[HCDX]: AMDX NewsFlash 12-23-97
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[HCDX]: AMDX NewsFlash 12-23-97

         WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH   -  December 23 1997
                              Vol 3  No 39


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 CPC DX tests summary


Bill Hale - 6124 Roaring Springs Dr, N Richland Hills TX  76180-5552

Bill has volunteered to be the CPC chairman for the NRC.  Right now
Bill is looking for target station lists and stamps or money to help
get the lists worked on.

Lynn Hollerman - gmholler@xxxxxxxxxx

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card,
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to
the trouble to run a test!

Saturday, January 30, 1998  -  WVNS-670, Claremont, VA will conduct a
DX test at 20,000 watts daytime power between 12:00 & 2:00 AM EST.  The
test will include tones, code, and voice IDs. Reception reports may be
sent to:

Mr. Pat Murphy
410 Briar Hill Road
Norfolk, VA 23502

(Note: Prepaid (not collect) phone calls will be taken at
(757)461-6767.) (Arranged by Pat Murphy & Dave Schmidt)

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via e-mail or the
newsgroup! And, if you send a reception report to a station, please
remember to include return postage with your report...




Robert Wien - San Jose CA - rjwmail@xxxxxxxxx

1650 testing at 7:10 PM tonight w/march music, loud here!


Charles Boehnke - ccb@xxxxxxxxx

1650 At 0125 UTC 12/19/97 heard a rousing instrumetal version of "Hello
Dolly", then a little later some test tones.  Back to music but now at
0540 it is gone.

KXBT 1640, WJDM 1660, and WCMQ 1700 all good at this time.
Pretty sure the 1650 is KGXL.


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

ARGENTINA Cardinal Radio-1620 is better as I write this than I have hrd
before. Lots of SS anmts, phone calls on the air, Comp. Christian mx in
SS, pretty good fade ups. Hrd both on 1500' beverage and also Sanserino
Box loop. Started listening 0615 UTC  12/20. If haven't hrd it, give it
a try.

Didn't catch 1650 tonight, as I got home too late, after 0400 UTC. Last
night they went off by 0340 UTC, so no sign of them.


Charles Boehnke - ccb@xxxxxxxxx

Cardinal Radio, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Presumed) audible on 1620 at
8:20 PM HST 12/20/97; 0620 UTC 12/21/97 with man and woman in Spanish.
Very weak with some QRM, but SP recognizable on peaks.



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Kent Winrich - Milwaukee WI - kwin@xxxxxxxxxx

GE Super Radio III

I happened to working out of my home office on December 16 at about
noon local, and to my surprise heard WTAM 1100 like local.  AS a matter
of fact, it was bleeding over WMBE 1110 Chicago.  KQWB 1550 West Fargo,
ND was also coming in like a local, and after a call to the station,
they were extremely surprised that I was listening to them at 1PM in
the afternoon. Here is a list of others that were picked up during the
day.  Not all are rare here, but some are very surprising for day
reception.  I wish I had more time to dig down into some of the
frequencies, as I could hear about 3 or 4 stations on many frequencies.
 Some were new stations for me:

 530  CIAO  Brampton, ON even with local WZER 540 on.
 590  WJMS  Ironwood, MI over WKZO Kalamazoo, MI which is a regular.
 650  WSM   Nashville, TN
 700  WLW   Cincinnati, OH
 710  WDSM  Superior, WI
 730  WJMT  Merill, WI (Surprising because of WGN splashing)
 740  CBL   Toronto, ONT mixed with WRPQ Baraboo, WI
 840  WHAS  Louisville, KY
 880  WMEQ  Menomonie, WI
 990  CBW   Winnipeg, MB
1010  CFRB  Toronto, ON
1020  KDKA  Pittsburgh, PA
1050  WTKA  Ann Arbor, MI over local WLIP Kenosha, WI
1100  WTAM  Cleveland, OH
1110  KFAB  Omaha, NE over WMBE Chicago
1140  WRVA  Richmond, VA (with 50kW WISN 1130 blowing in)
1170  WWVA  Wheeling, WV
1270  WXYT  Detroit, MI
1280  WWTC  Minneapolis, MN (Very surprised to hear this one as I have
             local WMCS  1290  at 5kW)
1390  WRIG  Schofield, WI over semi-local WGCI Chicago
1440  KDIZ  Golden Valley, MN
1510  WLAC  Nashville, TN pushing through 10kW local WAUK!
1530  WSAI  Cincinnati, OH
1550  KQWB  West Fargo, ND
1570  CKLM  Montreal, QU
1590  WAKR  Akron, OH

Needless to say, I will be listening for more of these daytime openings.


Jean Burnell - jburnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The sixth Newfoundland DXpedition took place from November 24-29 at
Cappahayden, Newfoundland, Canada. This time only two DXers took part,
Neil Kazaross of Barrington IL (OAR 7030) and Jean Burnell of St.
John's NF (Drake R8A and Icom R71A). Antennas consisted of Beverages
600-1000 m in length. Conditions were generally not good toward Europe
or Asia, so essentially all the DX effort went into DX from South
America, particularly Brazil. The following are the logs in abbreviated
form. Full details will appear soon in the National Radio Club's "DX
News" and on the Web at http://home.inforamp.net/~funk.

