[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 3/26/98
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 3/26/98

         WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH   -  March 26 1998
                           Vol 3  No 52



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 CPC DX tests summary


Bill Hale - 6124 Roaring Springs Dr, N Richland Hills TX  76180-5552

Bill has volunteered to be the CPC chairman for the NRC.  Right now
Bill is looking for target station lists and stamps or money to help
get the lists worked on.

Lynn Hollerman - gmholler@xxxxxxxxxx

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card,
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to
the trouble to run a test!

Monday, April 6, 1998 - CHSJ-700, St. John, NB will transmit code IDs
and an aural "DX test" announcement at precisely 2:15 and 3:16 am EDT.
(PLEASE NOTE CORRECTION OF TIME) Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Ian Cameron
Program Director and Technical Manager
P.O. Box 2000
St. John, NB E2L 3T4
(Arranged by Bill Hale for the NRC CPC.)

Monday, April 6, 1998 - KKSA-1260, San Angelo, TX 1:00-6:00 am EDT.
  (NRC) (Re-schedule of its 3/16 test)

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via e-mail or the
newsgroup! And, if you send a reception report to a station, please
remember to include return postage with your report...





The IRCA is proud to announce the release of the 3rd Edition of its
Technical Guide. This 156 page book answers questions on receiver and
antenna theory (how to improve their performance), how audio filters
and loop antennas can improve DX (and hints on their construction), how
to build a beverage and phasing unit, and much more.  All updated to
Only $10.00 for IRCA/NRC members, $12.00 for non-members
  (overseas airmail add $2.50).


IRCA Mexican Log, 5th Edition

The IRCA is proud to announce the release of the 5th edition of its
MEXICAN LOG.  The IRCA MEXICAN LOG log lists all AM stations in Mexico
by frequency, including call letters, state, city, day/night power,
slogans, schedule in UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes.  In
addition, stations that have changed frequency since 1996 are
cross-referenced on the old frequency.  The call letter index gives
call, frequency, city and state.  The city index (listed by state, then
city) includes frequency, call and day/night power. The log has been
completely updated from the 1996 edition and carefully cross-checked by
IRCA members in Mexico and the US.  This is an indispensable reference
for anyone who hears Mexican radio stations.  Size is 8 1/2" x 11" and
three hole punched for easy binding (optional).

Prices:  IRCA/NRC members - $7.00 (US/Canada/Mexico/seamail), $8.00
(rest of the Americas airmail), $8.50 (Europe/Asia airmail), $9.00
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prices.  Make checks out to:  Phil Bytheway.

Order TODAY from:  IRCA Bookstore, 9705 Mary NW, Seattle WA  98117-2334


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

On March 30th Entercom, who owns both stations have been OKed to switch
freks. KKSN will go to 1520 Khz with 50/15 KW and KFXX will go to 910
with 5 KW. Formats remain the same. The reason for the move is that
Entercom wants better coverage for the Seattle Mariner's will be better
at night on 910. KFXX is Sports Talk and KKSN in AS.




Jorma Mantyla - jmantyla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Some weeks ago I was in Lemmenjoki in the Finnish Arctic.  Some mystery
stations are still wondering me and Jim Solatie.  Can anyone help us?

kHz  date  UTC  Stn+info
 570  24.2.  0633  EE news station "K-news", not KVI.  KLAC?
 640  25.2.  0530  Spanish station, not Cuba, possibly mex, id "Radio
       Vilahuelta" or "Radio Cinquienta"??
 880  24etc  0800  "Radio Unica" in Spanish. KWIP?  No local ID,
       sounded like a national US night-px as there were commercials
       around the US.
1370  26.2.  0815  Spanish, possibly mex "La Zeta, 13-70 AM"
1380  26.2.  0833  US stn "KMUK 13-80 AM", telephone 969-1380.

Are there anyone reading this in Japan?  Is there available somewhere a
complete list with updated addresses of Japanese MW-stations?  Any info
is appreciated - I'd like to buy this list.


