[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #207
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[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #207

Howdy all & welcome to PiPa#207! (This is just the cover sheet, PiPa #207
should either be an attached file to this or should follow right after my
own greetings & name). If you only get the cover letter & not PiPa#207, drop
me a line...it's happened a few X....
Hobby Broadcasting
For everyone interested in hobby-type broadcasting, whether micro radio,
pirate radio, Part-15, cable-access TV, Internet radio, etc: The new
magazine "Hobby Broadcasting" should be out sometime around February. It
should be about 32 to 48 pages in an 8.5" x 11" format--featuring lots of
how-to articles about personal broadcasting. Right now, we're finally up to
requesting articles & classified ads, selling advertising, and processing
subscriptions, etc. Subscriptions in the US cost $12 per year. I haven't
checked the postage rates at the USPS yet, but I should have the
international mailing costs posted on the RFI Webpage soon. For questions,
etc., write me at: ayoder@xxxxxxxx To subscribe, submit ads/articles/etc.,
send it to:
        Cabinet Communications
        PO Box 642
        Mont Alto, PA 17237 

There was a TON of stuff on over Christmas, which will be included in the
next PiPa (#208). Notably, Radio Free London, Laser Hot Hits, Farmers from
Holland, & R.USA were heard all over the place. I even received a message
from Djaci Franklin Soares da Silva in Brazil, asking me what the Farmers
address was! I got a chance to string up a 1000' antenna & was lucky enough
to hear a few Euros. But I didn't hear a trace of the big Radio Cochiguaz
(S.America) test that was supposed to be on. Anyone hear it?

Cheap IRC sale
I've had IRCs piling up here after a decade of maildropping. IRCs are used
as compensation for return postage when sending reports to foreign
countries. In the US, they presently cost $0.90 apiece, if you buy them new
from the post office. So, I'm selling IRCs (kind of like selling money below
face value) for 6 for $5 (83 cents apiece) or 14 for $10 (71 cents apiece).
See below address:

Cereal boxes
As some of you know, one of my other eclectic hobbies is collecting cereal
boxes. I'm interested in trading stuff (tapes of radio stations, baseball
cards, whatever) for cool, empty cereal boxes (in this case, "cool" means
cartoons, movie offers, etc). I'm espcially interested in cool international
boxes. Drop me a line at ayoder@xxxxxxx to barter...

PiPa #207   POB 840             12/29/97
      Mont Alto, PA 17237

Dline for #208: Send logs out no later than 12/22

PiPa #207 contains logs from FRW #101/102 + some more

Logs marked as "Coe-ON" were made by Alexander, Flannery and Wolfish on a
DXpedition in Coe Hill, Ontario.

Another busy week of logs with a whole pile of holiday-themed pirates.
However, it is odd how the station that was on the most was Radio Azteca,
who paid absolutely no attention to Christmas or Chanukkah! 

John heard WJFK a few weeks back and didn't get a chance to send in his
logging for this one-day-a-year pirate, which only verifies loggings
appearing in bulletins.  So, at John's request, I'm inserting his logging
into FRW right here, on the chance that one of the "powers that be" at WJFK
is reading this.  John's address is in the "Please QSL" section:
WJFK - 6955U, Nov 22, 2126-2130*, SIO=454 w/breaking audio. Songs "PT109",
"Abraham, Martin & John" and repeated IDs. (PSE QSL!! JA, NY)

6955U 12-19 2223-2300* big band mx and IDs. (443 Crawford-KY)

ATTENCION 69 Belfast
6955U 12-15 0236 Usual bad words numbers parody. (pr Russell-MI))

6955U 12-14 *1312-1342* Children's Hanukkah songs about latkes and draidels,
prayers plus parody song "Take A Walk On the Kosher Side". (242/444
Filipkowski-RI)(fair-good Coe-ON)(353 Comeau-MA)(333 Arthur-NY)(232
Haston-SC)(244 DeSanctis,NC)(555 AY,PA)
6955U 12-21 0105-0130 Replay of previous broadcast. (242 Haston-SC)(333 to
fade Kusalik-AB)(poor Fisher,AB)
6955U 12-21 1330-1348* Children's Hanukkah mx. (444 Filipkowski-RI)(354
Silvi-OH)(VG AY,PA)

6955U 12-21 *1702-1711* Xmas piano mx by He Man Jr.(off abruptly Russell-MI)
(242 Zeller-OH)(353 Silvi-OH)(555 Crawford-KY)

6955U 12/12-13 2353-0044 Howard Stern bits with ID and address in
computerized voice (fr w/RMWW QRM Coe-ON)(222- Frodge-MI)(fair
Axelrod-MB)(232 Majewski-CT)(144 DeSanctis,NC)(233-122 Hassig,IL)
6955U 12-13 *0330-0426 Repeat of earlier program. (poor Coe-ON)(233-
Frodge-MI)(232 Silvi-OH)(222 Jurrens-TX)(454 Scott-OH)
6955U 12-14 *1434-1500 Repeat of earlier show; (good with QRM from WQSL
Coe-ON)(pr with QRM Russell-MI)(433 Coatsworth-ON)(444 Altre-Kerber,NY)(554
but deteriorated Hunsicker,PA)(244-111 DeSanctis,NC)
6955U 12-14 1730-1820* Parody of Billy Joel song, etc. (pr-fr
Greenall-ON)(455 Filipkowski-RI)(Hunsicker,PA)(VG Bernth,NY)
6955U 12-14 2301-2340+ FartMan song and other stuff. (poor with QRM
Russell-MI)(good Axelrod-MB)(242+ Zeller-OH)(545 Altre-Kerber,NY)(HS sucks!
143 Hassig,IL)