Dates and times are UTC,  * = sign-off, (p) = presumed, (t) = tentative


 603  MADEIRA  Centro Regional RDP, Pico de Arieiro, 24 Nov, 2040 - SIO
 648  BOTSWANA  R. Botswana, Orapa, 24 Nov, 2116 - SIO 222-1.
 756  NIGERIA  Borno R. Corp., Damagun, 24 Nov, 2043-2100* - SIO 332.
1026  NIGERIA  Jigawa Broadcasting Corp., Dutse, 28 Nov, 2015-2100 -
       SIO 322-1.
1502  ANGOLA  Em. Prov. do Benguela, Benguela, 28 Nov, 2040 - SIO 222.


1314  UAE  R. of the UAE, Dabiya, 24 Nov, 2124 - SIO 322.
1449  IRAN  IRIB,  Bandar-e-Torkman, 24 Nov, 2138-2142 - SIO 433.

Caribbean & North America

 535  GRENADA  GBC, St. George's, 24 Nov, 2230-2237 - SIO 333.
 600  CUBA  R. Rebelde CMKV, Urbano Norris, 29 Nov, 1028 - SIO 433.
 610  TRINIDAD  National BS, Port of Spain, 28 Nov, 0114 - SIO 333.
 620  ANTIGUA  Antigua & Barbuda BS, St. John's, 25 Nov, 2257 - SIO
 630  PUERTO RICO  Szper Cadena WSKN, San Juan, 26 Nov, 0254 - SIO 444.
 730  DOMINICAN REP.  R.HIZ, Sto Domingo, 25 Nov, 0324-0400 - SIO
 730  TRINIDAD  R. Trinidad, Port of Spain, 25 Nov, 0400 - SIO 322. (p)
 789.80  BARBADOS  VO Barbados, Bridgetown, 26 Nov, 0229 - SIO 222.
 850  PUERTO RICO  Szper 85 WABA, Aguadilla, 25 Nov, 0950 - SIO 222.
 900  BARBADOS  CBC, Bridgetown, 26 Nov, 0155 - SIO 433.
 910  PUERTO RICO  Szper Cadena Noticiosa WPRP, Ponce, 29 Nov, 2301 -
       SIO 322.
1040  DOMINICAN REP  R. Cadena de Noticias HION, Sto. Domingo, 29 Nov,
       0920 - SIO 443.
1310  MARTINIQUE  RFO, Fort de France, 24 Nov, 2203 - SIO 222.
1340  BERMUDA  ZBM-2, Hamilton, 29 Nov, 2040 - SIO 322.
1350  PUERTO RICO  WEGA , Vega Baja, 26 Nov, 1013 - SIO 322.
1420  USA  WDBF, Delray Beach FL, 29 Nov, 2231 - SIO 222.
1550  USA  WNTN, Newton MA, 29 Nov, 2043 - SIO 442.
1600  PUERTO RICO  R. Luz WLUZ, Santurce, 29 Nov, 2159 - SIO 433-2.

