[HCDX]: South American MW questions
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[HCDX]: South American MW questions

I have some questions about South American MW stations that I heard
recently during a DXpedition (1 km antenna). I would be grateful for help
with these!

1.  Does anyone have a recent list of the stations of the Brazilian Radio
CBN network? In particular, I am wondering where the "CBN" stations on 610,
1190 (Natal, ex Tropical?), and 1250 (actually 1250.03) are located.

2.  What is the current name for the Fortaleza (Brazil) station on 1300 kHz
(ZYH586)? Last year this was a Radio CBN network station and before that it
was Radio Iracema, but recently I could not understand what they were
saying.  It was definitely not R. CBN nor, I think, R. Iracema.

3.  I have heard very strong "Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia desde
Amazonas" ID's on 610 kHz. Is this actually the Bogotá RCN station (HJKL)
or has the Rdif. Nacional station on 570 (HJHP) moved?  Obviously, neither
of these is in Amazonas...

4.  Is there a Brazilian on 1240 kHz called "Radio Macaraibo"??  I heard
ID's that sounded like this a few times, but nothing like this is listed,
and I could not discern the location.

Complete results of the DXpedition will be posted here in the next few days.

Jean Burnell, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada  jburnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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