[HCDX]: Pirates from somewhere in Southamerica!
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[HCDX]: Pirates from somewhere in Southamerica!

December 23, 1997

Pirates from somewhere in South America:

Here is the revised and final sked after received some programmes not confirmed previously, please note that Radio Cochiguaz have add (**) some transmissions from the stations now confirmed 100% (Free Radio Info and Free Style Radio), both from Germany.


Pirates, SAm

Radio Cochiguaz, one of the SAm pirate station, will be on SW on the
next week on 6950 and 6980 khz LSB via its own transmitter with a bcst
power of more that 100W, according to the following sked, and making
use  of a antenna double dipole 1/2 wave, relaying also other free

UTC times:

Friday 26 December 1997, on 6950 khz:

0130-0230 Radio Cochiguaz
0300-0345 Free Radio Info (Germany) add**
1000-1045 Free Style Radio (Germany) add**

On 6980 khz

2130-2215 Laser Hot Hits
2300-0000 Radio Cochiguaz

Saturday 27 December 1997, on 6950 khz

0100-0200 Radio Blandengue
0230-0330 Radio Natalie (Estonia)
0400-0445 Free Radio Info (Germany) add**
1100-1145 Free Style Radio (Germany) add**

On 6980 khz

1900-2000 Radio Cochiguaz
2030-2115 Laser Hot Hits
2200-2300 Radio Blandengue
2315-0000 Jolly Roger Radio International (Ireland)

Sunday 28 December 1997, on 6950 khz:

0100-0200 Radio Cochiguaz
0230-0330 Radio Blandengue
0400-0445 Jolly Roger Radio International (Ireland)
0500-0600 Radio Natalie (Estonia)

Contact address to the stations:

*Radio Cochiguaz: via RC, Casilla 2571, 1000-Buenos Aires, Argentina.
 or via Radio Cochiguaz, Box 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214, USA.
 Contact via E-mail (only for to receive messages): rc@xxxxxxxxx

*Radio Blandengue: via RB, Casilla 2571, 1000-Buenos Aires, Argentina.
 or contact directly via E-mail: radio.blandengue@xxxxxxx

*Jolly Roger Radio International, Box 39, Waterford, Ireland.

*Laser Hot Hits, Box 293, Merlin, Ontario N0P 1W0, Canada.

*Radio Natalie, P.O. Box 3260, EE-0090 Tallinn, Estonia.
 (This station request 2 US$ dollars for QSL, not IRC please)

*Free Radio Info, Postfach 520112, D-44207 Dortmund, Germany.
 (For this broadcast listeners in SAm will receive a QSL card
 specially for Southamerica) Pgms in EE w/IDs in Spanish!!

*Free Style Radio, Ostra Porten 29, S-44254 Ytterby, Sweden or
 also in the addr of FRI, Postfach 520112, D-44207 Dortmund,

Only snail mail reports will be verified with QSL, and please include
2 IRC for to cover the postal fees.

Sources:	Cachito Mamani of Radio Cochiguaz
		Raul Gonzalez of Radio Blandengue
		Placing: somewhere in Southamerica
		December 24th, 1997.-

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