South America

 590  ARGENTINA  R. Continental LS4, 28 Nov, 0410-0520 - SIO 422.
 590  VENEZUELA  R. Continente YVKL, Caracas, 28 Nov, 0406 - SIO 422.
 600  BRAZIL  R. Gazcha ZYK278, Porto Alegre, 26 Nov, 0302 - SIO 432.
 600  SURINAME  R. Paramaribo, Paramaribo, 26 Nov, 0258 - SIO 222. (p)
 600  VENEZUELA  Mundial Sucre YVQB, Cumana, 26 Nov, 0312-0355* - SIO
 610  BRAZIL  R. Piratininga ZYK589, Guaratingueta, 28 Nov, 0115 - SIO
 610  COLOMBIA  Rdif. Nac. de Colombia, unknown location, 28 Nov, 0111
       - SIO 433.
 610  VENEZUELA   R. Centro 610 YVXY, Cantaura, 28 Nov, 0059 - SIO 332.
 670  ARGENTINA  Rdif. Misiones LT4, Posadas  25 Nov, 0101 - SIO 222.
 680  VENEZUELA  R. Continente YVQR, Cumana, 25 Nov, 0031-0039 - SIO
 700  COLOMBIA  Caracol Occidente HJCX, Calm, 27 Nov, 0253 - SIO 443-4.
 700  VENEZUELA  R. Sur YVPQ, Puerto Ordaz, 27 Nov, 0351 - SIO 433.
 730  BRAZIL  Emissora Rural ZYI780, Petrolina, 27 Nov, 2051-2101 - SIO
 760  COLOMBIA  RCN HJAJ, Barranquilla, 25 Nov, 0132 - SIO 443.
 790  ARGENTINA  R. Mitre LR6, Buenos Aires, 26 Nov, 0216-0247 - SIO
 850  VENEZUELA  R. Fi y Alegrma YVZC, Maracaibo, 25 Nov, 0947-1018 -
       SIO 322.
 850.02  URUGUAY  R. Carve CX16, Montevideo, 27 Nov, 0147-0150 - SIO
 860  BRAZIL  R. CBN ZYJ549, Rio de Janeiro, 25 Nov, 2153-2203 - SIO
 860  BRAZIL  R. Cidade ZYH592, Maracanaz, 25 Nov, 2153-2203 - SIO 322.
 880  PERU  R. Unisn OBZ4N, Lima, 27 Nov, 1003-1018 - SIO 322-1.
 900  BRAZIL  R. Nordeste ZYJ951, Natal, 26 Nov, 2043-2101 - SIO 322.
 900  BRAZIL  R. Tamoio ZYJ454, Rio de Janeiro, 27 Nov, 0056 - SIO 444.
 900  PERU  R. El Sol OBX4X, Lima, 25 Nov, 0251 - SIO 222-1. (t)
 900  VENEZUELA  R. Mara Ritmo 900 YVMD, Maracaibo, 25 Nov, 0232 - SIO
 910  VENEZUELA  RQ-910 YVRQ, Caracas, 29 Nov, 2301 - SIO 322. (p)
 970  BRAZIL  R. Sociedade ZYH451, Feira de Santana, 27 Nov, 0101-0107
       - SIO 333.
 970  BRAZIL  unID, 26 Nov, 2208-0004 - "Radio Copiadais" or "Gazeta
       AM"?? SIO 222.
1020  BRAZIL  R. Difusora ZYI205, Colatina, 28 Nov, 2151 - SIO 322.
1020  VENEZUELA  R. Margarita YVRS, La Asuncisn, 26 Nov, 0419 - SIO
1050  BRAZIL  R. Primeria Capital ZYH647, Aquiraz, 25 Nov, 2042-2059 -
       SIO 444.
1060  BRAZIL  R. Tapuyo ZYJ597, Mossors, 27 Nov, 0257-0300 - SIO 242.
1080  BRAZIL  R. Cultura ZYH670, Quixada, 25 Nov, 2055-2101 - SIO 322.
1080  BRAZIL  R. Subai ZYH470, Feira de Santana, 25 Nov, 2059 - SIO
1090  BRAZIL  R. Metropolitana ZYJ468, Rio de Janeiro, 26 Nov,
       2202-2205 - SIO 242.
1190  ARGENTINA  R. Amirica LR9, Buenos Aires, 26 Nov, 2357-0003 - SIO
1190  BRAZIL  R. CBN ZYJ594, Natal, 26 Nov, 2042 - SIO 444.
1210  VENEZUELA  R. Anzoategui YVZT, Barcelona, 29 Nov, 2149-2200 - SIO
1230  BRAZIL  R. Guararema ZYJ816, Sco Josi, 27 Nov, 0018-0031 - SIO
1240  BRAZIL  "R. Macaraibo" ??(unlisted) station, 25 Nov, 2125 - SIO
1240  VENEZUELA  R. Nacional YVNV, Punta Tumatey, 29 Nov, 2141 - SIO
       332. (p)
1250.03  BRAZIL  R. CBN, unknown location, 26 Nov, 0041-0103 - SIO 433.
1270  BRAZIL  R. Cidade ZYI270, Sumi, 27 Nov, 2311-0001 - SIO 232.
1290  BRAZIL  R. Timbira do Maranhco ZYH888, Sco Lums, 25 Nov,
       2126-2136 - SIO 433.
1300  BRAZIL  unknown station name ZYH586, Fortaleza, 26 Nov, 2157-2201
       - SIO 443.
1308.32  ARGENTINA  R. Nacional LRA42, Gualeguaychu, 27 Nov, 0317 - SIO
       242. (p)
1340  COLOMBIA  RCN, unknown which station, 27 Nov, 0358 - SIO 342.
1350.03  ARGENTINA  R. Buenos Aires LS6, Buenos Aires, 28 Nov,
       0147-0151 - SIO 332.
1380  VENEZUELA  Ondas del Mar YVNG, Puerto Cabello, 29 Nov, 0958-1000
       - SIO 443.
1380.02  COLOMBIA  RCN HJEE, Tunja, 25 Nov, 0139-0146 - SIO 322.
1390.08  BRAZIL  R. Paty ZYH667, Senador Pompeu, 25 Nov, 0201-0208 -
       SIO 343.
1400  BRAZIL  R. Rio de Janeiro ZYJ462, Rio de Janeiro, 28 Nov, 0356 -
       SIO 322.
1410  BRAZIL  R. Amirica ZYK691, Sco Paulo, 27 Nov, 2226 - SIO 322-1.
1410  BRAZIL  R. Garibaldi ZYK246, Garibaldi, 25 Nov, 0002 - SIO 221.
1410  URUGUAY  Emisoras del Siglo CX44, Montevideo, 24 Nov, SIO 222-1.
1470  VENEZUELA  R. Latina YVJW, Valencia, 26 Nov, 0359-0403 - SIO
1470.04  VENEZUELA  R. Vibracisn YVSY, Carzpano, 27 Nov, 0355 - SIO
1500  BRAZIL  R. Montanhesa ZYL215, Vigosa, 25 Nov, 2305-2350 - SIO
1520  BRAZIL  R. Salinas ZYJ610, Macau, 28 Nov, 0208-0301 - SIO 433-2.
1540  BRAZIL  R. Santa Maria ZYI694, Monteiro, 25 Nov, 2359 - SIO 241.
1580  VENEZUELA  R. Manzanares YVTK, Cumana, 26 Nov, 0116-0121 - SIO
1620  ARGENTINA  R. Esmeraldas, Buenos Aires, 24 Nov, 2310-2347 - SIO