TELEPHONE NUMBER:  204-253-8644
E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


1610  TIS  KS Various sites 03/21 2023 Fair signals with info on the
       Kansas turnpike.(VAL-DX)
1610  TIS  CO Aspen 03/21 2127 Poor signals with talk about Aspen and
       area.  ID as AM 16-10. (VAL-DX)


 580  CKAP  ON Kapuskasing 03/22 0008 Poor signals under partially
       phased CKY with country music and local ads. (VAL-DX)
 690  KOAQ  NE Terrytown 03/21 2055 Fair signals with Colorado Rockies
       baseball and ID (VAL-DX)
1210  KREW  WA Sunnyside 03/22 0725 Good signals with NOS/Adult
       Standards music and ID's.  Rare here. (VAL-DX)
1270  WFRN  IN Elkhart 03/21 1932 Local basketball finals and several
       ID's NEW (VAL-DX)
1450  KVOW  WY Riverton 03/22 0655 Sign on.  New time not as per NRC
       LOG. (VAL-DX)
1500  WGEN  IL Genesco 03/21 1950 Oldies music and dual ID for AM and
       FM.  Over KSTP at times. (VAL-DX)


 189  Iceland Rikisutvarpid Gufuskalar Mar 22 0245 Poor to fair signals
       with American rock music and Icelandic talk. (VAL-DX)
1215  England Virgin Radio Various sites Mar 22 0108 Fair signals with
       Rock music and talk by English accented woman. (VAL-DX)
1314  Norway RNK Kvitsoy Mar 21 2350 Music program and Norwegian talk.
       In before sunset in daylight.  Stayed in for over 1 hour with
       fair to good signals. (VAL-DX)
1386  UNID Mar 22 0037-0110 In some slop heard what sounded like one to
       three stations. Some Arabic music then possible rock/dance music
       and two men in FF talk.  Conditions were very volatile and some
       of the music could have been some of the slop.  HELP!!! (VAL-DX)

Hets heard on 756 765 828 864 1017 1341 1395 1548 but no audio that was


 738  Fr. Polynesia RFO Mahina Mar 22 0600 Fair signals with FF talk
       and music.  Only TP to make it in. (VAL-DX)

Hets on 738 774 828


1120  Cuba CMCH Artemisa Mar 22 0550 Latin American music and Radio
       Habana ID NEW!! (VAL-DX)
1620  Argentina Radio Esmeralda Buenos Aires Mar 22 0205 Fair to good
       signals at times dominating the frequency with Spanish talk and
       music.  Esmeralda ID. (VAL-DX)


Well quite a weird night.  Got to watch some Northern Lights and with
very disturbed conditions the band was in a state of flux all night.
Would LOVE to know who was on 1386.  It seemed like different stations
fighting it out.  99% sure about AA music and FF talk.  WHO??  Domestic
DX was poor.  Only 2 TIS's  heard which for United States is very
unusual.  Sunrise was a bust. Should have slept in.  Poor DX was
probably due to the warm temps and easy walk in.  Snow was hard and we
had no trouble getting across the field. Three DX'ers.  Three ICOM's
and three times the fun!!!


Elmer D. Escoto - eescoto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To follow are some of my humble catches on MW, hope you can find some
use for them.

Receiver: Radio Shack DX-394       :-(
Antenna:  Longwire +/- 58 meters
Location: San Pedro Sula, Honduras, residential zone NW of the country

