Re: [HCDX]: Peru on 5637.4 kHz
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Re: [HCDX]: Peru on 5637.4 kHz


>Last night (UTC March 23) at 0112 UTC:
>5637.4 kHz  Comunicados, andean music, time check as "8 de la noche 16
>minutos"... more comunicados... mention of "Perú y su radio"...
>and then finally @ 0116 UTC ID as "Radio Peru, la radio de San Ignacio".  I
>looked for this one on WRTH '97, but it's not listed.
>Is it on WRTH '98?  Is this a new station?  Has someone else logged it?

Yes, it has been reported before. From DSWCI's DX Window #105:

5637.32, Radio Peru; San Ignacio, Cajamarca, February 27, 0040.  Comunicados
read by male, acoustic Andean guitar/vocal tunes, ID in passing 0045.  At
0110, played a couple of minutes' worth of different, formal canned IDs,
then cut carrier.  Been a while since I came across this one.  (Novello)


Mark Veldhuis.

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