[HCDX]: mw logs
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[HCDX]: mw logs

FROM: Fernando Viloria (f_viloria@xxxxxxxxxxx)
      Guacara - Carabobo State - Venezuela
      Subject : MW LOGGINS
      Equip. : Modified Kenwood R-1000, Homebrew Loop

590 Khz  Radio Reloj, Santa Clara, CUBA, 25/12, 0905-, 23332.
MA/YL with news on elections, time beeps in background, TC
every minute as follows: "Radio Reloj, cinco y cinco minutos".

680 Khz  RBC, Lima, PERU, 25/12, 0915-, 23332.
MA duo in Sp with extended comments on Peruvian Christmas food
traditions, several metions of Lima and "Radio Programas del
Peru", Adds: Cepacol, Aquatap, Sl: "Radio Programas es todo el
Peru a la vez".

680 Khz  Radio Guapa, San Juan, PUERTO RICO, 25/12, 1020-, 23332.
News bulletin "Cadena Noti-Radio", Adds: Centennial de Puerto
Rico, Magic Key lock, Christmas greetings: "Por Guapa Radio a
todos los oyentes, felicidades".

690 Khz La Voz de Los Andes, Quito, ECUADOR, 25/12, 1029-, 23332.
MA in vernacular, then HCJB's peculiar half-hour time beeps, after
national anthem, them MA in Sp with opening comments, then prgm
"Desarrollo Rural".

580 Khz Radio Reloj, San Juan, PUERTO RICO, 25/12, 1108-, 23332.
News bulletin, TC's + ID:"La hora WAKQ, las siete y ocho", "Radio
Reloj la hora, 7-9".  
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