Re: [HCDX]: UNID 1640 and 1680
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Re: [HCDX]: UNID 1640 and 1680

Stefan, Congratulations!  I often wondered when someone in Europe 
would receive the first TIS. The stations you received are the Dallas 
Fort Worth International Airport TIS's. They both use the same call 
of WQO767.  The woman was announcing city names and the gate numbers 
of American Airline departures on 1640 and arrivals on 1680 and not 
weather conditions. These stations were set up to relieve congestion 
of cars stopping in the middle of the street looking for the gates.  
My information says they are using 60 watts of power (but I need to 
confirm this).

Bill Harms

Please stop by Bill's Ultimate TIS Page. 
The only place you need to go to for  accurate information about 
TIS's and HAR stations.

> The best NA-transatlantic conditions here for the last 20 years I
> think. Two UNID stations on 1640 and 1680 with a women telling
> temperatures and I think wind in cities in USA. On 1680 I heard a
> WQ?? . Both stations have the same talk and information.
> Some new stations or what???
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