[HCDX]: Fw: [AmFmTvDx] TV QSL Requests
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[HCDX]: Fw: [AmFmTvDx] TV QSL Requests

> Van: Michael J. Condon <michael.condon@xxxxxxxx>
> > Datum: vrijdag 20 maart 1998 14:50
> Jim Hermanson and other DXers who work for TV Stations weather in
> engineering or other departments, what are your thoughts on this subject
> as I am going to relate it ??
> Robert Ross and all other TV DXers please take a moment to respond to
> this question.    It is of great interest to me and I will bet other
> DXers.
> I have noticed that some of us are posting answers from TV Stations in
> response to QSL requests made to them
> Please take a moment here to explain how you are reporting to the
> stations.  What does your DX report consist of and look like and here is
> the most important question to me, what percentage of stations quarried
> are responding ??  How many repeat requests do you have to send before
> you do get an answer.
> I began DXing over thirty years ago and had experience sending QSL
> requests to radio stations, CBers, and Ham Operators.  95% of Radio
> Stations, 60% of Hams, 30% of CBers would answer the quarries.  I visited
> a TV DXer in South Bend IN who turned me on to TV DXing and I was so
> surprised to see that they not only answered QSL requests, but they also
> had QSL Cards.  I built my system in Chicago and started sending
> postcards with my data.  Poor response from them, mostly disbelief.  I
> then got the idea to staple an extra polaroid picture.  That did it.  The
> response was an immediate 99.5% and it stayed that way until the advent
> of the 90s.  I cannot understand what is happening now.  The response it
> terrible these days.  The last 20 quarries have netted only two answers. 
> I used to get shirts, tie pins, umbrellas, hats, frisbees, cards, maps ,
> letters, pictures, and requests for follow up reports.  Several stations
> have offered invitations to come visit.  Arturo Mignon at XEW TV 2 in
> Mexico City Mexico offered to bring me in helicopter from Mexico City
> Airport to the top of the Tress Padres Mt to visit the site there if I
> could make the trip.   My report is now computerized with pictures, and I
> am told very professional looking.  I make the report very simple and
> friendly.  I ask for a letter, card, map, or any souvenirs of the station
> they care to send.  
> Are people too busy in life today to bother with such quarries, or is it
> that they are so new to the business that they just don't care about a
> distant viewer ??????
> I consider QSLing the other half of this hobby and it saddens me to see
> it evaporate away.
> I can only wonder what others are experiencing out there as well.  Is
> there a need for me to start a support group for rejected DXers ???   Is
> that where we old timer DXers will end up, in a recovery group ???  
> Hi, Im Mike Rejected DXalcoholic......................

p.s. nicely put by Mike and maybe of interest to the list (ppijpers)
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