Robert S. Ross - London, Ontario, CANADA - radiorob@xxxxxxxxx

    Seems to be a pretty good night on the X-Band. Just did some tuning
around and here's what I heard......I'll try again a little later to
see if any of these...especially 1650 gets any better!!

Date...Dec/20-21 1997
Times are EST
Receiver is......Collins 651S-1
Antenna is.......80 Meter Dipole.
Location Here....London, Ontario CANADA

1610...Buffalo area TIS Station @ 0005 EST FAIR
1611...Vatican Radio @ 0018 EST. Heard with Interval signal Repeated.
        Into ??? Lang Pgm and Choir Mx. Throwing a great het on
        1610Khz. FAIR
1619...PCH  Holland. CW Beacon @ 0007 EST. FAIR
1620...2 TIS Stations. One with OM Reading, one with YL Reading.@ 0010
        EST. UNID Location. FAIR
1630...TIS Station. OM Reading. @ 0030 EST. UNID Location. FAIR.
1640... KXBT Vallejo, Ca. @ 2345 EST. With Soul Mx Pgm. GOOD.
1650...KGSL Costa Mesa??? Maybe them @ 0015 EST. Definate Audio
        here...Talking...but way too weak to dig much out??? POOR-FAIR.
1660...WJDM  New Jersey.....Blasting in @ 2350 EST. VERY GOOD.
1680...WQA767 Dallas, Tx. TIS Station Dallas Airport. FAIR.
1685...MER Mercaderes, Colombia. CW Beacon.@ 2358 EST. FAIR.
1700...WCMQ Miami, Fla. Blasting in with SS Pgm and TX.ID as "CMQ" @
        0000 EST VERY GOOD.


Tim Hall - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

(TRH-CA)  Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA   ICF-2010, KIWA Loop


1610  UNID  12/19 0520  UNID TIS with male announcer mentioning highway
             101. Probably one of the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation
             Area stations. (TRH-CA)
1610  TIS   UT, Panguitch  12/19 0532  Thought I had something new when
             I heard a tape loop about Petrified Forest State Park.
             But Petrified Forest NATIONAL Park is in Arizona.  This is
             Escalante Petrified Forest State Park near Escalante, UT
             along Scenic Byway 12. Announcer who seemed to be on this
             same station was giving calls WNY??44. There is a WNYD244
             listed in Tehachapi, CA, but missing calls didn't sound
             like a "D" and a "2", and the Tehachapi station is
             supposedly about windmill power.  This Garfield County
             tourism office station in Panguitch talks about all
             tourist attractions along the 120-mile scenic Byway 12.
1650  TIS   CA, Culver City  12/19 0510 Fair with tape loop by man
             mentioning Culver City web site, and how to prepare for El
             Nino.  New, sure glad to hear this before Costa Mesa comes
             on.  I didn't log the Irvine TIS on 1640 before KXBT took
             over.  (TRH-CA)


Mark Connelly - wa1ion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

>From Mark Connelly (WA1ION) Billerica, MA, USA - 21 DEC 1997

Greetings to all.  First I must offer congratulatory words to Jean
Burnell and Neil Kazaross for the excellent Newfoundland DXpedition #6
log report they've just released.  Opting for quality over quantity,
they have crafted a fine DX document and have shown that, even during
marginal conditions, great DX will result when you combine two of the
hobby's most talented practitioners, top-notch equipment, Beverage
antennas, and an outstanding seaside location.

Another reason I'm sending this is to wish all a joyful Christmas and
New Year's holiday season.  (And of course, much DX in 1998.)

I'm including a concise preview of some of my weekend DX.  Full reports
will be issued later: additional listening over the next week will be
added at that time.

