[HCDX]: CHSJ DX test
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[HCDX]: CHSJ DX test

I asked a couple of pointed questions in an e-mail to
CHSJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, directing the message to Ian Cameron. Here's what
he writes :

     Subject: CHSJ DX test
     Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 12:38:44 -0400
     From: Ian Cameron <airshow1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
     To: werner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     Good morning to you!

     When things pass around "word of mouth", as it were, the story can
     become quite distorted....

     As to the times, I had quoted 0515 and 0615, both reference
     Greenwich, to Bill Hale of NRC before I realized that Daylight
     Saving Time began the day before, and he put out the word that it
     would be 0115 and 0216 local, so to set the record straight, we
     will do THREE TESTS  (my  caps-wf) for the benefit of anyone who
     may be confused about the time or the shift to DST.

     Note that these times are approximate, the time of voice breaks
     depends upon the lengths of the preceding songs, so the tolerance
     could be plus or minus 5 minutes.  And those approximate times will
     be 0415, 0515 and 0615 Universal/Greeenwich; 0115, 0215 and 0315
     Atlantic Daylight Time.  The ID will consist of voice
     identification with commentary followed by a morse call-letter ID.

     As for your question of power/pattern; the only way to
     diplomatically and discreetly  answer this is to say that we will
     make a maximum effort to ensure our equipment is performing
     optimally to be heard during the test period.

     Could we ask that you ensure this information gets passed along and
     posted on the appropriate sites?

     Ian Cameron, Program Director
     & Technical Manager, CHSJ 700/94.1

Werner Funkenhauser
The WHAMLOG Page: http://home.inforamp.net/~funk
P.S. to David Moisan. The e-mail address was correct!
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