Re: [HCDX]: LOG SW: 5055 RUV
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Re: [HCDX]: LOG SW: 5055 RUV

>Just heard a transmission of Rikisutvarpid on 5055.
>Time: 1905UTC. Date: December 23.
>All talk in presumed Islandic with Reykjavik mentioned
>a couple of times.
>Old hat or reactivated?

This channel has been observed for a few occasions only during the last two
years, reported in 2/96 and 3/97, as mentioned in TBL.

I received a QSL for a report of nearby 5040 kHz; I heard them from
1815-1900 at Dec. 31, 1994.

So it may not necessarily be a reactivation but a kind of special event
operation. Thanks for the interesting log and happy xmas to all!

73s, Willi

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