Re: [HCDX]: Station on 1650
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Re: [HCDX]: Station on 1650

Bjarne Mjelde wrote:

> Heard a station with mostly nostalgia music and YL announcer at 0445-0502
> UTC this morning, I also heard an announcement at 0501 with presumed call
> letters, but I'm not sure which.  I presume this is the Costa Mesa station
> as conditions favoured western NA and 1640 had a good signal, but I've seen
> 3-4 different calls on this station (KGXL, KOJY, KNOB..) so I wondered if
> anyone else have heard it and determined the call.  Very, very weak signal.
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I saw on Robert Kraemer's page that he heard a weak signal suspected this one
at his location tonight so I thought I'd give it a try.

Heard in Guelph, ON with oldies vocal, ad-string including an Ethel Mermon
concert(?) or segment promo,  several KGXL and AM 1260 announcements between.
0656 and 0658 then into sound tracks from West Side Sory. No further ID at
0700, weak to fair in peaks with plenty of local noise so that much of the
dialog was hard to understand or lost. At first I thought they said KGIL in
their promos. Dec 30!

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Werner Funkenhauser

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