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Hrd morning and afternoon here in mid-Michigan at a rural cabin with 6
beverage antennas.  Used a 300 foot beverage aimed 30 degrees towards
Europe and a Drake R-8.

First hrd at 1445 UTC 12/20 on 11410 kHz USB just barely above the noise
level. EG IDs hrd at 1455 & 1505. Played what I later learned was their
interval or signature tune. Still audible at 1545, but gone when
rechecked at 1620.

Hrd again but on 7580 kHz LSB at 1959 UTC 12/20 with IS, ID, anthem. It
IDs at 2003.    EG ID as "RSMI Non Stop Radio". Mix of IT & EG with
songs including Beach Boys, Doors, etc. GR lang started after 2100.
Signal was poor with some improvement towards 2100. Worse after 2200.
Changed to 7600 kHz around 2300 and fading away.

Don Hosmer
Mt Pleasant cabin
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