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> At 5:38 +0900 3/30/98, Jay Novello wrote:
> >I was under the impression that ATTRIB.BND was some tag
> >automatically, and gratuitously, appended to the end of
> >each outgoing message by some brain-dead (or misconfigured)
> >mail client or mail transport agent.  I believe it
> >contains nothing relevant.
> I agree with Jay's theory, and I can't open that mysterious file either.
> just trash it. It happens to me when I receive something from
> anyone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I'm using a Power Mac 5200 with Eudora Pro 3.1 but the same thing happens
> on all the other Macs I have, old and new.
> Sonny

Yes, it's a attributes file needed by some system (running novell networks,
i think) 
that no support attributes like propietary or user fonts, etc.
I'm using a PC & microsoft internet mail and receive that file. 
If you can read the message: just delete it ¡¡

Humberto Molina
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