[HCDX]: DX-loggings, Brasil special on 19m
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[HCDX]: DX-loggings, Brasil special on 19m


9665, Rádio Marumby; Florianópolis, March 21, 2335-2345, Portuguese,
religious program, sermon about the biblical passage Luke chapter 8. 34433

15135, Rádio Record; São Paulo, March 21, 2240-2255, Portuguese, sports
information about soccer, // 11965  // 9505. 34444 (Schnitzer)

15325, Rádio Gazeta; São Paulo, March 21, 2255-2315, Portuguese, religious
program from a Bible-society in Manaus called "A voz de ação" (?), sermon
like thunder and lightning. 24433 (Schnitzer)

15414.9, Rádio Clube (presumed); Ribeirão Preto, March 21, 2350-0005,
Portuguese, Brasilian pop music. 12422 (Schnitzer)

Commentary: Unusual good signals from Brasil on 19m (estimated K-index = 4
at this time). What's going on with some Brasilian stations? They seem to be
completely in the hands of christian fundamentalists.

Michael Schnitzer
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