6955U 12-13 *0055-0131* Anncd as Xmas show: playing East Indian tunes
renamed with song titles such as "Sanjay Got Run Over By A Reindeer", "O
Little Town of Bombay", "Have a Hindu Christmas", and "I Saw the Mahatma
Kissing Santa Claus" (poor Axelrod-MB)(poor with RMWW QRM Russell-MI)(fr
with QRM Coe-ON)(weak Robertson-CA)(111 Scott-OH)(333 Haston-SC)(A little
weird, but that's why I like pirate r 343 Hunsicker,PA)(211 DeSanctis,NC)
6955U 12-13 *1336-1412* Repeat of Christmas show.(good Coe-ON)(good
Greenall-ON)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(Hunsicker,PA)(AY,PA)
6955U 12-14 *0400-0436* Repeat of Christmas show.(very poor Coe-ON)(524
Jurrens-TX)(Gd Neal,TX)

6955U 12-13 0434-0459 Offered a special QSL for this one. (222 Jurrens-TX)
6925U 12-13 2107-2115 Instrumental mx and IDs. (344 Filipkowski-RI)
6955U 12-14 1224-1310* Christmas tunes and rock mx; said using 10 watts. (pr
Coe-ON)(2-343 Filipkowski-RI)(344 Arthur-NY)
6955U 12-14 1554-1626 Jazz and japanese rock mx; Said he was mobile (vpr
Russell-MI)(242 Filipkowski-RI)(253 Majewski-CT)(554 Crawford-KY)(fr/gd
Prindle,NY)(poor Bernth,NY)

KIRK does not have a maildrop; PLEASE QSL!!
6955U 12-15 0332 Repeated Radio Doomsday IDs; song "I Wanna Be A Flintstone"
by The Screaming Blue Messiahs. (vpr Russell-MI)(232 Arthur-NY)

KNBS Belfast
6950.4 12-14 1910-1939 Repeat of 9/97 (444 Filipkowski-RI)(454 Prindle,NY)

6955U 12-13 *0203-0247+ Replay of Flashback program; mixing with Radio
Eclipse. (322 Filipkowski-RI)(weak Jurrens-TX)(444 Haston-SC)
6955U 12-14 0213-0241* Electronic Christmas music(242 Filipkowski-RI)(poor
Coe-ON)(222 Frodge-MI)(poor Russell-MI)(323 Jurrens-TX)(weak Scott-OH)(343
Prindle,NY)(144 DeSanctis,NC)(122 Hassig,IL)

6955 12-20 1800-1840* Talk about Christ; Xmas mx. Old tape. (fair
Russell-MI)(poor Wolfish-ON)(232 Altre-NY)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(454
Silvi-OH)(GD AY,PA)

6955U 12-12 *2330-2353* Joe w/talk abt chocolate highs, etc (fair
Coe-ON)(Frodge-MI)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(323 McClintock-MN)(143
DeSanctis,NC)(233 Hassig,IL)
6955U 12-13 *1758-1819* Health talk about ankle injuries, etc. (vgd
Coe-ON)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(pr-fr Greenall-ON)(454 Hunsicker,PA)(455 AY,PA)

6955U 12-13 0251+ SFX and music (weak Jurrens-TX)

6960 U 12-14 1542-1551* OJ contest results, parody of "Unshackled" religious
program. (444 Filipkowski-RI)
6955U 12-14 *2138-2221* Repeat program (252 Zeller-OH)(pr Russell-MI)(pr
Wolfish-ON)(132 Altre-Kerber,NY)(CRI QRM 211 DeSanctis,NC)(143 Hassig,IL)
6955U 12/16 0352-0356 Repeat of program. (343 Jurrens-TX)
6955U 12/18 0038-0111 repeat of program (231 Crawford-KY)
6955U 12-21 *1616-1658* Parody of "Unshackled" (322 Coatsworth-ON)(poor
Russell-MI)(poor D'Angelo-PA)(232 Zeller-OH)(434 Filipkowski-RI)(good
Bernth-NY)(weak Crawford-KY)

