Atlantis cuts	32322
6219	Laser Hot Hits		11.10-		E, pops			22222
6238.7	Jolly Roger R.		11.28-		E, IDs, pops		22222
6250.4	R.Project 1		10.25-		G, pops, via R.Orchid	43433
6251.6	R.Project 1		08.07-		G,E, oldies, via SCR	33333
6266.5	UK R.International	11.20-		E, pops			22322
6281.7	Farmers from Holland	11.06-		D,E,G, not // 6300!	33333
6300.3	Farmers from Holland	10.27-		D,E,G, pops		55544
6476.6	R.Brigitte		10.30-		D, pops			33333
7500.5	R.Internazionale	10.00-		I,E, non stop music	44444

November 28th, 1997 (Friday)ùùùùùùùùùùùùùù
6955U	Take It To The Limit R.	23.10-		E, IDs, US comedy	12211	US station!	

November 29th, 1997 (Saturday)ùùùùùùùùùùùùùùù
3909.8	R.Roberto		10.55-11.02*	E,G,D, IDs, pops	54544
6219	Laser Hot Hits		10.00-		E, pops			22322
6266.5	UK R.International	10.45-		E, pops			32322
6289.8	Alternative UK R.	11.34-		E, ID, sphere sound	32322
7306U	Z100 + PowerJam		10.40-		E,I, via R.Europe	33333

November 30th, 1997 (Sunday)ùùùùùùùùùùùùùù
3918.7	Union R.		16.34-		D, pops, QSO		44444
3925	unid			10.47-		?, pops			43433
3926	R.Sommerkamp		16.29-		D, QSO to Merkurius	54544
3927	R.Merkurius		16.31-		D, QSO to Sommerkamp	34343
3927	R.Sommerkamp		16.39-16.42*	D, QSO			55544
3933	R.Olympia		16.32-		D, CQ to Sommerkamp	33333
3938	unid			15.30-		?, pops			44444
5830	Ozone R.International	11.59-		E, pops			44433
5840.4	unid (please help!)	10.34-10.43*	E, spoof songs		24322
5840.4	same unid?!		10.48-10.51*	G, alternative hitclip!	23222						of
R.Marabu?? any idea?
6209.7	R.Northsea Int.		10.15-12.11*	G, FRCG news show, pops	44444
6209.7	R.Pamela		12.15-		E, QRM with Kranker	31211
6210	Kranker R.International	12.25-12.57	E, new show, heavy QRM	21221
6219	Laser Hot Hits		09.50-		E, pops			22322
6238.7	Jolly Roger R.		10.18-		E, slow pops		22222
6266.5	UK R.International	10.45-		E, pops			32322
6275	R.Orion			13.45-		E, The big ôOö IDs,2 DJs32322
6279.5	R.Pacman		11.36-11.37*	D,E, report to Brigitte	44444
6281.5	R.Tonair		10.07-		E,D, audio tests	43433
6281.7	FarmersÆ 2nd outlet!!	12.13-		E, offered TX to buy!	33333
6299	Farmers from Holland	10.00-		D,E,G, phone inÆs	55544

NEWS:=====News from RADIO MAXWELL: The transmitter being used is a HAM rig,
25 watts AM and 100 watts SSB, The antenna used was a halfwave dipole. The
taped shows are aired from a hidden place in a wooden area with car battery
mains. One can expact more shows soon on around 5805 and 3900-3950 kHz
during the winter months. Reports are always welcome to the Leicester
address and DJ and OP J.C.Maxwell verifies each and every correct report
when enough postageis encluded.

Dutch station RADIO BSA normally is on the air on the medium waves
alreadysince 1977 using the name RADIO CABALLERO. Operator Chris, aged 36,
uses aselfmade transmitter with some EL519 tubes, one crystal for 1636 kHz
and a VFO for 3900-3940 kHz. TX power is about 80 watts, a PA with 4*EL519
was built by himself too. Address remains: Postbus 578, NL-7900 AN Hoogeveen,NL.

Again the ALTERNATIVE SERVICE OF THE UK RADIO was on the air this saturday
playing mostly electronic instrumentals. The DJ talked about the help of
RADIO ORIONÆs Mike Wilson and gave a P.O.Box (220??) in Wolverhampton for
any reports to the new station alternative. Who know more about the correct QRA?

RADIO PACMAN now announced the DPRS address: 12 Dorman Road, Preston PR2

This sunday THE FARMERS finally used 2 transmitters to block the 48 metres!
The TX on 6281 was offered to sell to the audience and even this signal was
jammed by the main TX on 6299! Poor boys.....! 

US based KRANKER RADIO INTERNATIONAL was relayed in Europe on 6210 this
sunday but suffered by heavy QRM by RADIO PAMELA on the same channel.
KRANKER announced that their address yesterday is he same as today, means
P.O.Box 25302, Pittsburgh, PA 15242, USA. Years ago the station was a fine
verifyer! Who knows more about the relayer? It wasnÆt WMR as far as we know!
73, Rainer

>From Martin Deeley in the UK:Stations heard Sunday 30 November 1997:
5830Khz Ozone International (1100-? UTC, SIO:444)
6210Khz Unidentified (1100-? UTC, SIO:111-222)
6220Khz Laser Hot Hits (All day Sunday, SIO:222)
6238Khz Jolly Roger Radio (1030-1300 UTC, SIO:222)
6255Khz Radio Pandora (1000-1100 UTC, SIO:343)
6266Khz UK Radio (All day Sunday, SIO:333)
75Khz Radio Orion (1200-1400 UTC, SIO:444)
6280Khz Laser Hot Hits (0900-? UTC, SIO:121)
6300Khz The Farmers from Holland (Dutch, 0930-1600 UTC, SIO:444)

Stations heard Sunday 7 December 1997:
3933Khz Radio Torenvalk (@2200 UTC Saturday night in QSO, SIO:333)
3933Khz Radio Ho Ho (@2200 UTC Saturday night in QSO, SIO:232)
5805Khz Radio Free London (All day Sunday, SIO:444)
5830Khz Ozone International (1100-1500 UTC, SIO:343)
6210Khz Radio Pamela (1100-1300 UTC, SIO:111-222)
6220Khz Laser Hot Hits (All day Sunday, SIO:232)
6238Khz Jolly Roger Radio (1030-1300 UTC, SIO:222)
6245Khz Unidentified (1000-1100 UTC, SIO:111)
6266Khz UK Radio (All day Sunday, SIO:333)
6280Khz Laser Hot Hits (0900-1300 UTC, SIO:211)
6300Khz The Farmers from Holland (Dutch, 0930-1600 UTC, SIO:444)

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