Argentina-1620 was the prime target and it was found without a great
deal of difficulty.  Luckily, much stronger PCH Netherlands (at about
S9+20) could be loop-nulled to reveal the S6 to S7 Argentinean.  My new
job in North Andover, MA is only about a half-hour's drive down Route
133 from the great expanse of coastal salt-marshes in Rowley.  So on
Friday (19 DEC), a milder- than-usual evening for this time of year, I
decided to do a bit of after-work DXing before heading to the BADX
meeting (and after that to Cape Cod).  The session in Rowley netted the

(19 DEC: 2333-2359 UTC): Algeria-981, Portugal o/ likely Tunisia-963,
Argentina-1620: SS religious folk-style vocal w/ Afro-pop influences
fair in PCH null, Morocco-1044, Spain-1044, SER Spain-1602, Ceuta / SER
Spain-1584 even mix, SER Spain-1575, Iran-1566 o/ possible India &
others, WRHC-FL-1560 through nulled WQEW, VOA Kuwait-1548 loud w/ US
talk & Christmas songs, unID open carrier + rock music on 1557.

(20 DEC: 0000-0059 UTC): Vatican-1530, Kaliningrad (British EE
religion) o/ Greece-1386, Mauritania-1349, BBC N. Ireland-1341,
Norway-1314 local-like !, Spain o/ poss. Poland-1305, Spain o/
jumble-1296, Spain-1287, Cameroon-1286 het only, France (t)-1278 seemed
// to heavily-slopped 1242, Libya o/ unID-1251, UK-1215 loud,
Spain-Canaries-1179, Spain-1071, Spain-1197 mix w/ possible Virgin R.
UK, Spain-1080 right through WTIC w/ no phasing needed !, Spain/UK-1053
even mix, UK-1089, Slovakia/Spain-1098 equal, unID-1035, Spain-1026,
Spain-954, UK-909, Algeria-890.95 and something on exactly 891 causing
a growl, UK-882, Spain-873.

(20 DEC: 0100-0111 UTC): Spain-855, Egypt-864, Italy-846, Morocco-612
local-like and // 819 good, Spain/Syria-783 mix, Spain-774, Germany-756
and 1422 // w/ Elvis song (both loud), Spain-756 (u/ Germany),
CKXG-NF-680 (C&W) in cardioid null of local WRKO, Spain-684 slightly o/
Serbia, Spain-585, Ireland-567.

Then after a quick stop at the BADX meeting in Lexington, MA, it was
off to Harwich, MA on Cape Cod.  A sweep of the dial from 0455-0616 UTC
(20 DEC) revealed that the low-band Europeans were still booming in and
that Latin American and Caribbean DX reception continued to be poor
(these stations were generally crushed by strong US & Canadian
stations).  The Harwich session: Spain-531, Spain-603, Spain-684,
Algeria-549, Spain-558, Ireland-567, Spain-576, Spain-585, Cuba-590,
Ireland-612, Spain-639, Spain-657, Netherlands-675, UK-693, Spain-729,
Spain-738, Netherlands-747, Spain-855, Algeria-981, Denmark-1062,
Spain-1107, Spain-1116, France-1377, Spain-1485, France-945,

Between some shopping errands on Saturday, I squeezed in some quick DX
sessions at Windmill Beach in South Yarmouth, MA. The first of these
was a 2-hour-before-sunset scan for early- arrival TA's.  From 1915 to
1928 UTC (2.15 to 2.28 p.m. local) on 20 DEC the following were noted:
Saudi Arabia-1521 (strong!), UK-1089, Algeria-891a, Kuwait-1548,
Germany-1539, France-1377 & St. Pierre-1375, UK-1215, Denmark-1062, and

Around 2015 UTC, just before dinnertime, I took another drive near the
beach and noted all of the early signals noted above plus N.
Ireland-1341, an unID approx. 2 kHz het on 1530 (Middle East ?),
Mauritania-1349, Spain-1359, Spain-Canaries-1179, Croatia/Spain-1134,
Slovakia/Spain-1098, Spain-1107, UK/Spain/ Morocco (presumed)-1053 in
WEVD splash, Morocco-1044, Spain-999, unID-819 (Morocco and/or Egypt),
Spain-774, Spain-639, Canaries-621, Morocco-612, and Algeria-549: all
of these with the sun still shining brightly.

The final Windmill Beach (S. Yarmouth, MA) DX session was just after
dinner.  I used the Drake R8A with the usual car roof-top set-up of a
broadband active whip phased against a remotely-tuned ferrite loop (to
produce rotatable cardioid single-null antenna patterns).  Logs are as

(20 DEC: 2141-2149 UTC): Algeria-1544, Germany(t)-1539, Saudi
Arabia-1521, Belgium-1512 at first ... then Saudi took over,
France-1467: AA preaching .. LOUD !, Mauritania-1349 huge

(20 DEC: 2200-2251 UTC): Italy-1332 "RAI .. Buona Sera" and into news -
excellent !, Norway-1314, Spain o/ unID-1296, Slovakia(?)/Spain-1287
mix, unID AA music-1216.1 - this thing noted recently by Merriman is
for real.  It was buggering up Virgin-1215 something fierce.
Denmark-1062 just a very strong open carrier at the time w/ other stuff
under.  Spain-Canaries-837 local-like w/ Azores under, Spain-792,
Senegal o/ Switzerland-765, Venezuela-750 w/ CKGB/CBGY, Burkina
Faso-747 (// 4815), Western Sahara-711, Morocco-612 big, Morocco-594
(// 612) o/ Portugal, Tunisia-585.06 het only, Netherlands-1395.0 good
(no sign of the variant-frequency Albanian), Kaliningrad-1386 EE

