[HCDX]: Pyongyang's strong spurs
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[HCDX]: Pyongyang's strong spurs


Radio Pyongyang was heard in KK 0500-0557 on Dec. 28 on 9345 with strong
spurs on 9312 and 9378 (i.e. 33 kHz below and above), parallel to 7200. The
audio was terribly distorted on all the frequencies (not only the spurs).
The spurs were as strong as the main frequencies, all SIO 333-443. This
transmission, like many others, has been inactive on most days in recent
weeks due to the presumed power shortage. (Ashimori Dec 28)

SONNY M. ASHIMORI   <sonny@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Yaesu FRG-7700 + 40m Dipole   QTH 43.34N/135.20E (Kobe, Japan)
DXing North Korea http://www.serve.com/ashimori/dxnk.html

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