6955U 12-12 *2300-2330* Program # 27 with Gerbil Report, spot for Gerbil
World on Route 32, Dr. Radio pondering Dxing in hell, Top Ten list on bad
repair shops, + usual mentions of L.Russell & L.Silvi. Letters from
C.Crawford, J.Altre-Kerber, J.McWilliams, M.Degeer, etc. (poor Coe-ON)(222-
Zeller-OH)(321 DeSanctis,NC)(122 Hassig,IL)
6955U 12-13 *0133-0203* The Friday night repeat of Program # 27. (fr
Coe-ON)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(333 Frodge-MI)(232 Silvi-OH)(pr Russell-MI)(323
Jurrens-TX)(242 with WRTY QRM Scott-OH)(322 Haston-SC)(211 DeSanctis,NC)(gd
6955U 12-13 1431-1434 Tail end of #27 (333 Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U 12-13 *1727-1757* The Saturday lunchtime repeat of Program # 27. (vgd
Coe-ON)(fair Greenall-ON)(454 Hunsicker,PA)(gd AY,PA)
6955U 12-13 *2224-2254* The Saturday afternoon cocktail hour repeat of
Program #27.(141 Filipkowski-RI)(Greenall-ON)(233 Frodge-MI)(poor
Russell-MI)(254 Silvi-OH)(fair Axelrod-MB)(242 Haston-SC)
6955U 12-14 *0242-0312* The Saturday night repeat of Program #27. (fair
Coe-ON)(barely audible Frodge-MI)(323 Jurrens-TX)(242 Filipkowski-RI)(fair
Neal,TX)(barely audible Prindle,NY)(111 Hassig,IL)
6955U 12-14 *1404-1434* The Sunday morning repeat of Program #27 (fair
QRMing VoChristmas Coe-ON)(344 Filipkowski-RI)(423
Coatsworth-ON)(Prindle,NY)(Hunsicker,PA)(111-144 DeSanctis,NC)
6975 12-14 2151+ The Sunday afternoon repeat of Program #27. (fr Greenall-ON)

RADIO CLANDESTINE-No Address/relay of old tape.
6950 12-21 1644-1732* RF Burns w/mx by Bob Seger. (poor Russell-MI)(fair
Wolfish-ON)(great sig D'Angelo-PA)(555 Filipkowski) (good Bernth-NY)(353
Silvi-OH)(251 Crawford-KY)

6955U 12/12 2300-2328* Christmas show (434 QRM from R. Azteca
McClintock-MN)(321 DeSanctis,NC)(244 Hassig,IL)
6955U 12-13 0206-0231 Christmas show (242 Scott-OH)(333 with Mystery Radio
QRM Filipkowski-RI)(434 Jurrens-TX)(154-133 Hassig,IL)
6954.8 12-13 1414-1441* Christmas program with WARR's Captain No-Beard
grunting "Jingle Bells", "White Christmas" dedicated to WRYT, etc. (good
Coe-ON)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(3-444/422 Filipkowski-RI)(333 Arthur-NY)(444
Haston-SC)(344 DeSanctis,NC)(AY,PA)
6955 12-13 1541-1608* Repeat of Christmas program. (very good Coe-ON)(good
Greenall-ON)(555+ Arthur-NY)(343 Haston-SC)(323 Altre-Kerber,NY)(Bernth,NY)
6955 12-13 1641-1708* Repeat of Christmas program. (very good Coe-ON)(242
6960 12-13 1952-2054* Test w/Beatles & James Brown songs(353 Frodge-MI) (vgd
Coe-ON)(poor Axelrod-MB)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(555 AY,PA)
6960 12-19 2101-2130 Repeat (354 DeSanctis,NC)
6955 12-20 *1534-1602* Alternative Xmas prgm;MoJo Nixon (strong Russell-MI)
(fair Wolfish-ON)(454 Zeller-OH)(444 Filipkowski-RI) (good Bernth-NY)(555
6953 12-21 *1537-1616* Repeat of Alt. Xmas program. (strong Russell-MI)
(good D'Angelo-PA)(555 Zeller-OH)(444 Filipkowski) (good Bernth-NY)(453
6995U 12-21 *1840-1906* Alt. Xmas repeat. (poor Russell-MI)(good Wolfish-ON)
(Bernth-NY)(Hunsicker,PA)(VG AY,PA)
6955 12-22 2048-2104 Just "playing around" w/short bcast, Pink Floyd mx, ID,
time check. (453 Crawford-KY)

6955U 12-12 *2330-0012* Captain Ganja talking about homegrown weed and
playing rock mx; QRM from Howard Stern Experience & One Vx R (222-
Frodge-MI)(fr Russell-MI)(253 Silvi-OH)(323 McClintock-MN)(343
Zeller-OH)(Under stn talking abt health, how ironic! 122 Hassig,IL)

6955 12-13 2325+ Christmas program(333 Frodge-MI)
6975 12-14 1529-1544 Christmas pgm (355 DeSanctis,NC)
6955 12-21 1356-1448* Parody songs, incl "Santa" to tune of "Angie",
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Wino", "Here Comes Santa With His Bag of S***"--the
sentimental favorite, "Santa In The Sky with Reindeer," "Walkin 'Round in
Women's Underwear"  A special message from "The King."  Ads for Mad Dog
20/20, Serious Putty, R.Marplethorpe photo studio, Sylvester Stallone
Christmas album (fun, if insensitive show! Hunsicker,PA)(433
Coatsworth-ON)(fair Russell-MI)(fair Wolfish-ON) (242 Haston-SC)(444
Filipkowski-RI)(incredible sig! AY,PA)
6950 12-21 *2252-2257 Xmas Program, Poky Pig w/Blue Christmas. (343 Crawford-KY)