(20 DEC: 2333-2352 UTC): I ran a wire to the south to extract some
Pan-Americans from the heavy domestic QRM.  Noted Argentina-1620 w/ SS
evangelical programming, teletalk, and Argentina mentions.  The south
wire helped to fend off the strong PCH interference.  Other Pan-Am's
included probable Dominican Republic-1570 (SS preaching), Anguilla-1505
(this one isn't even reported that often by DXpedition teams),
Cuba-1060, St. Kitts-895, St. Kitts-555.  One of the intriguing aspects
of the south wire was the number of "off-channel" carriers noted.
These included 1353.05, 1321, 1129.6, 1060.3, 1039.6, 859.8, 860.3, and
820.2.  I think that 860.3 is Colombia (as bits of typical accordion
music surfaced there from time to time).  Also, from previous reports,
the 1129.6 and 1039.6 things are probably from Barranquilla.  With all
the high-quality DXing going on lately, and the widespread
dissemination of DX tips via the Internet, it shouldn't take too long
to solve some of these mysteries.  The South Florida DXers might be
able to get a handle on some of these.

That's it for now ... Once again 73, good DX, and all the best wishes
for the holiday season ... Mark, WA1ION


NP-AB   Nigel Pimblett - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        DXing with Don Moman and Mickey Delmage at Lamont, Alberta
        Kenwood R-5000, various beverages


1062  unID (Denmark??)  0409  12/21 Tune by Celine Dion, talk by DJ in
       unknown lang.  Also noted "Jingle Bell Rock" later on.  (NP-AB)
1089  UNITED KINGDOM  Talk Radio  0436  12/21 EE Phone-in program,
       noted call from a Gary in Liverpool.  ID as "Talk Radio" at
       0500.  (NP-AB)
1098  SLOVAKIA, Nitra  0353  12/21 Presumed the one with EZL
       instrumental music.  (NP-AB)
1215  UNITED KINGDOM  Virgin Radio  0326  12/21 In and out with bits of
       EE rock/pop music.  Luckily it was up near the hour, with DJ
       offering listener a CD prize, and then into "Virgin News" by a
       woman.  (NP-AB)
1314  NORWAY, Kvitsoy  0348  12/21 Vocal by a woman.  Snatches of audio
       over the next couple of hours. (NP-AB)


 595  DOMINICA???  0215  12/20 Fairly strong carrier here, but no
       audio.  Also noted the 21st, but not nearly as strong.  (NP-AB)
1620  ARGENTINA  R.Esmeralda  0252  12/20 Christmas music, including
       some from Handel, phone-in program, religious talks.  Listened
       off and on to past 0656, when an "AM 1620 Esmeralda" ID was
       finally heard. (NP-AB)


TELEPHONE NUMBER:  204-253-8644
E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


1620  Argentina Radio Esmeralda  Buenos Aires  0200 12-23  In with poor
       fading signal but  could copy clearly the music and some spanish
       talk at times. NEW!!!!!!


Well now isn't that a great way to start the Holiday season!!! Hope
many more of you have a shot at this one as it is well worth the try

Best to all in 1998  May the new year be filled with health happiness
and lots of DX!




Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

Here is the latest MW list, reflecting corrected transmitter powers for
National Radio outlets, the latest Southern Star and Sports Roundup
outlets and other changes.

NB. There is an unid station testing on 999kHz at present. Details will
be posted when they come to hand.

