[HCDX]: MW log: China 1521
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[HCDX]: MW log: China 1521

        At 1957 UTC on Dec 26 on 1521 kHz I heard an IS (only once) that
sounded like CRI (i.e., Urumchi) under the Saudi. The antenna was a loop,
and the receiver was a Drake R8A. I hope to try for this again in the next
day or two with a Beverage aimed over the Pole.
        Bruce Portzer in Washington State mentioned that NRK 1314 was at
its best level since the mid-80's. I believe the above log is the first of
on China on MW from East Coast North America since a Kazaross log in the
mid-80's...maybe someone can confirm this?  (BTW India 1566 has been doing
quite here well recently.)

        With best wishes to all for 1998!

        Jean Burnell, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

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