6956 12-13 0044-0129* Rock mx by Smash Mouth, Stone Temple Pilots and parody
ads; usual drifting VFO (vgd Coe-ON)(242 Zeller-OH)(433+ Frodge-MI)(fair
Russell-MI)(353 Scott-OH)(333 Haston-SC)(544 DeSanctis,NC)
6960 12-13 2044-2047 Jethro Tull mx (Hunsicker, PA)
6952 12-14 1458-1549* Music: Paul Cole, Bowie, ads: Mike Tyson cooking
school, "Got Milk?", Tales of the IRS, etc. Kinda raunchy w/Jade around. Dr.
Tornado & Senor EN did what was supposed to be like a record review show,
but they just sounded confused (vgd Greenall-ON)(strong Russell-MI)(555
Coatsworth-ON)(544 Filipkowski-RI)(455 Majewski-CT)(454 Crawford-KY)(555
Altre-Kerber,NY)(454 Prindle,NY)(Strong Hunsicker,PA)(555 DeSanctis,NC)
6951 12/14-15 2319-0142* Repeat of earlier show. (strong/fair
Russell-MI)(111 Ruger-CA)(vgd Axelrod-MB)(555+ Zeller-OH)(444 Haston-SC)(343
Prindle,NY)(555 DeSanctis,NC)(255 Hassig,IL)
6955 12/16-17 2356-0133* repeat of show with Jade. (555
Silvi-OH)(strong/fair Russell-MI)(555 DeSanctis,NC)
6952 12-21 *1450-1536* Jade is spanked for being "bad" & enjoys it
immensely. "It's A Wonderful Life" spoof. (strong Russell-MI)(good
Wolfish-ON)(v good D'Angelo-PA)(555 Haston-SC)(555 Zeller-OH) (555
Filipkowski-RI)(good Bernth-NY)(Kusalik-AB)(554, a bit distorted, Hunsicker, PA)
6955.7 12/21-22 2302-0028* Dr. T with female DJ Jade, s/off with Secret
Agent Man; drifty. (443 Kusalik-AB)(323 Haston-SC)(343 Majewski-RI)(555
6955 12-21 *2357-0003 Repeat of the 2302 program. (544 Crawford-KY)

RADIO NONSENSE Belfast or radiononsense@xxxxxxxx
6955U 12-14 0011-0052 Beavis & Butthead Christmas program (fair Coe-ON)(pr
Russell-MI)(fair Axelrod-MB)(Jurrens-TX)(343 Frodge-MI)(353 Haston-SC)(343
Prindle NY)(144 DeSanctis,NC)(Muffled audio 143 Hassig,IL)

RADIO SPARKS-Basel (North American Relay)
6955U 12-20 0025-0105 Xmas Special, lots of IDs, address.(344 Kusalik-AB)

6955 12-24 1722-1747* "Totally Awesome Radio 3". (322 Coatsworth-ON)(444
Rausch-NJ)(252 Majewski-RI)

6950U 12-13 0213-0247* Harry N. Slinger Jr. with anti-marijuana tirade;
slamming pro-pot stations like KNBS and WARR. New station. (good Coe-ON)(344
Filipkowski-RI)(233 Frodge-MI)(poor Russell-MI)(242 Scott-OH)(144 DeSanctis,NC)
6955U 12-13 0252-0328 Repeat of earlier program. (fr-pr Coe-ON)(poor
Russell-MI)(233 Frodge-MI)(253 Silvi-OH)(242 Scott-OH)
6955U 12-13 *1444-1521* Repeat of debut program. (444 Filipkowski?RI)(good
Coe-ON)(222 Haston-SC)(VG Bernth,NY)
6955U 12-14 *1837-1914* Repeat of debut program. (455 Filipkowski?RI)(554
Comeau-MA)(333 Haston-SC)(444 Prindle,NY)

6955U 12-20 2306-0025 Xmas mx de '50s, Kaiser car AD (Russell-MI)(242
Haston-SC)(good Pimblett-AB)(Brandt-Germany) (fair/good Axelrod-MB)(544
6955U 12-20 0211-0223 Jingle Bell Rock & Surfin Santa (fair Neal,TX)
6955U 12-21 *1736-1836* Repeat of '50s Xmas mx, "Surfin' Santa" (poor
Russell-MI)(444 as "Rocket 99" Coatsworth-ON) (fair Wolfish-ON)(454
Filipkowski-RI)(vg Bernth-NY)(353 Hunsicker,PA)

6955U 12-21 0009-0051 "Christamas in Dixie" mx, request for reception
reports (fair/fade Russell-MI)(352 Ruger-CA)(solid sig Pimblett-AB)(444
Filipkowski-RI) (444 Majewski-CT)(333 Kusalik-AB)(Gd Fisher,AB)
6955U 12-21 0532-0611 Xmas mx, greetings to listeners. (v good Bernth-NY)
6955U 12-21 0630-0705 Christmas Tunes, thanking listeners for writing. (good
6955U 12-21 0753-0850* Program of blues rock w/male DJ. (343 Kuhl-Germany)
(555 Crawford-KY)
6955U 12-25 0522-0700 Xmas mx & hello to listeners such as Owsley, Demsky
Folk, Bishop, Fisher, etc. (544 Comeau-MA)(444 Kusalik-AB)(poor
Bernth-NY)(as UNID Ross-ON)

