[HCDX]: SWRS logged in Wellington, New Zealand
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[HCDX]: SWRS logged in Wellington, New Zealand

Hi all

I have logged SWRS's test transmissions on 11515 kHz
at 20:15 UTC, 19 March. I spent a fair bit of the
weekend listening to my tape over and over
trying to get enough for a decent reception
report before letting SWRS decide. It appears that
what I did hear was them (relay of Crazy Wave
Radio). Signal was very weak and
my location at home is electrically noisy.

Receiver is an AR7030 with 30m of wire in the garden.

Thanks to the SWRS folks for taking the time to
listen to my recording.

They were there again today, but I was running
late for work (Moanday morning here),



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> chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Hi there
> > 
> > I thought you might be interested to hear that I could just detect
> > a weak signal on 11515 kHz USB from 20:14 to past 20:30 on
> > March 19th.
> > 
> Thanks for your e-mail reporting our weak signal in NZ.
> Yes, was CWR via SWRS, as per your RealAudio file. This is a very useful cooperation with us.
> We will send you a confirmation to your address via air-mail as soon as possible.
> Meanwhile we hope that you can tune again into our broadcast, from today at 20.30-21.30 UTC on 11.515 kHz, almost daily, and we hope that you publicize between the DXers of your country our transmissions.
> We ask also your cooperation to know, in according with your experience, what is the best time to broadcast, both on 25 and 19 m.b. , to Australia and NZ from Southern Europe, to make some tests. 
> Thanks again and good DX !
> Steve, SWRS.
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