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[HCDX]: TFW 47 3/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1997 - 1998  Part  3
Year 3 - New Year Special Issue - Rome, 01  January  1998

1935- 4760- UNID- Unid  1935v*  Someone here daily since Dec. 23 fading
in around 1910 with man orating in unknown language; frequent short
bridges of Central Asian music featuring flutes, also exotic solo
vocals. Audio appears to be of telephone quality. S/off seems to vary
between 1930 and 1935, although the signal is so puny that it's not
always possible to be sure. This might be a clandestine or one of the
AIR stations on extended sked  or how about Afghanistan, which I seem to
recall used this freq some years ago with a s/off time of 1930. (Wishful
thinking, no doubt.) ---HILL, Littleton, MA, USA

1945- 11715- NIGERIA- Voice of Free Nigeria  1945  English ID by man at
1950 with Indiana USA address for QSLs.  Station was reportedly  to
change to 11645, as mentioned in this broadcast, but found here on 11715
instead. ---FINE,  Remington, Virginia, USA 27 Dec)

1950- 3930- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits 23/12 Rock mx,px in E 23232 
---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News Dec # 4

1950- 3920- CLANDESTINE- Communist Party of Iran ,1950, 26.12 , OM
speaking & music in Farsi giving adress closin prg with the
internationale 24131 ---LIANGAS, Greece 

1958- 3901.9- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Sparks in LSB, 23/12 Mx(Ramazzotti),Xmas
show,ID in E  33333  ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama
Pirate News Dec # 4

2000- 7580- PIRATE REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO- R San Marino Intl. in LSB,
Fair signal at s/on 2000 UT, with IS and multiple IDs in different
languages including English. The 80 ft vertical wire (of the three
antennas here) still provides the best reception on the HF-150/PR-150
here in NJ, USA. This frequency/time much better than 11410 in USB
earlier today; 11410U had faded out by 17 or 18 UT. ---SUNDSTROM,
Vincentown,  NJ, USA Dec 20

2006- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London 22/ 12 2006, Pop mx,ID in E  
23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News
December # 4

2025- 2310- AUSTRALIA- VL8A; Alice Springs, December 22, 2025-2031,
Female speaker in English, song: "Feliz Navidad", TS, ABC newstune,
followed by the news read by a male speaker. 23332 ---VELDHUIS, Borne,
The Netherlands

2033- 9674.9- BRAZIL- Radio Cancao Nova; Cachoeira Paulista, December
22, 2033-2100, Religious talk and prayers in Portuguese, talk with
choral version of "Silent Night" in background, Portuguese version of
"Jingle Bells", ID, frequencies and address. Excellent reception: 44444 
---VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands 

2057- 3901.9- PIRATE EUROPE- Int.Music R.(?) in LSB, 23/12 Mx and ID(?)
in E(QRM from 3905)  32222  ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /
Radiorama Pirate News Dec # 4

2103- 3905- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Mario 23/12  Rock dance ska,dutch mx,ID in
Dutch  43333  ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate
News Dec # 4

2113- 3910- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Roberto 23/12 Dutch mx,ID in Dutch 33333 
---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News Dec # 4

2123- 11915- BRAZIL- Radio Gaucha, Porto Alegre, 17/12, 21:23,
commercials and talks in Portuguese, at 21.30 UTC "Diario Legislativo"
with reports from the Brazilian parliament, 21.59 A Voz do Brasil and
Gaucha ID's, time pips at 22.00 UTC, SINPO 35333. ---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The

2145- 3915- PIRATE EUROPE- Unid R.  2145  Somebody playing one of those
beer-hall polka vocals, then off at 2147 without announcement. Almost
exactly zero beat with BBC Singapore, but off by just enough to create a
noticeable subaudible het. ---HILL, Littleton, MA, USA, Dec. 26)

2145- 5025- PERU- R. Quillabamba, Quillabamba; 12/12 2145-2210 44444 mxf
ID "Por Radio Quillabamba, hoy esten atentos a los mensajes" px en
quechua y espanol advs. ---ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru   for Casqui DX # 