6955 12-24 2257-2358* Frank Zappa mx, OM/YL IDs. Said broadcasting de
Chicago, IL. (444 Comeau-MA)(434 Kusalik-AB)(fair Axelrod-MB)(333 Majewski-CT)

6955U 12-13 *2140-2226* Looney Tunes and Chipmunks tunes.(good Coe-ON)(343
Filipkowski-RI)(333 Frodge-MI)(QRM from R. Azteca gd Greenall-ON)(fair
Russell-MI)(353 Silvi-OH)(fr-gd Axelrod-MB)(353 Haston-SC)
6955U 12-14 0313-0400 Repeat of earlier show. (vpr Russell-M) (pr
Coe-ON)(232+ Frodge-MI)(423 Jurrens-TX)(Gd Neal,TX)
6955U 12-14 *1343-1428* Repeat of earlier show; QRMed by Radio Azteca. (333
Haston-SC)(gd Coe-ON)(444/433 Filipkowski-RI)(good Greenall-ON)(423
Coatsworth-ON)(444 Comeau-MA)(fair Prindle,NY)(454 Hunsicker,PA)(355-311
6955U 12-21 0131-0215 Replay of earlier show. (242 Haston-SC)

WARR Belfast ?
6955U 12-15 0139-0218* Christmas Spcl. Captain No-Beard from the Good Ship
Freedom. Elvis tune. Sed to check out pirate TV on FRN. Overlapped w/WSRR
(222 Altre-Kerber,NY)(fr Russell-MI)(242+ Zeller-OH)(355 DeSanctis,NC)

6954.9 12-13 *1947-2009* Interval signals from Radio Veritas Asia, TWR
Swaziland, etc. (poor Axelrod-MB)(vgd Coe-ON)(343 Filipkowski-RI)(fr-gd
Greenall-ON)(544 Hunsicker,PA)
6955U 12-14 0632-0650 Greatest interval signals from 60s, 70s and 80s. TWR
IS, "WLIS, because we hate Michael Bolton" (534 Jurrens-TX)(Gd Neal,TX)

6955.5 12-13 *2256-2302 Techno Christmas mx and IDs (344 McClintock-MN)(343
6955.3, 12-15, 0239-0252 Silent Night & other Christmas mx. OM/YL IDs (Gd
6955.3 12-18 0017-0024 More of the same. (444 McClintock-MN)

6955U 12-14 1445-1527* Christmas music; QRMing The Howard Stern Experience
until it moved to 6960 (fr Coe-ON)(323 Coatsworth-ON)(Prindle,NY)(Hunsicker,PA)
6955U 12-21 2247-2318 1997 Edition of the WQSL Xmas Special. (311 Haston-
SC)(232 deep fade Zeller-OH)(242 Crawford-KY)

WRYT QSLs reports e-mailed to Bigghank@xxxxxxx
6955 12-13 0147-0205 rock music by AC/DC, Cheap Trick, etc., QRMing Radio
Azteca (212 Scott-OH)(323 Haston-SC)
6955 12-20 0141-0209 "Taking Care of business" and e-mail address given
(fair Neal,TX)

6955U 12-15 0148-0235+ R&B/Gospel tonight. Overlapped and drowned out WARR
6955U 12-15 2245-2331 TV themes, 70s pop mx; probably old program as they
were giving Wellsville maildrop address. (weak Crawford-KY)

6955U 12-12 0020-0045, 0105-0113 "World's Worst Pirate Stn" This lived up to
it's name! Bad R&B/disco stuff all through a cruddy xmtr that cut out,
drifted etc. QSO's by Anteater R. & taunted by Joe Momma. (131 Altre-Kerber,NY)

Europe: RADIO SAN MARINO-c/o Play DX-Via Davanzati #8, IT-20158 Milano,Italy
7580L 12-20 2000-2245 Frequent RSMI IDs, Talk by OM in Italian, pop oldies
such as "Surfin' USA. IS heard before 2100, 2200 UTC. (Comeau-MA)(121
Lobdell-MA) Since this station apparently has no license, it is a pirate.

