[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX, Dec 18
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[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX, Dec 18


THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 922. New expanded band AM station
in Argentina heard all over North America; new Peruvians on SW;
HCJB will be relayed from Britain; holiday specials from HCJB,
Canada, WRMI, BBC, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, San Marino; public
TV station fined for running commercials; longwave notes from
England, Turkmenistan; Moroccan press RTTY; Cameroon in English,
and much more including some of the items below (Hauser)

ARMENIA. [cf last week] As of Dec 17, the English broadcast on
9965 was still starting at 2115, not 2145 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

CUBA. RHC keeps coming up with new ways to shoot itself in the
foot. We could forget about hearing DXers Unlimited Tue Dec 16
at 2105 on 13715, since it was //13680 in Spanish, but with 
heavy breakup on 13715, possibly mixing syllables of English;
and 13605-USB was missing (Glenn Hauser, OK)

ECUADOR. DX Partyline keeps lifting material of mine without
credit, although they know I object to this strongly. Latest
instance is the VOA-Liberia deathtrap item on Dec 6 DXPL, which
apparently came via EDXP where the credit properly given was
deliberately deleted. There is no doubt about this, since the
words quoted came right out of my mouth in a paraphrase. When 
they refuse to render common editorial courtesy, I have no choice 
but to make public their transgressions (Glenn Hauser, OK)

FINLAND. Surprised to find YLE R. Finland with English news at
1303 Dec 16 on 11735, 15400; and English started over at 1330 as
scheduled. Next day at 1300 was back in Finnish as scheduled.
Tape mixup? (Glenn Hauser, OK)

GERMANY. Welle West, a local radio station, will have a special
2-hour German broadcast of greetings to NAm, UT Dec 26 at 0100
via DTK Juelich 100 kW 5905. QSL, more info on homepage
http://www.wellewest.lokalradio.de (Frank Weiler, WW, WORLD OF
RADIO 922) Once again 5905 was unusable Dec 18 at the same time
during WCRI broadcast due to heavy fax QRM (Hauser)

HONDURAS. Definite IDs are hard to come by, but the off-frequency
3249.6 matches Radio Luz y Vida, which appears to have returned
to near nominal after having been distorted around 3308 for a 
while as heard by Hans Johnson and myself. Dec 16 at 1210, woman
in Spanish with birthday greetings, harp music with vocal hymn,
1217 prayer with Hammond organ background. Also, Brian Alexander
in PA puts it on 3249.5, heard Dec 13 from 0100 to 0356*, the ID
presumed (Glenn Hauser, OK and WORLD OF RADIO 922)

HUNGARY/THAILAND. R. Budapest English at 2015 on 9535 was atop
Thailand's bells, both broadcasting to Europe, where I expect
the clash is even worse, Dec 16 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO

NIGERIA [non]. V. of Free Nigeria tells me that from Dec 20,
their weekly broadcast Sat 1900-2000 moves from 11715 to 11645,
because of interference from Iran. VOFN is believed to come via
Algeria (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 922)

POLAND. Further checks of PRW, English at 1300 on 9525 show that
before 1300 there is a huge clash between RRI and VOA Creole,
but both sign off by 1301; however one of them usually leaves
carrier on for some time, once as late as 1315 spoiling Poland.
Then PRW has been weaker than before and seemingly with a bad
rumble on its own carrier, as Dec 17, 18 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

RUSSIA [non]. VOR via Moldova, 7125, huge video buzz was finally
gone when checked Dec 12 at 0035. It had been that way for a
good two weeks. Ivan Grishin, Ont., RIB, says it's now their
best frequency from *2230 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. [This is especially for EDXP, BC-DX and 
anyone else who picked up the discussion about Dubai's English
broadcast at 1330]. Bob seems to have misunderstood what I was
trying to say. I was NOT suggesting that editors must personally
confirm everything they publish; just saying that in this case I
had already provided correct info, and that subsequent incorrect
info was published without referring to the correct info. Of
course the blame lies with stations which distribute inaccurate
info about their own schedule! (Glenn Hauser, OK)

U S A/HAWAII. Don't you believe all the new times publicized for
DXing with Cumbre. World Harvest Radio continues to treat the 
only program worth listening to on WHRI and KWHR with disrespect,
failing to broadcast it at the times given. For instance, on Dec
13-14 it did NOT appear as scheduled when I checked Sun 1300 on
7560, Sun 1330 on 15105, Sun 2130 on 17555, and there have been
many other instances I did not make a note of (Glenn Hauser, OK)

THIS WEEK'S ENGLISH LESSON. Confusing the verbs "tell" and "say".
Tell (past tense, told) is a transitive verb. This means that it
cannot be used without an object. Say (past tense, said) is
intransitive, and does not take an object. Thus, it is incorrect
to say "Arthur told that DX was great that night". It would be
OK to say "Arthur told me that DX was great that night", or 
"Arthur said that DX was great that night". It would also be
incorrect to say "Arthur said me that DX was great that night".
Although a bit cumbersome, "Arthur said to me that DX was great
that night" would be correct. I just heard R. Ukraine 
International make this kind of mistake on its Dec 18 English 
broadcast, which was coming in quite well at 1230 on 9870. You're 
welcome (Glenn Hauser, OK)  ###

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