[HCDX]: Super CX
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[HCDX]: Super CX

Thanks to Mark Connelly's tip I've got a new one!  Finland-963 has been
in/out since 2230z on DEC 27.  Now 0420 DEC 28 and they're better than
ever and someone is running tone under them.  0415z Denmark-1062 was
booming and Norway-1314 has been big all evening.  Ireland-567, 612 have
both been good most of the evening along with a bunch of others.  Cx
favoring Northern Europe although some Spaniards good.  Belgrade just
tearing up Spain-684 at times.  Some of the best cx I've ever seen to
Northern Europe.  Too bad Faroes-531 doesn't s/on until late on Sunday
or I might add them.  Lets hope things stay like this until Monday.
Both A & K Index have been zero for the past couple of days.  


Chincoteague Island, VA
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