2159- 7098.6- INDONESIA- RRI Yogyakarta  2159  Up from reported 7098.2
with "SCI" and woman in Indo, presumably news; very weak and chopped up
by a Venezuelan SSB traffic net and ham data transmissions. ---HILL,
Littleton, MA, USA, Dec. 27)

2210- 5005- MALAYSIA- RTM Sarawak, Sibu,  2210-2215 Dec 7, brief period
of audio consisting solely of talk by woman in presumed Iban. Weak; //
Kuching-4894.97 had a few bits of audio poking thru but mostly covered
by co-channel Brazilian male anncr in PT. ---CLARK , Thornhill, Ontario,

2217- 5420- CHINA PR- CPBS Minority Service  2217  Distinctive
"yodeling" Mongolian vocals, then more-traditional Chinese fare
interspersed with brief announcements in Mongolian; off at 2225.
Supposed to be // 4190, and something there did go off at the same time
as 5420, but nil readable. ---HILL, Littleton, MA, USA, Dec. 27)

2238- 5522.2- PERU- R. Sudamericana, Cutervo, Cajamarca; 27/12 2238-2305
44444 advs  mx tropical ID "Desde Cutervo, Radio Sudamericana, en lo
1060 KHz onda media y 5525 KHz onda corta, desde sus oficina en Jr.
Ramon Castilla 491, tercer nivel en la plaza de armas de esta ciudad,
transmite Radio Sudamericana" px encuentro con la felicidad
---ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru   for Casqui DX #  108

2315- 9650- CHINA PR- CNR 1, 2315, 19  Dec , with news in unusual mode (
presume FM )  that covereed also 9655 Good signal ---LIANGAS,
Thessalloniki, Greece

2320- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London 24/12, Pop-rock mx,ID in E 
33333  ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News
Dec # 4

2325- 3910- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Spaceman 24/12, Pop-rock mx,ID in E(with
Spacelady)QSO   43333  ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /
Radiorama Pirate News Dec # 4

2328- 3914- PIRATE EUROPE- R.King Kong 24/12, Dutch mx,ID in Dutch,QSO 
22232  ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News
Dec # 4

2340- 3920- PIRATE EUROPE- Unid 24/12, Dutch mx,px in Dutch  33333 
---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News Dec # 4

2343- 4648.9- BOLIVIA- Radio Santa Ana, 23.43 ? 00.24 Spanish, Man
announcer, ID Music and Comunicados "veinte horas un minuto en nuestros
estudios.......por Radio Santa Ana" SINPO 23222 December 14, 1997
---ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2355- 4760- INDIA- AIR Port Blair,  2355-0005 Dec 6/7, initially carrier
only, then weak audio fade-up precisely at 2358 xmtr SS with
sub-continental vocal across 2400 to 0002, woman anncr between songs,
continuing past 0005 as it faded back into the noise. Poor but a classic
example of xmtr SR  enhancement nonetheless. ---CLARK , Thornhill,
Ontario, Canada

2359- 4790- INDIA- AIR; Madras, December 22, 2359-0010, IS, male speaker
with ID and talk in Tamil, female speaker with presumed news. 44344 
---VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands 


TURKEY - 6900 KHz ,Voice of  Meteorology, Ankara QSL-l (partial data)
touristic folder v/s Recep Yilmaz,  Head of Forecasting Departament 
arrive in 37 days for 2 IRC ( N. Eramo, Buenos Aires, Argentina)


ARMENIA - As of Dec 17, the English broadcast on 9965 was still starting
at 2115, not 2145 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

ARMENIA - I notice that some bulletins which ran the inaccurate V. of
Armenia sked did not think it necessary to run my previous item
correcting the English time as monitored. Here's another chance: As of
Dec 22, VOA on 9965 English was still at 2115, and still claiming to be
at 2145. BTW, sked says the "2145" broadcast is Mon-Sat only (Glenn
Hauser, OK/ SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 97-27, Dec 23, 1997)

BOLIVIA - 4755 Radio Emisoras Bolivia, Oruro; has celebrated its 31th
anniversary. The station was founded on December 17, 1966. (TIN /

