Re: [HCDX]: Radio Valera 4840 kHz address needed
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Re: [HCDX]: Radio Valera 4840 kHz address needed

> ps A short comment to Don Moore: I should say that Radio Valera QSLs better
> than Torbes. The Valera v/s first wanted me as a penpal, and now she sent a
> verification (with a little help from Winter Monges). But Gladys Barroeta said
> she replies to all reports. I have only sent 1 report and 1 f/up to Valera,
> while Torbes got 6 reports before they sent a qsl :)

Well, I guess what that shows is that you have to be sure of what the 
current status is. I visited the station three years ago and the 
manager showed me a large stack of reports in a file drawer which he 
said he had no time to answer, although he certainly liked receiving 
them. Gladys must not have worked there then, or else the reports 
weren't getting to her. (I didn't meet her if she was working there 
then.) Let's just wish that Gladys doesn't change jobs anytime soon! 
BTW, are they still sending out the same large-sized QSL card that I 
got in the mid-80s? 

I have no complaints about Radio Valera. They were certainly friendly 
enough during my visit to the station. In fact, I have to say that 
the Venezuelans stations are friendlier overall than stations in any 
of the many other LAm countries where I have visited stations. All 
but one of over a dozen visited treated me very well and showed great 
interest in my visit. I collected a lot of info on Venezuelan media 
during that trip and then wrote it up in a study for the Voice of 
America. I just recently made the study public. If anyone wants to 
read it, it is at my website  -

Just pick "What's New" off the main menu and you will find a link to 
the study.

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