 810  COLOMBIA  HJCY, Caracol Bogota, 0528UTC.  News about attempted
       murder to a government representative. 323 (Escoto, Mar.22)
 820  HONDURAS  HRLP16, R Moderna, Tegucigalpa, 0531 UTC.
       ?Comunicados?, social service announcements   222 (Escoto,
 860  MEXICO  XECTL, R Chetumal, 0036 UTC ?Grupera? and cumbia music
       222 (Escoto, Mar.22)
 870  CUBA  ???, R Reloj , 0543 UTC. WRTH does not list R Reloj. On
       this freq. Could it be R Progreso relaying R Reloj?  322
       (Escoto, Mar.22)
 890  MEXICO  UNID 0416 UTC.  Pgm about life of Benito Juarez. Then px
       about cattling in Chiapas. UNID. relaying XEW, but what stn is
       this?   322 (Escoto, Mar.23)
 910  HONDURAS  HRVS R Catslica, Tegucigalpa, 0550 UTC.  Catholic
       music, messages regarding ?Mother of God?   423 (Escoto, Mar.22)
 950  CUBA  CMHI, R Reloj, Sancti Spiritus, 0556 UTC. News.  333
       (Escoto, Mar.22)
 960  COLOMBIA  HJHN, Caracol Caribe, Magangui  0600UTC. News in brief
       on px Amanecer America.    444 (Escoto, Mar.22)
 980  COLOMBIA  HJES, RCN Cali, 0603 UTC. News, station jingle with
       ?RCN, La Radio de Colombia? 333 (Escoto, Mar.22)
1120  MEXICO  XETBH, R Tabasco, Villahermosa, 0608 UTC.  Announcing
       "XETBH en el 1230 desde Villahermosa". Announcing 1230, WRTH
       also lists 1230, but heard on 1120   222  (Escoto, Mar.22)


Chuck Rippel - Cornland VA - crippel@xxxxxxxx

1640  KDIA, Vallejo, CA March 24 @ 0540 UTC.  Back to back Oldies and a
       male ID:  "Now, the sounds you grew up with, the Bay Areas own
       1640, KDIA."  FCC Database lists this as a 1KW non-directional
       at night and 10KW non-directional by day.  My longest domestic
       haul to date.  (Rippel, VA  3/24)

WJ-HF1000A, R8A, R390A/Sherwood SE-3, Collins 51S-1


Tim Hall - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

(TRH-CA)  Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA    ICF-2010, KIWA Loop

 660  MEXICO, San Jose del Cabo BCS  XESJC 3-24 0656  Have been chasing
       this the last 3 or 4 nights and finally confirmed my suspicions
       that this CP is on the air.  Generally fair u/KTNN but fades up
       nicely at times. Always has an ID a few minutes before their
       0700 sign-off (they play the Mexican national anthem around
       0700).  I believe I heard one "La Que Buena" slogan (a very
       popular slogan these days), and possibly another slogan that
       included the word "Barracuda", but I'm not sure. New, BCS #5, XE
       #248.  (TRH-CA)

I strongly suggest a visit to Fred Cantu's excellent web page
(http://www.onr.com/user/fcantu/index.htm) for lots of information
about new Mexican CPs...


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1440 WGEM-IL, QUINCY- very good with ID at 0459.55 EST 3/25 as
      "WGEM-Quincy" Net News, then at 0505 local a regional news. Many
      WGEM IDs. Unneeded, but nice to hear. (PM-OR)
1460 KKCS-CO, CORADO SPRINGS- fair on top of channel with ID at 0459.50
      EST as " This is what people are talking about...Hot Talk 14-60,
      KKCS AM, Coloradio Springs." Into net nx 3/26. Haven't hrd this
      is a while. (PM-OR)

Drake R8, Term. 1500' Eastern Beverage. Ground system in swamp.




Tim Noonan - Madison WI - DXing@xxxxxxxxx

We took a two-day trip to central WI last week, mostly for visiting
studios and towers.  We had a lot of luck and a great time getting
away, though it was one of the coldest trips we've ever taken--it was 5
degrees when we got up in Wausau (at the Super 8).

Here are some radio items that were noteworthy, at least from my point
of view.

Medford WIGM 1490 is NSP, with talk.

Merrill WJMT 730 is talk mornings, soft AC 2-6 p.m., talk overnights,

Schofield WRIG 1390 giving satellite standards IDs as "Big Rig AM

Wausau WXCO 1230 signs on at 6 a.m. and signs off at 12 or 1 a.m.,
  depending on the day; 99.1 translator for WMZK 104.1 noted on the
  air; 27 translator for WJFW-TV 12 also noted on.

Wisconsin Rapids 1320 has some music on weekends (soft AC), but is all
  talk/info weekdays; 93.5 translator for WWIB 103.7 noted on.