BOLIVIA - 4875V Emisoras La Cruz del Sur, La Paz; has celebrated its
49th anniversary. The station was founded on December 15, 1948. (TIN /

BOLIVIA  - 5985.0 Radio San Jose, Oruro, has celebrated its 40th
anniversary. The station was founded as Radio Combatia in Oruro, on
December 21, 1957. The shortwave outlet has been inactive for many
years, but it may be good chance to get QSL with its 40th anniversary
pennant. (TIN / RELAMPAGO DX  20/DEC/1997)

CUBA - RHC keeps coming up with new ways to shoot itself in the foot. We
could forget about hearing DXers Unlimited Tue Dec 16 at 2105 on 13715,
since it was //13680 in Spanish, but with heavy breakup on 13715,
possibly mixing syllables of English; and 13605-USB was missing (Glenn
Hauser, OK / SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

ECUADOR - DX Partyline keeps lifting material of mine without credit,
although they know I object to this strongly. Latest instance is the
VOA-Liberia deathtrap item on Dec 6 DXPL, which apparently came via EDXP
where the credit properly given was deliberately deleted. There is no
doubt about this, since the words quoted came right out of my mouth in a
paraphrase. When they refuse to render common editorial courtesy, I have
no choice but to make public their transgressions (Glenn Hauser, OK /
SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

FINLAND - Surprised to find YLE R. Finland with English news at 1303 Dec
16 on 11735, 15400; and English started over at 1330 as scheduled. Next
day at 1300 was back in Finnish as scheduled. Tape mixup? (Glenn Hauser,
OK / SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

GERMANY - Welle West, a local radio station, will have a special 2-hour
German broadcast of greetings to NAm, UT Dec 26 at 0100 via DTK Juelich
100 kW 5905. QSL, more info on homepage <
http://www.wellewest.lokalradio.de > (Frank Weiler, WW, WORLD OF RADIO
922 / SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997) Once again 5905 was unusable Dec
18 at the same time during WCRI broadcast due to heavy fax QRM (Hauser
OK / SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

GEORGIA - In a letter confirming my reception report Voice of Hope
thanks me for information about bad modulation on 6290 and say will try
to improve modulation. Few days after modulation become very good.My
opinion: they don't listen their own transmissions. In the schedule
announced from December 7  at 1355-1630 on 12120 transmission in
EE,Punjabi,Hindy,Urdu. New Frequency.  (W. Mola, Italy / Gatflash! #

GUATEMALA - R. Maya is active on 2360, Dec 22 at 1223 music and talk
//3325, but even weaker than Atitlan on 2390 (Hauser, OK/ SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 97-27, Dec 23, 1997)

HONDURAS - Definite IDs are hard to come by, but the off-frequency
3249.6 matches Radio Luz y Vida, which appears to have returned to near
nominal after having been distorted around 3308 for a while as heard by
Hans Johnson and myself. Dec 16 at 1210, woman in Spanish with birthday
greetings, harp music with vocal hymn, 1217 prayer with Hammond organ
background. Also, Brian Alexander in PA puts it on 3249.5, heard Dec 13
from 0100 to 0356*, the ID presumed (Glenn Hauser, OK and WORLD OF RADIO
922/ SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

HUNGARY/THAILAND - R. Budapest English at 2015 on 9535 was atop
Thailand's bells, both broadcasting to Europe, where I expect the clash
is even worse, Dec 16 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 922 / SW/DX
Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

NIGERIA - [non]. V. of Free Nigeria tells me that from Dec 20, their
weekly broadcast Sat 1900-2000 moves from 11715 to 11645, because of
interference from Iran. VOFN is believed to come via Algeria (Glenn
Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 922 / SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

