[HCDX]: HCRP1 Quito Ecuador-880 kHz
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[HCDX]: HCRP1 Quito Ecuador-880 kHz

Radio Catolica Nacional, HCRP1, Quito, Ecuador  (TENTATIVE!)

The TAs are gone (for me anyway!) so I looked for LA DX.

Heard Dec 30, 1997 UTC in s/off sequence:

880 kHz w/WCBS

0144 YL as if in inspirational talk
0145 YL gospel singer w/childre chorus in a gospel style song (quite
0151 YL/OM spkrs in an announcement, heard possible "Catolica" and
0154 Ecuadorian National Anthemn (instrumental) to 0155 then carrier
abruptly cut after the anthemn ended.

Always w/WCBS QRM. No sign of the "Catholic Kids"  which usd to be
there  reciting  The Rosary  just before s/off, making it easier to ID.
The plaintive, "Santa Maria! Madre de Dios!..." cutting through WCBS,
made it much easier to ID.

Boy! I wish they had a parallel like they used to!

Icom R71A, dual 50 ft. wires strung NE/SW (opposing directions) and MFJ

Werner Funkenhauser
WHAMLOG Page:  http://home.inforamp.net/~funk

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