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Rx: Lowe HF225 Europa
Antenna: ATL-3 LW/MW active loop
Location: Western parts of the Netherlands

 780 WBBM, Chicago IL, Dec 26, 0551, ''WBBM, Newsradio-78,
for the latest traffic information.....''. Fair peak.

 820 WBAP, Fort Worth TX, Dec 26, 0625, Ads, ID, C&W. Poor.

 860 CJBC, Toronto ON, Dec 26, 0445, OM/YL in French. Noisy
and tentative.

1000 CFLP, Rimouski PQ, Dec 26, 0630, OM in French with ''local''
1008, Flevoland, 400 kW, already on. Weak. Tentative.

1000 UNID, Dec 26, 0455, OM with slogan sounding like: ''This is
American Sportsradio, Sportsradio America: Here is a round-up''.
There was a link to Washington DC. WMVP? Poor.

1020 KDKA, Pittsburgh PA, Dec 26, 0425, ''...on Pittsburgh's Radio
Station KDKA, AM 10-20''. Short peak.

1040 WHO, Des Moines IA, Dec 26, 0420, ''This is my kick: doing what
my spider(?) did, years ago: ''Newsradio 10-40 WHO''. Fair peak.
(Only.. spiders....they suck, don't they?).

1050 CHUM, Toronto ON, Dec 26, 0650, A terrible ordeal to dig this
out in slop 1053 Talk Radio UK. Ads, oldies,(Everly Brothers: ''Walk
right back''), tentative ID. 

1140 UNID, Dec 26, 0700-0740, Some fair peaks with YL/OM in 
Chinese. CBI with Chinese programmes?

1180 WHAM, Rochester NY, Dec 26, 0800, C&W, ''News 11-80 WHAM,
Rochester''. ''CBS news''. Good peak. 

1190 WOWO, Fort Wayne IN, Dec 26, 0555, ''WOWO'' ID thrown in the
midst of Christmas music and fast talking OM. Noisy. Poor.

1520 WWKB, Buffalo NY, Dec 26, 0510, ''Merrry Christmas, you stinkin'
genius''. Excellent signal parallel to a weak 1510. Presumed. It's very
unusual to receive this station at my location: on 1518 it was still good.

Conditions even better than on Dec 25. Hope this continues for the

                                73        Piet
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