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Medium-wave night and day bandscans from Cape Cod, MA may be found on
the Web at "http://wcoil.com/~gnbc/idxd/capecod.txt"; . This is part of
the National Radio Club page.


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 693-JOAB-JAPAN, TOKYO. rec. FD card in 42d for taped report. V/S:  H.
      Inagaki. Address: JOAB, NHK, Tokyo 150-8001, Japan. (PM-OR)
      I allready had a no detailed cd from years ago from NHK Tokyo,
      but now the Engineers are issuing FD cards for their Tokyo
      Domestic service.


John Wright - dxer@xxxxxxxxx

John Wright here from Australia.

1130  KWKH  Shreveport.  Just received a reply from 23/6/95 report yep
       33 months! for 1 USD. V/signer Traci Myers. Programming Dept.
       Assistant. FD letter, also sent letter for 18/7/96 report in
       same envelope. Obviously Traci has been tasked to go thru the
       old reports, as a friend of mine received a reply from a Nov 96
       report, today. Regards John.


Glenn Hauser - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx

    as of March 26, 1998 from Glenn Hauser

    CONTINENT OF MEDIA (COM) is an additional half-hour carried only by
RFPI, produced about once a month and repeated weekly until a new
edition arrive, on this schedule: Fri 1930 on 15050- USB and 21465, Sat
0330 on 7385, 6980 and 1030 on 6980; NEW Sat 1730 on 15050-USB, 21465,
Sun 0130 on 7385, 6980, 0830 on 6980. For the time being, also Wed 2300
on 15050-USB, 7385, 21465; Thu 0700 on 7385, 6980. And also at
unscheduled times when available, especially immediately after WORLD OF
RADIO on Tue. It deals primarily with domestic media developments in
North America.
    NOTE: this is posted only when there have been changes since last
    On WWCR Nashville, Thu 2030 15685, Sat 0600 5070 and 3210, Sat 1130
5070 [this broadcast may be deleted!], Sun 0630 5070, Mon 0400 5070,
Tue 1230 15685 [effective April 5].
    On RFPI Costa Rica: Fri 2000, Sat 0400, 1100, 1800, Sun 0200, 0900,
2300, Mon 0700, Tue 1900, Wed 0300, 1000--on 15050-USB 1700-2400; 7385
2200-0800, [21465 1200-2400 and 6980 0000-1200 expected back shortly
with improved antennas].
    On WGTG, Georgia, Sat 2330 on 5085-USB [effective April 11; until
then UT Sun 0030].
    Updated weekly or as needed. Please publicize at least the WWCR,
RFPI and WGTG portion, and delete outdated times from your lists. All
times and days UT. Subtract 5 hours from UT for CDT.  W.O.R. is a
listener-supported, public-service program about communications around
the world, especially, but not limited to, Shortwave Broadcasting. Look
for separately distributed rundowns of topics in each half-hour
edition, or on our website:


also usually in RFPI Weekly Updates, previews by E-mail or newsgroups.
This site also gives complete details of all our broadcasts on
satellite, cable, AM and FM, Internet, in Spanish, and about our
publications, contact info, etc.

    *On WWCR Nashville, 1300 WWCR Ave., Nashville, TN 37218 USA;
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Central Time:
Thu 2030  15685                                      Thu 3:30 pm
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Sun 0630  5070                                       Sun 1:30 am
Mon 0400  5070                                      Sun 11:00 pm
Tue 1230 15685                                       Tue 7:30 am
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April 5 before DST, WWCR times are one UT hour later.
    *On Radio for Peace International, Box 88, Santa Ana, Costa Rica;
or P.O. Box 20728, Portland, OR 97294, USA:

Fri 2000 15050-USB, 21465        Sun 2300 21465, 15050-USB
Sat 0400  7385-USB, 6980         Mon 0700  7385-USB, 6980
Sat 1100  6980                   Tue 1900 15050-USB, 21465
Sat 1800 15050-USB, 21465        Wed 0300  7385-USB, 6980
Sun 0200  7385-USB, 6980         Wed 1000  6980
Sun 0900  6980