3901L 12-14 0247 Glen Miller "In the Mood" & other big band mx. Mx requests
from hams (244 Hassig,IL)
6954 12-13 0129-0145* Playing Led Zeppelin songs(fr-gd Coe-ON)(433
Frodge-MI)(fr Russell-MI)(353 Silvi-OH)
6955 12-14 0119-0134 Toyland? (111 DeSanctis,NC)
6955 12-14 *1628-1636* Rock music by Cracker. (444 Filipkowski-RI)(455
Majewski-CT)(232 Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U 12-14 *1645-1650* Audio from Cosby Kids cartoons and Mr. Rogers
Neighborhood (354 Majewski-CT)(434 Altre-Kerber,NY)(Bernth,NY)
6955U 12-16 2302-2318 "Hooked on a feeling" turn around song, etc (211-111
6955U 12-16 2350 Someone telling jokes? (111 DeSanctis,NC)
6954.95U, 12-19, 2120-2207 at various times.  Plays Elton John's "Goodbye,
English Rose" many times.  Occasionally other stuff too. (555, Hunsicker, PA)
6955AM, 12-19, *2126-2130*.  15 over S-9.  "Love is Like a Rock", signal
strength drops and it is gone.  (555, Hunsicker, PA)
6955AM, 12-19, 2214-2214.  A mountain folk tune.  Fades away. (Hunsicker, PA)

QSLs RECEIVED: Jerry Rigged Radio:
6925.8 f/d "nazi soldiers rally" card (Russell-MI)

N.A.P.R.S.: f/d "recativation" card in 2 months for report to Belfast; v/s
Dick Pistek. (Wolfish-ON)

Radio 510: 
6955 f/d "Princess Diana" card in 73 days for report to Basel, Switzerland;
v/s D.J. Stevie. (Zeller-OH)

Radio Azteca: no data "IOU" card for a QSL to be sent later. (Crawford-KY)
full data "Get Morphed with Radio Azteca" card, brochure for Best Western
honeymoon and anniversary packages. (Russell-MI) 15043, full data card in 6
weeks, #524 (Crawford-KY)

RMWW: v/s Dr. T in 3.5 mo (Bernth,NY)

Radio Nonsense: f/d microphone sheet in 77 days for report to Belfast.
(Frodge-MI) same in 2 months. (Russell-MI)same in 6 weeks. (Haston-SC)

Radio USA: f/d 14th Anniversary QSL (# 1296) in 2 months for a report to
Belfast. (Haston-SC)

RFM: QSL with Dracula postage stamp on envelope in 21 days for report to
Belfast. (Frodge-MI)same in about 2 weeks. (Haston-SC)

ROCK: f/d QSL sheet in 1 month for an old 1996 report that never got sent to
Belfast. (Wolfish-ON)

6955, two YL jungle mask cards #23 and #29 in 13 months for logs in
ACE/PiPa. v/s J. Tiger. Also sent info sheet (Zeller-OH) SAME #20 & #45.
Thanks! (AY,PA)

WSRR: f/d logo card for FRW report. (Russell-MI)

Voice Of Indigestion,
6955, full data clothed skeleton opens clothes to reveal bones #75 in 8
months for logs in bulletins. v/s: Horse. (Zeller-OH)

Voice of Shortwave Radio: f/d card in 30 days for report to B.R.S. (Frodge-MI)

PLEASE QSL ADDRESSES. If you want your name removed, let us know. 
Ken Alexander: Box 71553, Aurora, ONT L4G 6S9 
John T. Arthur: 7994 Rte 19 Belfast, NY 14711 
Shawn Axelrod: 30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, R2N 2X9 
Charles Bernth: P.O. Box 236, Eastport, NY 11941 
Shawn Axelrod: 30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 2X9, Canada 
Ian Biggar: 21B Dundonald Road, Troon, Ayrshire KA10 6NP, Scotland 
Rainer Brandt: Wiesenweg 6, D-29361, Hoefer, Germany 
J. Coatsworth: RR#3, Merlin, Ontario NOP 1WO, Canada 
Ross Comeau: 16 Linwood Street, Andover, MA 01810 
Chas. Crawford: 1763 Turnagain Drive, Henderson, KY 42420 
Fred Danowski: 95 Meadowbrook Road, Startford, CT 06497 
Paul Demsky: 883 Broadway #2, South Portland, ME 04106 
David Ditlow: 3645 Vinton Avenue #3, Los Angeles, CA 90034 
Rick Doehner: 2511 Raspberry Lane, Pasadena, TX 77502 
Joe Filipkowski: 28 Mill Wheel Road, Warwick, RI 02886 
John Fisher, 159 Mt. Reliant Pl. S.E., Calgary, Alberta CANADA T2Z 2G2
Michael Folk: 810 Dalewood Villa Hills, KY 41017-1089 
Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland, MI 48642 
Dan Greenall: 181 Church Street, Thamesford, ONT N0N 2M0, Canada 
William Hassig: 102 N. Russel St., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 
Matt Haston: 22 Jamestowne Commons, Taylors, SC 29687 
Joerg Hoffmann: Jaegersburger Str. 1, D-64625 Bensheim, Germany 
Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing, PA 19610-2102 
R & T Jurrens: 19107 Winding Trail Lane, Katy, TX 77449 
Rob Keeney: 10315 Antioch, Overland Park, KS 66212-4332 
Mike Leclerc: 16 Salem Drive, Somers, CT 06071-1903 
Chris Lobdell: Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180 
Wm. McClintock: 11481 Blackfoot St NW, Minneapolis, MN 55433 
John Mello: 218 Central Avenue, North Scituate, RI 02857 
Kevin Nauta: 11252 Ravanna SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508-2504 
Nigel Pimblett: 146 Queen Street, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 1B4, Canada 
Mike Prindle: P.O. Box 51, New Suffolk, NY 11956-0051 
Ed Rausch: 17 Vandeberg Place, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1039 
Robert Ross: Box 1003, Station B, London, ON N6A 5K1 Canada 
Larry Russell: 420 Warren Avenue, Flushing, MI 48433 
Chris Scott: 4051 Clifton Avenue, #3, Cincinnati, OH 45220 
Lee Silvi: Box 982, Mentor, OH 44061 
Chris Smolinski: 4708 Trail Court, Westminster, MD 21158 
Niel Wolfish: 112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 4B7, Canada 
Andrew Yoder: Box 840, Mont Alto, PA 17237 
George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44111

