[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX 98-14, March 28
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[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX 98-14, March 28

     GLENN HAUSER'S SW/DX REPORT 98-14, March 28, 1998

PORTUGAL. Don't you believe Media Network that the final English
broadcast from Lisbon was Friday night. Just in case, I monitored
the 0430-0500 on 6150 and 9570; toward the end, Winnie said she
would be back Monday and reiterated that the final broadcast 
would be March 31. That is, UT Wed, but I didn't hear her give  
new summer times and frequencies for the last two days, which Kim
Elliott had on VOA Communications World March 28: 1330 on 21515;
2000 on 9780, 9815 and new 13625; 0330 on 6150, 9570.

He also interviewed Jose Nunes, head of RDP about the reasons
for terminating English: the two persons, presumably Winnie
Almeida and whoever does the French service, are at retirement
age, and RDP does not want to commit to hiring new people for
the rest of their lives, or 36 years, as Portuguese labor law
requires! However, Tetum to Timor will continue, contrary to
previous reports. So to RDP, Tetum is more important than 
English!! Further rationalizations: RDP can't compete with VOA
and BBC. Instead, it specializes in Portuguese: for Africa, with
a strong relationship in ex-colonies, FM relays even in Angola,
24h. And, a 24h international service on SW for Portuguese
abroad, especially in Europe, NAm and Canada [sic], Venezuela,
Argentina, Brazil. In less than three weeks will also start
offering three programs on RealAudio, the National, Youth, and
International. A fourth channel will offer radio-on-demand,
from thousands of hours of sound archives back to the 1930s,
now being transferred to DAT, including The Voice of the West
from the Salazar era - http://www.rdp.pt Winnie is free to do
a special farewell program on March 31 if she likes (Glenn Hauser)

NORWAY. NRK has finally decided when English will appear Z-98
on Sun and UT Mon starting March 29:
0600 Eu 7180, 9590
0700 EEu 13800, Eu/WAf/NZ 15640
0900 Au longpath/SAm 15175
1200 SEAs/WAu 17535
1300 Eu 9590, E&CNAm 15640, FE 15650
1500 EEu/ME/SAs 13800
1600 NEEu/SAs 13800, WNAm 17640, Eu/E&CAf 18950
1800 Eu 7485, 1314, E&CNAm 15705, Eu/E&CAf 15735, W&SAf 18950
2000 NZ longpath/SAm 15220
2200 Au 13830
2300 SEAs/WAu 11640, SAm 11735, N&CAm 13805, FE 13830
0200 SAs 11645, E&CNAm 11990
0400 WNAm 11990  (via Joe Hanlon via Hauser)

U K O G B A N I. The Merlin Network One special for UT March 28
only: 9525 and 11680 came on at 2359:30 March 27; is their clock
half a minute off? On 9525, music started at 0000:30; 11680 audio
did not cut on until 0001:30; 0002:30, Merlin Network One ID tape;
0003:30, live announcement by Eric Wiltsher; 0004:30 as soon as
mentioned "good old shortwave," audio cut off both frequencies
for 3 minutes; 0007:30, back on with birthday info. Said a great
debate about the future of radio would air at 1500, and said SW
frequencies tonight were "mostly Woofferton, 500 kW". At 0013
joined Rock Radio in Judas Priest; 0016 two DJs said hello to USA,
talked about giveaways; 0019-0020 dead air--all these foulups are
not a very good advertisement for Merlin!--; 0026 ID as Rock 
Radio Network; 0044 interviewing someone in West Hollywood. By 
now I had totally lost interest in the novelty and program
content. Reception continued OK, but at 0300 check I found 9525
with something in Slavic, Ukrainian? rather than Merlin as sked.
No reception on 13660. After 0500 there was rock on 5875, 
presumably this; did not check overnight, but after 1200 none
of the listed frequencies were propagating, and at 1300 RVI was
dominating 13680 as usual tho Merlin may have been underneath--
where it should not have been at all. When I checked again at 
1500 for the Media Zoo special, 21550 for Africa was in nicely,
the strongest 13mb signal from Europe (?) with Italy, UAE also
audible, and a bit better than BBC-21660 which we know is
Ascension. Much poorer were //13680 and 9915 which were a 
satellite-delay behind 21550, so presumably not from UKOGBANI.
The Zoo was a very informal discussion of new FM stations in
Britain, job openings, including one for head of the English
international service at Radio Netherlands--not Jonathan Marks'
job as he is head of programmes (gh)                   ###

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