[HCDX]: Pirates from somewhere in South America.
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[HCDX]: Pirates from somewhere in South America.

30 December 1997

Dear OM,

Here the sked for the coming New Year planned transmissions by  Radio
Cochiguaz on  6950 khz & 6980 khz  LSB relaying also other pirate
stations. Times are UTC.

Friday 2 January 1998, on 6950 khz:

0200-0300 Radio Cochiguaz
0300-0400 Radio Pasteur   (Argentina)
0430-0530 Radio Blandengue
0530-0630 Radio Natalie   (Estonia)
1100-1145 Free Radio Info (Germany)

On 6980 khz

2130-2230 Radio Cochiguaz

Saturday 3 January 1998, on 6950 khz

0130-0230 Radio Cochiguaz
0300-0400 Radio Blandengue
0400-0445 Free Style Radio (Germany)
0500-0600 Radio Natalie    (Estonia)
0600-0645 Free Radio Info  (Germany)
0900-1000 Radio Pasteur    (Argentina)
1000-1045 Jolly Roger Radio International (Ireland)

On 6980 khz

2130-2230 Radio Cochiguaz

Sunday 4 January 1998, on 6950 khz:

0300-0400 Radio Cochiguaz
0400-0445 Laser Hot Hits
0500-0600 Radio Pasteur
1030-1130 Radio Cochiguaz

*Contact addr. to the stations:

*Radio Cochiguaz via:RC; Casilla 2571; 1000-Buenos Aires; Argentina.
 or via Radio Cochiguaz; Box 109; Blue Ridge Summit; PA 17214; USA.
 Contact via E-mail (only for to receive messages): rc@xxxxxxxxx

*Radio Blandengue via:RB; Casilla 2571; 1000-Buenos Aires; Argentina.
 or contact directly via E-mail: radio.blandengue@xxxxxxx

*Jolly Roger Radio International; Box 39; Waterford; Ireland.

*Laser Hot Hits; Box 293; Merlin; Ontario N0P 1W0; Canada.

*Radio Natalie; P.O. Box 3260; EE-0090 Tallinn; Estonia.
 (This station request 1 US$ dollars for QSL, not IRC's please)

*Free Radio Info; Postfach 520112; D-44207 Dortmund; Germany.
 (For this broadcast listeners in SAm will receive a QSL card
 specially for Southamerica) Pgms in EE w/IDs in Spanish!!

*Free Style Radio; Ostra Porten 29; S-44254 Ytterby; Sweden or
 also to the addr of FRI, Postfach 520112, D-44207 Dortmund,
 Germany. Programmes in GG w/IDs in EE & SP.

*Radio Pasteur; c/o Claudio Morales; Casilla 1852; 1000-Buenos
 Aires; Argentina. This is a argentine free station made as a
 educational proyect by secondary students. Programmes in SP & EG.

Only snail mail reports will be verified with QSL, and please
include 2 IRC for to cover the postal fees.

SOURCE: 	Cachito Mamani of Radio Cochiguaz
		Raul Gonzalez of Radio Blandengue
              	Placing: somewhere in Southamerica
             	30 December 1997.-

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