COMMENTS: Shawn Axelrod: "some good signals with RMWW still the king of the
hill when it comes to powerful signals. It even came in loud and clear on my
old 1938 Addison table top wooden AM/SW radio!"

Larry Russell: "whew, it was QRM weekend!".

Lee Silvi: "slow week again ? been away from the radio quite a bit. Heck, I
only copied Radio Azteca three times!"

Thanks to this week's contributors: Alexander-ON, Altre-Kerber-NY,
Arthur-NY, Axelrod-MB, Bernth-NY, Brandt-Ger, Coatsworth-ON, Comeau-MA,
Crawford-KY, D'Angelo-PA, Deeley,UK; DeSanctis,NC; Filipkowski-RI,
Fisher,AB; Flannery-ON, Frodge-MI, Greenall-ON, Hassig,IL; Hunsicker,PA;
Jurrens-TX, Haston-SC, Kuhl-Germany, Kusalik-AB, Majewski-CT, McClintock-MN,
Neal,TX; Pimblett-AB, Ruger-CA, Russell-MI, Ross-ON, Rausch-NJ, Scott-OH,
Silvi-OH, Walker,UK; Wolfish-ON, Zeller-OH & AY,PA

evening December 12 and 13 UTC

6955U Radio Azteca 2330-2353
6955U One Voice Radio 2330-0012
6955U Radio Free Euphoria 2356-0044
6955U Howard Stern Experience 0044-0129
6955U Radio Metallica Worldwide 0055-0131
6955U Indira Calling 0133-0203
6955U Radio Azteca 0147-0205
6955 WRYT 0203-0247
6955U Mystery Radio 0206-0231
6955U Radio Eclipse 0213-0247
6950 U Reefer Madness Radio 0251+ 
6955U Orbital Mind Control Sat. 0252-0327
6955U Reefer Madness Radio 0330-0426
6955U Howard Stern Experience 0434-0459
6955U Jerry Rigged Radio

Saturday morning December 13

6955U Indira Calling 1414-1441
6955 Radio Eclipse 1444-1521
6955U Reefer Mandess Radio 1541-1608
6955 Radio Eclipse

Saturday afternoon December 13

6955 Radio Eclipse 1727-1757
6955U Radio Azteca 1758-1819
6955U One Voice Radio 1947-2009
6954.9 WLIS 2032-2054
6960 Radio Eclipse 2107-2115
6925U Jerry Rigged Radio 2140-2226
6955U Voice of Christmas 2224-2254
6955U Radio Azteca 2256-2302
6955.5 WMPR 2325+ 
6955 Radio Free Speech

Saturday evening December 14 UTC

6955U Radio Nonsense 0218-0241
6955U Mystery Radio 0242-0312
6955U Radio Azteca 0313-0400
6955U Voice of Christmas 0400-0436
6955U Indira Calling 0632-0650
6955U WLIS

 Sunday morning December 14

6955U Jerry Rigged Radio 1312-1342
6955U Happy Hanukkah 1343-1428
6955U Voice of Christmas 1404-1434
6955U Radio Azteca 1434-1500
6955U Howard Stern Experience 1445-1527
6955U/6960 U WQSL 1458-1549
6952 Radio Metallica Worldwide 1514 
6975 Radio Free Speech 1542-1551
6960 U Partial India Radio 1558-1621
6955U Jerry Rigged Radio

 Sunday afternoon December 14

6955U Howard Stern Experience 1837-1914
6955U Reefer Madness Radio 1910-1928
6950.4 KNBS 2138-2221
6955U Partial India Radio 2151+ 
6975 Radio Azteca 2301-2340
6955U Howard Stern Experience 2319-0142
6951 Radio Metallica Worldwide

Sunday evening December 15UTC

6955U WARR 0236 
6955U Attencion
69 0105-0114
6955U Mystery Radio 0332 
6955U KIRK

Monday afternoon December 15

6955U WSRR

Tuesday evening December 16/17 UTC 2356-0133
6955 Radio Metallica Worldwide 0352-0356
6955 Partial India Radio

Wednesday evening December 17/18 UTC 0017-0024
6955.3 WMPR 0038-0111
6955U Partial India Radio

Friday afternoon December 19 

6955U Anteater R.