    RFPI times may vary slightly. 21465 and 6980 pending reactivation.
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Europe on Astra 1B, 19.2 East, Transponder 22-V, 7.38 MHz audio:
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Sat 1600, Sun 0530. Subtract 5 hours for CDT. Also on Internet, live
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schedule to Mideast and Africa, Asia and Pacific: Sat 1600. Times and
days here are strictly UT, effective from March 29, 1998.
    C-SPAN Audio on cable also relays WRN perhaps including WOR. Sun
1:30 am Eastern? And recently confirmed on C-SPAN satellite feed Sat
noon Eastern, Satcom C3/F3, 131 West. Transponder 7, 3840 MHz vertical,
5.20 MHz audio subcarrier. WRN is also on some other cable FM or TV SAP

    *On WNQM, 1300 AM, Nashville TN, Sat 2:55 am CDT; and temporarily
also Sat at 4:55 am. Same address as WWCR.
    *On KNOR, 1400 AM, Norman OK, Sat 7:00 am CDT; 2020 E. Alameda,
Norman, OK 73071.
    *On WPKN, 89.5 FM, Bridgeport CT, Sat 2:30 pm EDT; 244 University
Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06604.  wpkn@xxxxxxxx
    *On WSUI, 910 AM, Iowa City IA, Sun 10:30 pm CDT; 710 CLSB, Univ.
of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242. E-mail: dennis-reese@xxxxxxxxx
    *On WGHR, 102.5 FM, Marietta GA, Sat 12:00 noon EDT (from WRN)
    *On KRVM, 1280 AM, Eugene OR, Sat 9:00 am, 10:30 pm PDT (WRN)
    *On WWHS, 92.1 FM, Hampden-Sydney VA, Sat 12:00 noon, Sun 1:30 am
EDT (from WRN schedule; can anyone confirm?)
    *On WUEV, 91.5 FM, Evansville IN, Sat 11:00 am and/or Sun 12:30 am
CDT, irregularly (from WRN)
    *On WLIO-TV, ch 35, Lima OH, Secondary Audio Program, Sat noon, Sun
1:30 am EDT (from WRN).

    Additional affiliates are welcome, provided they can take WRN
satellite or Internet feed. Contact us for permission and details.


The National Radio Club now has the 18th edition of their NRC AM Radio
Log for the 1997-1998 DX Season edition.

This annual edition contains 310 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" size, 3-hole
punched, loose leaf format with over 5,400 A.M. Radio station listings
from the United States and Canada.  Each station listing consists of
its location, frequency, call, format, network affiliation, station
address, station slogan, day and night transmitter powers.  There are
cross references by city and by call letter.

The AM Radio Log is available to NRC/IRCA members for $16.95 post paid.
(Canadian members funds must be US funds)

The Nonmember and Overseas prices of the AM Radio Log are as follows:

U.S. & Canada  US$22.95
Latin America  US$23.50
Europe         US$24.00
All Others     US$28.00

All Overseas prices are shipped via AIR and payment must be in US

Please mail all orders to:

National Radio Club
Publications Center
P.O. Box 164
Mannsville, NY 13661-0164


    phil bytheway - Seattle WA - philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

    Geomagnetic Summary March 14 1998 through March 26 1998

       GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
       maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
       mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
       mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm

    Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER

     3/14   120     9    3    low         quiet-mis           -
       15   133    18    3    moderate    quiet-unsettled     -
       16   124    12    3    low         quiet-unsettled     -
       17   126     8    2    low         quiet-unsettled     -
       18   127     4    1    moderate    quiet               -
       19   125     3    1    low         quiet-unsettled     -
       20   127     8    2    low         quiet-unsettled     -
       21   126    26    2    low         quiet-mas           -
       22   128    10    3    moderate    quiet-active        -
       23   122     5    1    low         quiet               -
       24   121     6    3    low         quiet-unsettled     -
       25   115    12    1    low         quiet-active        -
     3/26   110     8    3    moderate    quiet-active        -


If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send
them to the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxx


END of 3/26/98 IRCA's "AM DX NewsFlash"
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