[HCDX]: More on West Yorks Sporting RSLs
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[HCDX]: More on West Yorks Sporting RSLs

>From: Alan Gale <alan.gale@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: More on West Yorks Sporting RSLs
>Hi MW Dxers,
>	I managed to find out some information about the new Bradford City
>	Soccer RSL station 'Bantam Radio 1566AM'.
>	The station is run my members of BCB (Bradford Community Broadcasting),
>	a group that have carried out a number of RSL broadcasts in the Bradford
>	area, and also put out programmes on the local cable system there.
>	The station have a website where the match broadcast can be downloaded
>	in 'Real Audio', and you can find this at: http://www.bcb.yorks.com/
>	The station is on air from 8 am to 8 pm local on match days, and as far
>	as I've been able to find out the club's remaining home fixtures take
>	place on the following dates:
>	Sat March 28th 	vs	MANCHESTER CITY 	(h) 
>	Sat April 11th 	vs	NOTTINGHAM FOREST 	(h) 
>	Sun April 19th 	vs	QUEENS PARK RANGERS 	(h)  
>	Sun May 3rd		vs	PORTSMOUTH 		(h) 
>	The Bradford Bulls Rugby League club play their matches on the 
>	following dates:
>	Sunday April 12th	vs	Leeds Rhinos		(h) 6.35pm kick-off
>	Friday 8th May	vs	St.Helens		(h) 7.45pm kick-off
>	Sunday 17th May	vs	Halifax Blue Sox	(h) 6.00pm kick-off
>	Friday 29th May	vs	London Broncos	(h) 7.45pm kick-off
>	Friday 12th June	vs	Wigan Warriors	(h) 7.45pm kick-off
>	Sunday 28th June	vs	Huddersfield Giants	(h) 6.00pm kick-off
>	Sunday 2nd August	vs	Sheffield Eagles	(h) 6.00pm kick-off
>	Sunday 9th August	vs	Hull Sharks		(h) 6.00pm kick-off
>	Sunday 30th August	vs	Castleford Tigers	(h) 6.00pm kick-off
>	Sunday 13th Sept.	vs	Warrington Wolves	(h) 6.00pm kick-off
>	Sunday 27th Sept.	vs	Salford Reds		(h) 6.00pm kick-off
>	(note# the later kick off times should give distant listeners a good
>	chance of reception if 1566 kHz is used for this station too!
>	Radio Rhino, the rsl of Leeds Rugby League Club (1404 kHz) should be
>	on air on the following dates:
>	Sunday April 5 	v	Warrington	(KO 3.00)
>	Friday April 17	v	Castleford	(KO 7.45)
>	Friday April 24	v	Salford	(KO 7.45)
>	Friday May 15 	v	Wigan		(KO 7.45)
>	Friday June 5 	v	Huddersfield	(KO 7.45) 
>	Friday June 19 	v	Halifax	(KO 7.45)
>	Friday July 3 	v	Bradford	(KO 7.45) 
>	Friday August 14 	v	London		(KO 7.45)
>	Friday August 28 	v	Sheffield	(KO 7.45)
>	Sunday September 6 	v	St Helens	(KO 3.00) 
>	Sunday September 20 	v	Hull		(KO 3.00)
>	As well as the Super League matches there may be other challenge 
>	cup matches as well, and a repeat of last years 'World Cup' competition
>	with Australian Rugby clubs.
>		Alan.

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