Re: [HCDX]: Station on 1650
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Re: [HCDX]: Station on 1650

On Tue, 30 Dec 1997 10:58:45 -0500 Werner Funkenhauser
<funk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>Heard in Guelph, ON with oldies vocal, ad-string including an Ethel 
>concert(?) or segment promo,  several KGXL and AM 1260 announcements 
>0656 and 0658 then into sound tracks from West Side Sory. No further 
>ID at
>0700, weak to fair in peaks with plenty of local noise so that much of 
>dialog was hard to understand or lost. At first I thought they said 
>KGIL in
>their promos. Dec 30!

Heard them booming in this morning, and all of the IDs except on which I
heard between 0825 and 0900 mentioned only KGIL-1260.  However, there was
a dual ID a few minutes before the top of the hour which mentioned both
KGIL-1260 and KGXL-1650.


J.D. Stephens
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