 60),4XA, 531,2,P,"Radio Central",Alexandra
166),1XPI, 531,,P,"531 PI",Auckland
 42),1XC, 540,5,G,"Radio Rhema",Tauranga
 42),2XV, 540,2,G,"Radio Rhema",New Plymouth
 42),, 549,,G,"Radio Rhema",Kaitaia (FPl)
  3),4ZG, 558,5,P ,"Classic Hits",Invercargill
  2),2YA, 567,50,N,"National Radio",Wellington
 42),, 576,0.4,F,"Southern Star" ,Hamilton
 46),2XR, 585,2,P,"Radio Ngati Porou",Ruatoria
 42),, 585,,G,"Radio Rhema",Blenheim (FPl)
 42),, 594,,G,"Radio Rhema",Wanganui
 42),3XL, 594,2,G,"Radio Rhema",Timaru
 41),1XO, 603,5,P,"Irirangi Maori Radio",Auckland
 42),3XG, 612,2,G,"Radio Rhema",Christchurch
 42),4XG, 621,2,G,"Radio Rhema",Dunedin
  2),2YZ, 630,10,N,"National Radio",Napier
  5),4YW, 639,2,N,"National Radio",Alexandra
 42),2XC, 648,5,G,"Radio Rhema",Napier
  2),2YC, 657,50,PB,Parliamentary Broadcasts,Wellington
  2),3YA, 675,10,N,"National Radio",Christchurch
  8),, 693, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Dunedin
 56),1XP, 702,5,T,"Radio Pacific",Auckland
 79),2XP, 711,5,T,"Radio Pacific",Wellington
  2),4YZ, 720,10,N,"National Radio",Invercargill
  2),1YP, 729,2,N,"National Radio",Tokoroa
126),4XX, 729,0.9,P,"Ranfurly Radio",Ranfurly
  8),, 729,,S,"Sports Roundup",Whangarei
  2),1YA, 756,10,N,"National Radio",Auckland
124),2XT, 765,2.5,P,"Radio Kahungunu",Napier
  8),, 774, ,S,"Sports Roundup",New Plymouth
139),2YB, 783,10,A,"Access Radio",Wellington
175),2YB, 783,10,P,"Samoan Capital Radio",Wellington
  8),, 792, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Hamilton
 42),2XL, 801,1,G,"Radio Rhema",Nelson
  2),4YA, 810,10,N,"National Radio",Dunedin
110),1XU, 810,5,A,"Access Radio",Auckland
  2),1YZ, 819,10,N,"National Radio",Rotorua
 43),2XS, 828,2,P,"Magic 828 AM",Palmerston North
  2),1YX, 837,2,N,"National Radio",Whangarei
  2),1YK, 837,2,N,"National Radio",Kaitaia
 12),2ZD, 846,2,Z,"Radio Wairarapa",Masterton
 42),1XH, 855,2,G,"Radio Rhema",Hamilton
  3),4ZA, 864,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Invercargill
 13),3ZE, 873,1,Z,"Radio Ashburton",Ashburton
  2),1YC, 882,10,PB,Parliamentary Broadcasts,Auckland
 44),2XW, 891,5,P,"The Breeze",Wellington
  2),4YC, 900,10,PB,Parliamentary Broadcasts,Dunedin
 42),, 900,,G,"Radio Rhema",Whangerei (FPl)
  2),3YT, 918,2,N,"National Radio",Timaru
 14),2ZA, 927,2,Z,"Newstalk ZB" ,Palmerston North
143),1XCM, 936,1,Z,"Counties Manukau Radio",Manukau
 15),2ZG, 945,2,Z,"Gisborne's 2ZG",Gisborne
 56),1XW, 954,2,T,"Radio Pacific",Hamilton
  2),3YC, 963,10,PB,Parliamentary Broadcasts,Christchurch
 42),2XG, 972,5,G,"Radio Rhema",Wellington
  2),1YE, 981,2,N,"National Radio",Kaikohe
105),, 990,1,P,"BBC World Service",Auckland
 91),, 990,1,P,"Fifeshire Classic",Nelson
 16),1ZD,1008,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Tauranga
 11),1ZN,1026,2,Z,"Classic Hits Northland",Whangarei
  8),4XSR,1026,1,S,"Sports Roundup",Invercargill
 11),1ZK,1026,2,Z,"Classic Hits Northland",Kaitaia
 27),2ZB,1035,20,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Wellington
  5),4ZB,1044,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Dunedin
 17),2YP,1053,2,Z,"Newstalk ZB",New Plymouth
  2),2YE,1071,2,N,"National Radio",Masterton
 28),1ZB,1080,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Auckland
  8),,1089, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Palmerston North
  6),3ZB,1098,10,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Christchurch
  1),,1107,0.1,P,"Waihi Community Radio",Waihi
  2),2YX,1116,2,N,"National Radio",Nelson
  8),,1125, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Napier
  5),,1125,0.2,Z,"Clasic Hits 89 FM",Dunedin
  2),4YQ,1134,2,N,"National Radio",Queenstown
  2),1YW,1143,2,N,"National Radio",Hamilton
 20),3ZC,1152,2,Z,"Radio Caroline",Timaru
 70),2XM,1161,5,P,"Te Upoko o Te Ika",Wellington
120),,1170,,A,"Access Radio",Invercargill (FPl)
 30),1ZW,1170,0.4,Z,"Radio Waitomo",Te Kuiti
 40),4XE,1179,0.1,P,"Resort Radio",Wanaka
137),,1179,1,P,"Ruia Mai",Auckland
 42),,1179,,F,"Southern Star",Dunedin
  2),1YR,1188,0.4,N,"National Radio",Rotorua
 21),2ZW,1197,2,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Wanganui
130),1XHC,1206,0.5,A,"Access Radio",Hamilton
 40),4XO,1206,2,P,"4XO Gold",Dunedin
 11),1ZE,1215,2,Z,"Classic Hits Northland",Kaikohe
 47),4XF,1224,2,P,"Radio Foveaux",Invercargill
 42),2XWB,1233,0.6,F,"Southern Star",Wellington
 48),1XX,1242,2,P,"Triple X FM",Whakatane
 48),1XX/t,1242,0.1,P,"Triple X FM",Galatea
 29),1XG,1251,5,G,"Radio Rhema",Auckland
 64),3XA,1260,2,P,"C 93 FM",Christchurch
 18),2ZT,1269,0.4,Z,"Radio Nelson",Takaka
  4),2ZC,1278,2,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Napier
  7),3ZW,1287,2,Z,"Radio Scenicland",Westport
 19),1ZH,1296,2.5,Z,"Newstalk ZB",Hamilton
 50),4XD,1305,2,p,"Radio Dunedin",Dunedin
  2),2YW,1314,2,N,"National Radio",Gisborne
  8),,1332,5,S,"Sports Roundup",Auckland
 18),2ZN,1341,2,Z,"Radio Nelson",Nelson
  8),,1350,,S,"Sports Roundup",Rotorua
 81),4XC,1359,1,P,"Resort Radio",Queenstown
 52),1XT,1368,1,P,"Village Radio",Tauranga
 53),2XX,1377,2,P,"Radio Horowhenua",Levin
162),,1386,5/1,P,"Radio Tarana",Auckland
 23),4ZW,1395,2,Z,"Radio Waitaki",Oamaru
 42),4XL,1404,2.5,G,"Radio Rhema",Invercargill
 24),1ZO,1413,2,Z,"Radio Forestland",Tokoroa
108),3XP,1413,0.9,P,"Radio Ferrymead",Christchurch
111),4XK,1422,0.1,P,"Voice Of The Mountains",Kingston
115),2XCK,1431,2,A,"Radio Kidnappers",Hastings
112),1XK,1440,0.2,P,"Te Reo O Tauranga Moana",Tauranga
125),,1440,0.1,P,"Goldfields Radio",Lawrence
  2),2YM,1449,2,N,"National Radio",Palmerston North
  2),3YW,1458,2,N,"National Radio",Westport
105),1XD,1476,5,P,"BBC World Service",Auckland
  2),1YT,1494,2.5,N,"National Radio",Taupo
  8),,1503, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Wellington
  8),,1503, ,S,"Sports Roundup",Christchurch
  9),,1512,0.3,P,"Coast Access Radio",Waikanae
 25),1ZU,1512,1,Z,"King Country Radio",Taumarunui
 87),1XTR,1521,1,P,"Classic Good Time Oldies",Tauranga
153),,1530,1/0.3,P,"The Wireless Station",Hastings
  2),2YP,1530,2,N,"National Radio",New Plymouth
 26),2ZE,1539,1,Z,"Radio Marlborough",Blenheim
 89),1XN,1548,0.99,P,"Classic Gold",Rotorua
 31),2ZH,1557,2,Z,"Radio Taranaki",Hawera
113),4XS,1575,2.5,A,"Hills AM",Dunedin
 26),2ZF,1584,0.4,Z,"Radio Marlborough",Picton
 37),,1593,0.8,P,Chinese Radio,Auckland
 42),1XCB,1593,0.8,F,"Southern Star",Auckland
 57),2XA,1602,1,P,"Radio Reading Service",Levin


