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[HCDX]: logs

SOUTH FLORIDA DX (Since 1981)   No. 300 /12 March 1998
[Guyana]5949.52  GBC/Voice of Guyana 0845 0920 simply blasting in with
subcontinental music,  ID as The Voice of Guyana Ltd."  Birthday
Greetings , program highlights for this evening, dedications to "all the
Hindu Brothers and Sisters of the G.B.C. 12 March [Wilkner-FL]

[BOLIVIA] 5964.85 R. Nacional Huanuni 1020-1030 seeminly the one with
Bolivian flutes, poor reception of this station normal in South Florida

[BOLIVIA] 4471.80 R. Movima 1040-1050 with good signal on 11

[PERU] 4950.10 R. Madre de Dios 1035-1050 with average signal on 10

Best of 73's  Bob

Receivers-Drake R8, R8A,  Sony 2010
Antennas-Scotka Noise Reducing Antenna
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