Saturday 12-20 1534-1602*
6955 R. Eclipse 1803-1842*
6955U Omega Radio 2000-2245+ 7580L R. San Marino International 2306-0025 
6955U Rock-It-Radio

 Sunday 12-21 0009-0051 
6955U Take It Easy R. 0109-0130 
6955U Happy Hanukkah 0131-0215 
6955U V. of Christmas 0532-0611 
6955U Take It Easy R. 0630-0705 
6955U Take It Easy R. 0815-0850*
6955U Take It Easy R. 1330-1348*
6955U Happy Hanukkah 1403-1448*
6955 R. Free Speech 1450-1536*
6952 R. Metallica WW 1537-1616*
6953 R. Eclipse 1616-1658*
6955U Partial India Radio 1644-1732*
6950 R. Clandestine 1707-1711*
6955U He Man R. 1726-1800 6300 Farmers From Holland 1736-1836*
6955U Rock-It-Radio 1840-1906*
6955U R. Eclipse 2247-2318 
6955U WQSL 2302-0028*
6955.7 R. Metallica WW


>From Rainer Brandt in Germany:
December 14th, 1997 (Sunday)
3936	unid, Dutch		12.50-		D, IDs, music		22222
5810.4	BBMS			13.08-		E, letters, e.g.from BQ	43433
6210	R.Pamela		13.05-		E, pops			34433
6210.5	R.Northsea Int.		09.10-		G, pops, live phone-in	44444
6219	Laser Hot Hits		09.10-		E, pops			22222
6238.7	Jolly Roger R.		11.28+12.58	E, IDs, country		22222
6238.7	Britain R.International	11.01-		E, pops			22222
6244	Weekend Music R.	12.10-		E, IDs, pops		34433
6245	R.Benelux		09.14-		G, rock music		44444
6251.6	Freestyle R.		09.15-		G, haevy rock		43433
6254.8	R.City			09.18+11.57	E, pops, via Pandora	33333
6254.8	R.Pandora		10.53-		E, pops			33333
6258.2	R.CLCG			10.10-		E, Offshore + DX news	43433
6266.5	UK R.International	10.20-		E, pops			22322
6270.2	R.Laguna		11.45-		G,E, pops 2 DJs		44444
6275	unid, Dutch (HELP!)	09.55-10.10*	E,D, IDs, CQ, low mode	33333
6280	Laser Hot Hits		11.10-		E, pops			22222
6300.3	Farmers from Holland	10.20-		D,E,G, pops		55544
6473.6	R.Brigitte		09.15-		D, pops			33333
7120	R. Am Meer Land		14.02-		G,E, Friesian, shantys	43443
7120	R.Jokebox		15.10-		G, jokies		44444
7500.5	R.Internazionale	10.00-		I,E, non stop music	44444

WEEKEND MUSIC RADIO annonced a new E-mail address: wmrjack@xxxxxxx -it works!
73, Rainer

>From Andy Walker in London:
I managed to get some listening done this weekend.
Saturday 21st
5805 Radio Free London (24 hours over Xmas week) S3/4 For most of the day
3910 C.L.C.G S4 at 2345 Magazine programme, great show with Steve Young.
3920 Radio Spaceman S4/5 at 2355 Short test with nice mod 
3930 Laser Hot Hits S2/3 at 2330 

Sunday 22nd
Listening done between 1145-1230
5805 Radio Free London (24 hours over Xmas week) S3/4
5830 Ozone Radio S3 Normal old waffle
6219 Laser Hot Hits S2/3
6238 BRI? S2
6249 Weekend Music Radio S3/4 Jack and Jamsie
6255 Weekend Music Radio S3/4 Change of frequency
6266 UK Radio S3/4
6275 Radio Neptune (US pirate/Relay) S3/4 To much bass on mod and DJ
swallowing the mic.
6280 Laser Hot Hits S2
6299 The Farmers S4/5 Splash....splash....splash

Logs for Monday 22nd 97
5805 Radio Free London (24 hours over Xmas week) S3/4 all day
6220 Laser Hot Hits S3/4 most of the day (with QRM at times)

Only two stations on air today and both English. Laser are relayed from
Ireland and post tapes to the output site, but RFL installs and operates
it's own equipment from the UK.

>From Martin Deeley in UK:
Stations heard Sunday 14 December 1997:
5810Khz  Ozone International (1215-1400 UTC, SIO:444) Ann. power 90w
6210Khz  Radio Pamela (1100-1300 UTC, SIO:111-444)
6220Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day Sunday, SIO:343)
6238Khz  Britain Radio International / Jolly Roger Radio (1000-1300 UTC,
6245Khz  Weekend Music Radio (1200-1235 UTC, SIO:454) Ann. mobile TX
6255Khz  Radio Pandora (1000-1300 UTC, SIO:433)
6260Khz  Unidentified (1100-1200 UTC, SIO:111) old offshore radio transmissions
6266Khz  UK Radio (All day Sunday, SIO:444)
6270Khz  Unidentified (German, 1200-1400 UTC, SIO:111)
6280Khz  Laser Hot Hits (0900-1300 UTC, SIO:211)
6300Khz  The Farmers from Holland (Dutch, 0930-1600 UTC, SIO:444)

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