Radio Digest Online - sfradio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We were expecting a quiet week in radio as we head into the holidays...
we were wrong! Here's the latest from Bay Area radio news --

* Vallejo's KXBT (1640 AM) will assume the KDIA call letters and open
offices in Oakland in the next few weeks, according to station

* The 49ers' radio contract with KGO (910 AM) is about to expire...
Look for KCBS, KNBR and KFRC to join in the bidding war...

* Douglas Broadcasting sells eight stations, including KEST (1450 AM)
and KSJX (1500 AM) locally, but will keep two other Bay Area


The National Radio Club now has the 18th edition of their NRC AM Radio
Log for the 1997-1998 DX Season edition.

This annual edition contains 310 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" size, 3-hole
punched, loose leaf format with over 5,400 A.M. Radio station listings
from the United States and Canada.  Each station listing consists of
its location, frequency, call, format, network affiliation, station
address, station slogan, day and night transmitter powers.  There are
cross references by city and by call letter.

The AM Radio Log is available to NRC/IRCA members for $16.95 post paid.
(Canadian members funds must be US funds)

The Nonmember and Overseas prices of the AM Radio Log are as follows:

U.S. & Canada  US$22.95
Latin America  US$23.50
Europe         US$24.00
All Others     US$28.00

All Overseas prices are shipped via AIR and payment must be in US

Please mail all orders to:

National Radio Club
Publications Center
P.O. Box 164
Mannsville, NY 13661-0164


    phil bytheway - Seattle WA - Philip_Bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

    Geomagnetic Summary December 12 1997 through December 22 1997

       GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
       maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
       mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
       mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm

    Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER

    12/12    93     1    0    low         quiet               swa
       13    89     0    0    very low    quiet               -
       14    90     0    0    low         quiet               -
       15    89     2    0    low         quiet               -
       16    85     2    0    very low    quiet               -
       17    86     2    4    very low    quiet-active        -
       18     z     z    z    z           z                   -
       19     z     z    z    z           z                   -
       20    90     1    0    low         quiet               -
       21    92     1    0    low         quiet               -
    12/22    97     0    1    low         quiet               swa


If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send
them to the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxx


END of 12/23/97 IRCA's "AM DX NewsFlash"
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