PERU - 7003.39 "R. LV de la (Guarinja) 0007-0219*", a new one here, per
Johnson's tip in Cumbre DX 148 starting pgm "Pentagrama (Musical?)"
conducted by man: "los estudios de R. LV de la Guarinja (maybe
"Huarinja")...saludos a amigos de Carmen de la Frontera..." TC, saludos
to listeners in Huancabamba. Proposing a future pgming of educative,
musical and cultural contents at closing anmt not canned at 0215.
Accompanied by "El Condor Pasa" on guitar: "...amigos oyentes de todo el
pais, hemos llegado a la parte final de la programacion del dia de hoy
correspondiente al dia lunes catorce de diciembre de mil novecientos
noventa y siete...un saludo de todos los amigos que laboramos en esta
empresa radial. El...senor Alfonso Garcia (Pen~a) y la organizacion...a
nombre de ...Gonzalez, Pedro Huanca... Sandoval y nuestro amigo Juan
Peter...les decimos muchisimas gracias...sintonia de R. LV de la
Guarinja...a partir de las seis de la man~ana con una selecta y nueva
programacion. Gracias radioescuchas, que vayan pasando lo mejor. Nos
reencontraremos en el dia de man~ana...que tengan una feliz noche y un
alegre despertar". NA at 0216 and s/off at 0219*. Good signal spoiled
moderately by Ham CW (in the DX sub band!, this stn will bother a lot of
Ham Radio DXers!) (Nigro, Uruguay Dec 16)

PIRATE - (Via Radio Cochiguaz):

6949. 9 KHz (LSB) Radio Cochiguaz, 01.37- 02.30 Spanish and ID's in
multiple language, Andean music ID " This is Radio Cochiguaz, South
America" "....Radio Cochiguaz una nueva voz latino americana" Dec 26,
1997 SINPO 34433 (Eramo, Argentina)

6949.9 KHz (LSB) Free Radio Info (Germany),  03.00 - 03.45 ,English and
Spanish, Musical Program "Free Radio Info desde Alemania"  Dec. 26,
1997, SINPO 34333 (Eramo, Argentina)

6949.9 KHz (LSB) Radio Blandengue, 01.04 - 02.00 Spanish with ID's in
english and italian, musical program "  Desde algún lugar de América del
Sur esta transmitiendo para Ud. Radio Blandengue" Dec. 27, 1997 SINPO
23222 (Eramo, Argentina)

6949.9 KHz (LSB) Radio Natalie (ESTONIA), 02.33 - 03.03 English, Musical
program, man announcer " This is Radio Natalie....from Estonia" Dec. 27,
1997  SINPO 23332 (Eramo, Argentina)

6949.9 KHz (LSB) Free Style Radio (GERMANY), 11.00 - 11.45,  man
announcer with ID's in German, english and spanish, musical program
".....from Germany Free Style Radio..." Dec. 27, 1997 SINPO 23322
(Eramo, Argentina) 

6949.9 KHz (LSB) Jolly Roger Radio International, (IRELAND) 04.00 -
04.45 English with ID in spanish, musical program " ..estan Uds. en la
sintonía con Jolly Roger Radio.....llegando a su receptor......" Dec.
28, 1997 SINPO 34333 (Eramo, Argentina)

6980 KHz (LSB) Laser Hot Hits,  20.32 - 21.15 English, Musical program,
man announcer  ID in english by man announcer with electronical sounds
effects, Dec. 28, 1997 SINPO 33333 (Eramo, Argentina) 

POLAND - Further checks of PRW, English at 1300 on 9525 show that before
1300 there is a huge clash between RRI and VOA Creole, but both sign off
by 1301; however one of them usually leaves carrier on for some time,
once as late as 1315 spoiling Poland. Then PRW has been weaker than
before and seemingly with a bad rumble on its own carrier, as Dec 17, 18
(Glenn Hauser, OK / SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

RUSSIA - [non]. VOR via Moldova, 7125, huge video buzz was finally gone
when checked Dec 12 at 0035. It had been that way for a good two weeks.
Ivan Grishin, Ont., RIB, says it's now their best frequency from *2230
(Glenn Hauser, OK / SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

