Re: [HCDX]: The MW Band is Rockin'!
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Re: [HCDX]: The MW Band is Rockin'!

W.A. Merriman wrote:
> The good cx are not over.  Not much from Norway tonight but everyone
> else is trying to make up for it.  Spain is booming including not
> common freqs such as 819, 1071 etc.  Strong Arabic on 594 is not often
> heard Morocco //207, 774 has Spain/Egypt fighting it out with
> Morocco behind.  Weak carrier on 1493 likely Ivory Coast.  How long
> can this possibly last?
> 73/DX
> Al
> Chincoteague Island, VA

I must agree with Al, while I can't here Norway at all
this evening, I noticed that around 0030 WWKB on 1520 was
very weak, this is very unusual. However, a male speaking 
in Arabic was noted on 1521 so I'm presuming it's Saudi 
Arabia? Spain was comming in very well on 585 and there 
is a very strong Spanish station on 1550, Mexico perhaps? 
That's it for now, back to my radio!

Gary J. Wilt
Wood Ridge, NJ
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