[HCDX]: 15-20 KB Radio
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[HCDX]: 15-20 KB Radio


this morning I noticed very strange conditions towards North America on MW.
Checked 1500 kHz at 0645 UTC, found Latin America only, no trace of usual
WTOP. 1510 kHz WNRB absent too. But on 1520 WWKB was thundering in with a
signalstrength I can't remember for ages. (At least here at my
listening-post in Germany). 

Heard them with their usual "Road Gang Show", so it looks as if they still
are on a C&W format and not carrying talk-format. Looks as if they carry
sports now apart from the Road Gang, as they IDed twotimes as
"Fifteen-Twenty KB Sports Radio". 

While driving to work later I checked 1521 on my deaf car-radio. Believe it
or not: an enormous heterodyne was spoiling reception! What about other
catches at this time? Strange, really strange, WWKB like a local station,
and WTOP and WNRB not audible.

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