[HCDX]: World of Radio Sked
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[HCDX]: World of Radio Sked

    as of March 26, 1998 from Glenn Hauser 
    CONTINENT OF MEDIA (COM) is an additional half-hour carried 
only by RFPI, produced about once a month and repeated weekly 
until a new edition arrive, on this schedule: Fri 1930 on 15050-
USB and 21465, Sat 0330 on 7385, 6980 and 1030 on 6980; NEW Sat 1730 on 
15050-USB, 21465, Sun 0130 on 7385, 6980, 0830 on 6980. 
For the time being, also Wed 2300 on 15050-USB, 7385, 21465; Thu 
0700 on 7385, 6980. And also at unscheduled times when available, 
especially immediately after WORLD OF RADIO on Tue. It deals 
primarily with domestic media developments in North America. 
    NOTE: this is posted only when there have been changes since 
last time.

    On WWCR Nashville, Thu 2030 15685, Sat 0600 5070 and 3210, 
Sat 1130 5070 [this broadcast may be deleted!], Sun 0630 5070, 
Mon 0400 5070, Tue 1230 15685 [effective April 5]. 
    On RFPI Costa Rica: Fri 2000, Sat 0400, 1100, 1800, Sun 0200, 
0900, 2300, Mon 0700, Tue 1900, Wed 0300, 1000--on 15050-USB 1700-2400; 
7385 2200-0800, [21465 1200-2400 and 6980 0000-1200 expected back 
shortly with improved antennas].
    On WGTG, Georgia, Sat 2330 on 5085-USB [effective April 11;
until then UT Sun 0030].
    Updated weekly or as needed. Please publicize at least the 
WWCR, RFPI and WGTG portion, and delete outdated times from 
your lists. All times and days UT. Subtract 5 hours from UT for 
CDT.  W.O.R. is a listener-supported, public-service program 
about communications around the world, especially, but not 
limited to, Shortwave Broadcasting. Look for separately 
distributed rundowns of topics in each half-hour edition, or on 
our website: 


also usually in RFPI Weekly Updates, previews by E-mail or 
newsgroups. This site also gives complete details of all our
broadcasts on satellite, cable, AM and FM, Internet, in Spanish,
and about our publications, contact info, etc.

    *On WWCR Nashville, 1300 WWCR Ave., Nashville, TN 37218 USA;
    E-mail: wwcr@xxxxxxxx                       
Central Time:
Thu 2030  15685                                      Thu 3:30 pm
Sat 0600  5070 and 3210 simulcast          Sat 1:00 am
Sat 1130  5070 [subject to deletion]          Sat 6:30 am  
Sun 0630  5070                                        Sun 1:30 am
Mon 0400  5070                                       Sun 11:00 pm
Tue 1230 15685                                       Tue 7:30 am
    WWCR times subject to pre-emption or change without notice.  
Until April 5 before DST, WWCR times are one UT hour later.
    *On Radio for Peace International, Box 88, Santa Ana, Costa 
Rica; or P.O. Box 20728, Portland, OR 97294, USA:

Fri 2000 15050-USB, 21465        Sun 2300 21465, 15050-USB
Sat 0400  7385-USB, 6980         Mon 0700  7385-USB, 6980
Sat 1100  6980                           Tue 1900 15050-USB, 21465
Sat 1800 15050-USB, 21465       Wed 0300  7385-USB, 6980
Sun 0200  7385-USB, 6980         Wed 1000  6980
Sun 0900  6980      
    RFPI times may vary slightly. 21465 and 6980 pending 
reactivation. Change of modes shown as expected. Weekly E-mail 
program previews are available upon request to RFPI. Ask about 
becoming a Friend of RFPI and receive the quarterly newsletter 

    *WORLD OF RADIO is also carried on WGTG, McCaysville, 
Georgia, Saturday 2330 on 5085-USB, which is Sat 7:30 pm EDT.
Mailing address: P. O. Box 1131, Copperhill, TN 37317.               


    *On World Radio Network, Wyvil Court, 10 Wyvil Rd., London 
SW8 2TY, England;
    http://www.wrn.org/         E-mail: online@xxxxxxx
Europe on Astra 1B, 19.2 East, Transponder 22-V, 7.38 MHz audio:
Sat 0330, 1600, Sun 0930 UT! Add 1 hour for BST, 2 for CEST.

North America on Galaxy 5, 125 West, Transponder 6-V, 6.8 MHz 
audio: Sat 1600, Sun 0530. Subtract 5 hours for CDT. Also on 
Internet, live via Xing Streamworks at North American times; Real 
Audio Sound Store contains past four programs. New edition 
available each Saturday 1645. If http protocol does not work, use
ftp. If not promptly available, please E-mail WRN with a copy to 
us. More details at website above.  
    W.O.R. is also on other WRN One services, generally not 
available on consumer satellite equipment, but via cable systems, 
where WRN1 may be selected from an audio menu; more details at 
WRN website. W.O.R. schedule to Mideast and Africa, Asia and 
Pacific: Sat 1600. Times and days here are strictly UT, effective 
from March 29, 1998.
    C-SPAN Audio on cable also relays WRN perhaps including WOR.
Sun 1:30 am Eastern? And recently confirmed on C-SPAN satellite
feed Sat noon Eastern, Satcom C3/F3, 131 West. Transponder 7,
3840 MHz vertical, 5.20 MHz audio subcarrier. WRN is also on some
other cable FM or TV SAP relays.

    *On WNQM, 1300 AM, Nashville TN, Sat 2:55 am CDT; and 
temporarily also Sat at 4:55 am. Same address as WWCR.
    *On KNOR, 1400 AM, Norman OK, Sat 7:00 am CDT;
2020 E. Alameda, Norman, OK 73071.
    *On WPKN, 89.5 FM, Bridgeport CT, Sat 2:30 pm EDT; 244 
University Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06604.  wpkn@xxxxxxxx
    *On WSUI, 910 AM, Iowa City IA, Sun 10:30 pm CDT; 710 CLSB,
Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242. E-mail: dennis-reese@xxxxxxxxx
    *On WGHR, 102.5 FM, Marietta GA, Sat 12:00 noon EDT (from WRN)
    *On KRVM, 1280 AM, Eugene OR, Sat 9:00 am, 10:30 pm PDT (WRN)
    *On WWHS, 92.1 FM, Hampden-Sydney VA, Sat 12:00 noon, Sun 
1:30 am EDT (from WRN schedule; can anyone confirm?) 
    *On WUEV, 91.5 FM, Evansville IN, Sat 11:00 am and/or Sun
12:30 am CDT, irregularly (from WRN)
    *On WLIO-TV, ch 35, Lima OH, Secondary Audio Program, Sat noon, Sun 
1:30 am EDT (from WRN).

    Additional affiliates are welcome, provided they can take WRN 
satellite or Internet feed. Contact us for permission and details.

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