SAN MARINO - RSMI likes to thank for all received e-mail reports,
specially for those received from North America. Unfortunately the
propagation were very strange this weekend. (on Sat 20. --ed) In
addition, due to a thunderstorm during night nearby our location in San
Marino, we had been forced to stop our broadcast for several hours and
to change a little the Sunday morning schedule. We heard again that the
discussions about our transmitting site are very active. Just a few
definitive words: our programmes are coming from a mobile site in the
Republic of  San Marino; in any case, if you do not believe that the
signal of RSMI is originated from San Marino, do not worry about this
and please just listen to our broadcast like any other unofficial
station from anywhere in the world, if you consider our programmes
interesting for you, independently from the country of origin !  However
we are very happy for the activation of a new country (any connection
with HAM), for all BCL and DX-er that belives in RSMI ! Till the next
transmission (probably on Sunday morning only, January 19th, 1998) all
the best from the RSMI staff. (Direct, RSMI via email)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - [This is especially for EDXP, BC-DX and anyone
else who picked up the discussion about Dubai's English broadcast at
1330]. Bob seems to have misunderstood what I was trying to say. I was
NOT suggesting that editors must personally confirm everything they
publish; just saying that in this case I had already provided correct
info, and that subsequent incorrect info was published without referring
to the correct info. Of course the blame lies with stations which
distribute inaccurate info about their own schedule! (Glenn Hauser, OK /
SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

URUGUAY - Current SW sked for SODRE, Montevideo: 6125 CXA4 (simulcasting
MW1290 CX38 "R Educativa")  1245-0100 (1000-1245 and 0100-0300
simulcasting MW1050 CX26) 9620 (currently reported on 9622.4)  CXA6
(simulcasting CX26)  1000-0300 (Source: "Radioactividades", SODRE)
(Nigro, Uruguay Dec 16)

U S A/HAWAII - Don't you believe all the new times publicized for DXing
with Cumbre. World Harvest Radio continues to treat the only program
worth listening to on WHRI and KWHR with disrespect, failing to
broadcast it at the times given. For instance, on Dec 13-14 it did NOT
appear as scheduled when I checked Sun 1300 on 7560, Sun 1330 on 15105,
Sun 2130 on 17555, and there have been many other instances I did not
make a note of (Glenn Hauser, OK / SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997)

USA/HAWAII -. Replying to Joe Brashier, WHR in BC-DX: if programming was
being run manually Dec 13-14 during computer crash, why didn't they put
DXing with Cumbre on as scheduled? Hardly a week goes by without some
scheduled airing of DWC missing for no obvious reason, crash or no
crash. It's not my problem, but DWC's and WHR's (Glenn Hauser, OK/
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 97-27, Dec 23, 1997)


Hello, everyone!  Please note that, as of December 23 at 0400 UTC,
WHRI's Angel 2 transmitter will change from 5760 to 5770 kHz. This is
reflected in the schedule below.  The information below comes from Joe
Brashier at World Harvest Radio and from the World Harvest Web page.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, best wishes at the
Winter Solstice, and Happy New Year! 73--Marie Lamb
Americas/Caribbean): 0600 - 0630 Saturday   7315 kHz --- 1830 - 1900
Saturday   9495 kHz --- 2330 - 2400 Saturday   9495 kHz --- 1330 - 1400
Sunday 15105 kHz --- 1430 - 1500 Sunday 15105 kHz (new time). WHRI Angel
2 (To: Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia/N Am): 0600 - 0630 Saturday  
5770 kHz (new frequency) --- 1530 - 1600 Saturday   13760 kHz --- 2300 -
2330 Saturday   5745 kHz --- 0530 - 0600 Sunday   5770 kHz (new
frequency) --- 0930 - 1000 Sunday  5770 kHz (new frequency) --- 1830 -
1900 Sunday 13760 kHz.  KWHR Angel 3 (To: Asia/Pacific): 0230 - 0300
Saturday   17510 kHz ---  1130 - 1200 Saturday   9930  kHz --- 1630 -
1700 Sunday  9930  kHz --- 1830 - 1900 Sunday 13625 kHz.   KWHR Angel 4
(To: South Pacific):  0800 - 0830  Saturday  11565 kHz ---  2000 - 2030 
Saturday  17555 kHz --- 0330 - 0400  Sunday    17555 kHz --- 0730 -
0800  Sunday    11565 kHz --- 1300 - 1330  Sunday    7560  kHz --- 2130
- 2200  Sunday    17555 kHz. Thanks for tuning in to DXing with Cumbre!
---Marie Lamb
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